LIFESTYLE : More Goals, Halloween and A New Video!

Hello everyone, 
So its time for a bit of a mixed post! 

I made the yummiest vegan Chilli of my life so far. 

The goals of it was originally to use up loads of leftover veggies from the fridge from the week that had past. 
I try to do one of these meals a week to try and limit food waste. 
So in the chilli went: 
Four Different types of Tomatoes  Bell Peppers  Raw Spring onion (added after cooking - trust me on this one)  Garlic  Shallots  Vegan Mince  Kidney beans  Chopped tomatos 
(So Basically ALOT of Vitamin C)

Let me know if you would like the method behind it. 

More Goals 
So I was filming the start of my goals for the month and I remembered that there was in fact some other goals that I forgot to add. There is also one that I need to change. 

So, firstly, I forgot that I still have a couple of the rollover goals from earlier in the year that I am working on still. 
They are: 
1) Watch the rest of the Indiana Jones series 
So far I have only watched the first one. Doh! 

Bonfire Night & Reflections

Helllooooo Everyone, 
Yesterday was officially Bonfire Night here in the UK and I was determined to find another Firework display here in Northampton. 
We ended up going to one on Sunday night! 

I kind of hoped that it would be a nice way to say good bye to the Racecourse, the park that we have lived beside for the past two and a half years. 
I spend alot of time walking around the park, its 5km to do the whole of it. 
I go there for a little escape from our current flat, to get exercise, to Pokemon Go and to puppy & Squirrel watch.

I think that I massively take for granted that it is on my doorstep and I think it is probably the only thing that I will miss about where we currently live. 
I have to remind myself that I am not only leaving the centre of Northampton Town, but I am leaving it all together to move to Wellingborough. 
I think that its a change that is more than needed as I enter the next stage of my adult life 
But before we went out, I spent the morning finalising my monthly…

November Goals

Hello Everyone, 
So I originally said that I wasn't going to set any goals for November.
But we have actually already packed up our house ready to move so I actually need something to occupy my time! 

I'm hoping that these are the last goals that I will be completing in this old flat and that December will  be able to focus on our lovely new house

So the goals are as follows : 

1) Attend another firework display 
We actually attended one a couple of weeks ago on the coast, but I really want to try and get a second one in over the weekend.

We are aiming to go to the Racecourse as we have been for the past two years and I think that it  would be a nice way to say goodbye to the area. 

2) I want to make Luke's Birthday Cake 
It's Luke's birthday on the 28th and I have wanted to make his Birthday cake all year.  I am planning on making him a rainbow cake similar to the one he had in Malta. 
You can see it in the below video :

We have had a really stressful couple of months so …

Getting Back To Basics

Hello Everyone, 
So I thought that I would write a little reflective piece on a few things that I wanna talk about. 
I feel as though this new transition that I am going through is making me re-access everything that is important to me. 
This is not in a bad way, just in a natural way. 
I've always been a little bit of an over thinker and I hope that once I have these things written down that my head might become less busy. 

My Passions 
I thought I would start with the things that I am the most passionate about - I guess that on the top of the list is this blog. 
I love Hideaway and everything that it gives me... it gives me a platform in which to express myself and also, its kind of an online diary. 
 I know in myself that I haven't been as posting as much as I would like... but to combat this, I will be setting up an office in the new house. 
At the moment, my flat is filled with boxes and with bags everywhere, so I really don't want to take pictures and I struggle to find a spa…

An Early Fireworks Night & Another Update

Hello Everyone,
So once again, its been a little while, so I felt like I wanted to write a recap post to let you in on whats happening. 

So aside from the immense task of buying a house, we have been going on with our day to day life. 
I'll admit that I knew that buying a house would take up alot of time, but I had no idea just how much it would but my emotions through the ringer. 
 It has also not been as straight forward as I would have liked and there have been bumps along the road... but I think that we are out the other side. 
I'm not complaining though, I know that it will all be worth it. 
We actually got to see how the new house is getting on last week. It was the first time that Luke got to see it and I think he now knows that it is all going to be worth it.
We just need a move in date! 
You may recall from the last post, that Diego had a mystery lump on his head. 
It turned out that he had been in a fight with another cat and part of the others cats claw had got caught in h…