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September Goals '19

Hello Everyone, 
The summer is almost at the end... and it's almost time for the best season to start.

Autumn / Fall! 
I cannot wait for the new cosy season to begin in my new house and I have many things planned for it.
In order to be able to afford this, I am trying to stay in and not spend too much money. 
Forever furniture is expensive, but definitely worth it. 
So I have tailored my goals to be things that I already have or won't cost the earth! 

These will all be filmed, for the first time this year and put on the Hideaway Blogging Channel. 
The only thing that I am unsure about its the gaming goals. 
I might do a separate video for Hideaway Gaming?
We'll see 

1) To start 'Retro Corner' on the gaming channel 
I've spoken about this one briefly, but I came up with the idea that I wanted to finally beat all those games that as I kid, I gave up on.  
I thought that if I could make it so I could film it that it could be really fun. So thats what I'm gonna do! 

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