A House Update!

Hello everyone, 
So I thought that I would share a little update about the new house as I got the chance to go and visit it on Friday! 
So it was really exciting to see what I had actually bought. 

The story goes that I bought it looking at the house plans and the area outside it alone.
 I had up until this point looked at alot of two bedroom properties so I had a good idea as to what I wanted. 
I looked mainly around the Northampton area as that is where I currently live and I found that the houses were quite small. Luke and I were prepared for this as we are first time buyers. 
However, when I saw this property online I knew a good thing when I saw it. It is in the neighbouring town of Wellingborough - where alot of people had previously recommended. 
I put an offer in on the Monday and bobs your uncle, by Tuesday it was mine. 
This is obviously pending paperwork going through. 
Its was a kind of all the stars aligned kinda story as we had spoken to a couple of other sites and all their hous…

Autumn is Here!

Hello Everyone, 
So I thought that I would share a few images from our walk around the park this evening. 

As I've said before this is my favourite time of year so I love getting out and see the leaves change colour. 

Oh and finding massive leaf piles to jump in. 

I'm trying to be more mindful about taking care of myself so walks are a great way for me to do this. 
Also, its free and while we are buying a house we are trying to make the most of what we have available to us. 
After a busy shift at work, it was nice to take a moment in the madness to refocus and recharge. 

Our Local friendly squirrel

I always look forward to Halloween and bonfire night so much that I don't mind the cold that is slowly taking over. 
I think there is something nice about pulling on jumpers and huddling under blankets and shutting the cold out. 

Luke low key looks like slenderman....

LIFESTYLE : I'm Back After A Month... And Some More Goals

Helllloooo Everyone, 
So I am back after almost a month of radio silence. 

I have to say, I think that I needed to take a step back off of the computer and take a month to myself to process what was going on in my personal life. 
If you haven't read any of my recent posts then I will fill you in. 
At the end of August, my Fiancee and I were told that our flat was being sold and it literally felt like the end of the world. In looking back this statement feels a little dramatic but for a good 24 hours I was in shock.
  We had rented this place for two years and we had a long term plan it just wasn't time to enact it. 
I felt rather overwhelmed. 
Lucky for me, Luke and My Dad have their heads screwed on and we very quickly started the process of buying a house. We had the deposit already but we wanted to clear all our debts before we moved but we were just a few months short of doing so.
We had a few set backs and a few disappointments. 
We had a few sleepless nights and alot of waiting…


Hello Everyone, 
So I am slowly beginning to find time to blog again and also to film videos. 
I just updated the channel with a little gaming video. 
I figured that these would be the easiest to film at the moment as the flat is a mess as we are moving and they aren't too time consuming my end. 
 I'm still unsure as to whether I want to continue with just the one or the two channels as I go forward.. 
I think two makes it a little too complex. 
Here is us playing Cup-head

I've been ill the past couple of days so my posts are even further behind than I would like....
But I wanted to start with this one as it is one that is the most important to me. 
A couple of weeks ago, my heart was shattered when I woke up to the news that my last childhood pet Sidney had passed away. 

He was 13 and he had been in my life since he was a two day old kitten. 
Before I continue, I have filmed a video explaining the situation with what happened.
 It features footage and pictures. I decided not to…

LIFESTYLE : September Goals

Hellllooooo Everyone! 
Autumn is around the corner and big changes are on the horizon! 
I'm currently making plans, looking at houses and trying to keep everything together. 
I think that having a larger set of goals, that are focused on trying to relax and mental health are really going to help.
Here are my Goals for the month. 

1) No scroll September 
So this first goal is a joint one with my Fiancee.
 Luke was ironically scrolling through social media when he said that he saw a challenge to give up social media for September.
 He turned to me and said that he would really like to try it. 
I think the amount of time that we both spend on our phones really needs to decrease so this will be good for us as a couple. 
We set some rules and we will both stay off of media except for posting new blog posts and videos! 
All the apps are gone on our phones. 
Wish us luck....

2) To Catch Celebi 
So if you play Pokemon Go as I do, then you will know that their is a new research challenge in which you en…