A Little Division and change

Hellloooo Everyone, 
It's me, the blogger that seems to only post updates and goals every once in a while. 
Welllll I intended to post a long post today, however I have spent this rather hot sweaty day doing something else. 
For a while I have felt like my content has been a little squashed together and a little muddled. 
 I have a blog, a project and two youtube channels all accessing the same social media page and it was impossible to find anything on there. 
So yesterday, as I sat in the hairdressers hair, going back to being a red head... I decided to take the leap and create each project it's own instagram, twitter and Facebook. 
So please see the relevant pages below: 
For this blog (Hideaway Blogging) 
Twitter @Hideawayblogs  Instagram @hideawayblogging  Facebook @Hideawayblogging 

For Hideaway Gaming 
Twitter @hideawaygaming  Twitch @hideawaygames  Instagram @hideawaygaming  Facebook @Hideawaygamings

For Diego The Wonder Cat 
Twitter : @Diegothewonder  Instagram : @diegothewondercat Fa…

July Goals

Heeelllooo Everyone, 
It's time to set some July Goals. 
July is probably the most exciting month for me as it is the start of my Birthday Month!

I also have a bit of time off from work meaning that I have longer to be able to do things.  I have drawn a line under all the other goals that I had previously tried to achieve.
 I will get back to them, but I think I need to have a think first. 
I feel like I am going through a new beginning at the moment, but more on that in my June post that will be coming in the next couple of days. 
So here are the goals: 

1) I want to take a trip to IKEA 
As all the carpets are in, it's time to actually get some forever furniture. Luke and I have been scouting it since the start of the year, so in some rooms we know exactly what we want. 
It was just a case of saving up and waiting as there was no point buying it as it would have had to be moved around when the carpets were being laid. 
On this trip I want to get the dining room table and chairs and a…

The Start of Summer

Helloooo Everyone, 
It'e been a long time since I posted last. 
I'll be honest, it was due to personal circumstances, but everything is fine now. 
For the last time, I am ready to pick myself back up and get posting and filming again.

I feel as though I needed to make a couple of changes until I was finally happy with moving forward.  
I made a couple of big changes and a couple of small ones to achieve this. 
Some simple and some painful but it had to be done.
But I don't want to talk too much about it in this post as I want this post to be short and sweet. 

But the first big change has been to my head, more specially, my hair! 

I now have Auburn hair. 
I have wanted to make a radical change for a while, but I have not wanted to stain my new beautiful bathroom so Luke treated me to a trip to the hairdressers. 
I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted but she mixed a custom colour for me. I couldn't have asked for anymore! 
I wanted a colour that made my greeny blue eyes stand o…

New Year Goals - Four months in

I thought that as we are now through the first third of the year, it might be a good time to look through my New years Resolutions to see how they are going. 

I think by now, people have normally forgotten them. I was determined that I wouldn't do this so I set goals, some with time frames to motivate me. 

I thought it might be a good way for me to see how much I've done and what I need to refocus on:

I split them into different topics,
The first being Financial goals - They are: 

To be Overdraft free by June (without going into amounts) - Making progress 
I am happy to say that in February, I cleared my personal overdraft and we only have the joint one to go.

 Moving into our first owned home was a lot more expensive than I thought, even after we got the keys. There was alot of stuff to buy and install. 
But I am happy to say that I did the math yesterday and the second overdraft will be cleared by 31st June. So we are on target still! 

To Carpet the house completely by 31…