Giving back.... My Experience as a First Time Blood Donor

Hello Everyone, 
It's been a while since I wrote on the blog. 
I've been on a self imposed reduction of screen time mission. But now I'm back! 
I thought that I would write a post all about where I have been, but I wanted to talk about the most important experience that I have recently been through. 
If you follow the blog on Instagram or on the Facebook page, then you might have a clue as to what I am talking about. 

At the start of February, I faced my fear of needles and I donated blood for the first time via the NHS. 

* Disclaimer - later in this post there is a picture of a needle going into my arm... you can just scroll past it if you need to *

A little bit of background on this for you all.... My Fiancee Luke has been doing this for years and every time he had an appointment card come through the post or a letter, I always wondered if I could do it. 
If I could overcome a childhood fear to do something good for my fellow human. 
It took about six years for me to decide t…

February '19 Goals

Helllloooo Everyone, 
The second month of the year has arrived so that means that it's time for some new goals. 
I have written these goals with a desire to get organised and take control of several areas of my life. 

(Yeah I can't spell....) 

I am aware that there is a couple of goals that I won't be safely able to share the outcome of.... you'll understand when you read them, but as they are things that I really need to do for myself... I'll still be determined to do them! 
Its going to be a take my word for it situation I feel.... 
I have also picked goals that will take a shorter time to achieve as there are only 28 days to do them in! 

So here they are:
1) To Clear our last overdraft 
This is a goal that is actually one of my New Years Resolutions/ Goals.  I resolved at the start of the year to try and be more sensible with money, especially now that I am a homeowner.  I worked out that I was really lucky to be the house - as I was still in a fair bit of debt. So, t…

January 2019 Goal Results

Hi Everyone, 

Its almost the end of the longest month of the year! 

We've almost made it out alive.  

I haven't blogged a-lot in the past week as I've been feeling a little under the weather mentally... I think it is hard for a-lot of people at this time of year .... the nights are dark, its cold, people are broke from Christmas and I always find it a little depressing when you realise that Christmas and the festive fun are over. 

We have a bit of snow though... 

I have been coming home from work, eating dinner and hiding under a blanket either catching up on a mountain of TV or gaming. 

We've got quite a cosy little set up in the living room and when the permanent furniture and carpets are in, its going to be incredible. 


To be honest I have also been busy adulting and getting stuff together in the house. I will write a post about this but basically, Luke and I are in the process of updating, paying off and upgrading the stuff in the new house. 
I thought it would be scary.…

Discovering Wellingborough : Sywell

Hello Everyone! 
So I thought that I would create a new series for the blog. 
I have just moved to Wellingborough, but I have no idea about anything that resides in it. So I thought that I would do a little series on my discoveries. 
Our first adventure was Sywell Country Park. 

Luke and I worked out that its only five minutes away from our house
As you know, in the old flat we had a park on our doorstep so we miss being able to go for random walks when we feel like we need to escape. 

The park has a massive lake, forest area and green fields surrounding it. After spending five years in the town centre, I'd forgotten how much I have missed open green spaces. 
I grew up in village areas, and moving to closed tight spaces was a real culture shock. 
The new house backs on to farmland, I see it when I leave and come home from work and I absolutely love it.  I also can see the stars at night as there is no light pollution. Its just wonderful.

We found a massive tree in the middle that reminded …