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This or That (quiz tag)

I've seen this quiz floating around and thought that I should give it a go. Might give you all a little insight into my mind ;)

Blush or Bronzer? -  Blush - but have to be careful in using it when my skin is spotty :/
Lip gloss or Lipstick? -  Lip stick - for that more defined colour 
Eye liner or mascara? - Eye Liner 
Foundation or concealer? - Foundation  
Pressed or Loose eyeshadow? -  Loose 
Brushes or sponges? - Never ventured into using sponges, so I'll go with brushes 

OPI or china glaze? - OPI
Long or short? - I used to love long, and I have nails that are strong and go quite quickly. However, I have discovered that I seem to prefer them short. Especially as I paint them a lot
Acrylic or natural? - Natural. - I don't really need to have acrylic for the reason mentioned above- plus I think that I would be paranoid that I'd rip one nail off 
Bright or dark? - This is a hard one for me as I have a collection of all colours that I regularly use - but as I am …

Candle recycling

I am a person that really believes in recycling objects around the house and turning them into something new. It's creative, it saves money and it helps the environment! 
So today my little tip is all about taking old worn out candles (with the wicks all worn out) and turning them into wax burners. 
Right so I have the following candles below, they are from IKEA.  I've actually had them for a couple of years, they served me well. They each have their own scent, but recently this as well has started to wear out.

The process itself is quite simple but if you aren't careful you can easily hurt yourself.
All you need to do is fill a medium sized saucepan with water and heat it on the hob.
Wait for the water to boil.
Then carefully place the candle container (Preferably glass) into the saucepan.
It takes about 45 mins to 60 mins for the wax to completely melt. You need to ensure that is all 100% melted.
Pour the melted wax into a jug (I use a glass one). Pour the melted wax in…

Organisation day

It's Sunday! 
Now that I'm over my man flu. I've realised that in the past week I've let things go a bit 
Exercise, Flat Cleanliness, my car, Washing and blogging to name a few. 
Therefore, I have decided that this will change now. 
The first step is to make a to do list. I love a cheeky list. I also love ticking things off of the list (nice little sense of achievement). However it is important to prioritse tasks so that a proper order can be achieved. 
I also like to set a time limit throughout the day. I will do an hour of the list then half an hour off. This is something that I do when I am studying, one hour of reading and then half an hour to rest my eyes and head. 
And finally, a good motivator is music. I'm currently obsessed with Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw and a new compilation I downloaded : Now that what I call Running.
So that's going to be my Sunday : an organisation day!

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Weekly Instagram round up

I can't believe that it's sunday and its time for another instagram round up!
Unfortunately, I've been feeling under the weather so I wasn't very snap or blog happy. 
But I'm back now ;) (never fear)

So this week, I took the following pictures: 

These shoes are my work shoes, I love how they are smart but they also inject a bit of sparkle. They are from New Look and they only cost me £10. 
I generally get all my work shoes from here as I have wide feet and they have a range just for that :)
(wide feet are a nightmare issue)

While I was poorly, I decided to try out a new candle that I'd been saving. Its a Strawberry and Pomegranate. It was only £1 from my local Morrisons, so I wasn't expecting it to be amazing. However it produced a strong yet sweet smell. 
It helped me to drop off to sleep. Well worth a consideration if you don't have the biggest budget for candles. Also their Jasmine and Rosewater candle is another nice scent. 

I tried out the Granny …

Today / A few cheeky purchases

I've not been feeling well, physically and mentally, the past couple of days. But instead of letting it beat me, I went for a walk into town with my other half. 
I picked up a few things to share with you 

Firstly - some new gym wear - I'm getting back into running so I thought it was ok to treat myself to some new gear ;)

Next - you guessed it - more purchases from Lush. This time a Bath melt. Melting Marshmallow moment. Trust me when I say it smells just as it you would imagine from a marshmallow!

I also rebought some bohemian soap - as Luke seems to like it now.

The kitties also got a treat - they both received new shiny bowls - these ones donate to the RSCPA when bought so thats all good. Nice cute design as well 

And finally - just a little insight to my day. We went to Buddies and I bought this monster below - chilli and cheese Hotdog! 

We also fed the ducks!

And I got to wear my silk camisole!

Hope everyone has had a great Saturday, let me know what you got up to!

My everyday Jewellery wears

So, on blogspot and Blog lovin', I see a lot of posts about peoples everyday makeup wears. Products they can't be seen without, but there is something that I wear everyday that I though deserved a mention. 
There is so much meaning behind mine that I literally have a panic attack if I am without my jewels. 
Firstly, my necklace. This necklace is a little DIY but it is made up of three important symbols in my life. 
1) Family - my Grandmothers ring sits on this chain. Its emerald and Diamond. It's too fragile to wear on my finger day to day, and I figured that it was closer to my heart this way. (my grandmother died when I was eleven tragically)
2) Love - there is a love heart on the chain. It's one my dad bought me for one of my birthdays.
3) Faith - I am a christian and I like to wear my cross because it reminds me of certain teachings from my childhood - also it keeps me grounded. 

Next - basically everything else. 
I'll start with the various bracel…

Gaming Purchases

So something that I don't seem t ogive much attention to on the blog is gaming. 
If you know me personally, then you would think this strange as it is something I do daily. 
I have both an xbox one and a PS4. 
I picked up a couple of games today whilst I was out nd about. 
They are both repurchases for xbox 360 (we decided to keep it rather than trade it in for like £1 (same for the PS3)). 
The first is fifa 15 - I'm not sure what happened to my original copy. This game is everywhere and as  I mentioned in a previous Blog (here) I love this game. 
I'm always Derby County, regardless of the edition of the game and I alway enjoy destroying Nottingham forest. 
This close me 24 pound to rebuy which isn't bad that it is Fifa that we are talking about.
Also pictured is the Witcher II.
This one is special edition. I mentioned before that I am in love with the sequel to this game Witcher III. 
I originally had this game as a download but it corrupted. 
I love the old school d…

Life events and life updates!

Hi all, 
Just a little update, 
Firstly, my little kittens are now one year old! Boots and Diego have aged. Can't believe how big they've gotten!

Secondly, the cakes from my post yesterday, have gone down a storm. I took them to work and they disappeared very quickly! If anyone wants the recipe drop me a message.
Thirdly, I figure that its time for a get to know me post.  If there are any questions that you want me to answer, then please contact me on one of the below 
Thanks ! 
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Review round up

Hi guys, 
So I thought that I would just give a few reviews to a couple of products that I bought recently / products I've used up. I've seen a couple of posts like this recently so I wanted to do one by myself!
I wanted to do a whole post dedicated to empties, but I realised that I don't seem to use products up that often ( I like to get my money's worth haha) 
I'm going to have to collect stuff for a bit before I can do a whole post!!!

First product is the Gelly Shine Barry M nail paint. This colour is hot pink. I'm a little in love with Barry M - I rarely buy nail varnish from any other brand. 
I like the shiny finish that comes with the Gel type of varnish. I like to put my varnish through the cleaning test - generaly it's exactly how it sounds - I'll do some heavy cleaning and see how the varnish lasts. 
Not a single chip. I painted my nails on Sunday and I still don't have a single chip. 
I'm gonna give this one 10/10 

Next product is the…

Games I'm loving

Now that I am free in the evening after work, I have managed to spend some time on something I love - gaming. 
I thought that I would just reveal some of my favourites of the moment to you. 

1) Witcher III - this game is awesome, it has amazing graphics and a story that seems to go on forever. The only downside is not having any on line game play! But you can't have it all 

2) The Sims 4 - I've always loved the Sims and the addition is good - Its limited at the moment (as we are waiting for expansion packs) but its good so far - except the aliens are loving getting my male sims pregnant!!!!

3) Clash of Clans- I am always on this on my phone, I love it so much. I love a cheeky raid
4) Plants vs Zombies : Garden Warfare - all online game play. I love the silliness of the game!
5) Fifa - this game is everywhere - even at work. I love it
If anyone is on Xbox live & PSN - add me: username Beckydoodah

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Fun with cakes!

So tonight,  I decided to do a little baking.
I made six rocky road cupcakes and six strawberry and white chocolate cupcakes!
I have included the pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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Due to events occurring within my family, I have started think about grief.

Grief is another part of life that reminds us, that in fact we are human. We feel a sense of loss and loneliness. We feel that we will never be complete again.
Grief can lead to is acting as we normally wouldn't. 
But I am here to tell you, that you will get through this. However I'm not going to sugar coat it. You will never feel the same again, you have to adapt and roll with the punches. 
It will take time and it won't be as smooth as you would like but eventually one day the pain will lessen. 
You just need to make sure that you think clearly and don't push people away. 
Grief is horrible but as I said it reminds us we are hymns and we are alive 
Sorry for the downer this lunchtime. I'll be back to cheerful blog posts later today ;) 

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University is done for the summer (kinda)

Right so, I've just submitted my last essay before the summer break. 
I still have a dissertation to do but in basically free. Finally
I have a massive headache
But i managed to sneak in a cheeky bath with the dragon egg bath bomb! It changed my bath water a lovely gold colour with glittery water ( kinda reminded me of Harry Potter and the goblet of fire ;))
The only thing about this one that is slightly off putting. The lemon smell is reallyyyyyy strong. Which I personally love but others may not. 
I would consider for a repurchase in the future 
With me now being slightly freer it means I can blog more and maybe even do a cheeky blog
Please get in though with what you would like to see! 

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So, its that time of year that everyone hates.... exams and deadlines are due. May is slightly evil here in the UK. 
I got to thinking about stress today as it is something that triggers my anxiety, so I like to get a hold on it before it gets a hold on me. 
I've come across a few tips that I think may actually help those of you that suffer as I do:
1) Firstly, it's never a bad of a problem as you think - break it down into smaller chunks - it will immediately make everything seem manageable. 
2) Talk to someone - this can help with number 1 a lot. Another pair of eyes on a situation helps bring perspective!
3) Take a time out. I find going walking away for five minutes with a drink helped to clear the mind. Or alternatively, take an hour where you put your phone into do not disturb mode and just relax! 
4) Make a plan - simple enough
5) Reward yourself at the end - this is the moment important step - celebrate you and your achievements 
6) Remind yourself what is realistic i…

Weekly Instagram Update

So it's that time of the week again 
That time when I give you a little insight to my week and my Instagram (i'm only going to pick the pictures that don't appear on my blog) 

The first three are from Friday - I went through my tights draw to find that 7 pairs of tights had been butchered by my Kittens. You'll be happy to know that I have since replaced all of these. The joys of owning a cat. 

The kitten then had a really hard time accepting that I had to go to work and grabbed onto my cardigan (luckily he didn't leave a hole this time) 
(The cardigan is from abercrombie and fitch)

I posted this as solitary to those in my life that are suffering different forms of cancer. Together we can beat cancer. I think that the picture is powerful enough to not need words 

This picture is from today. I was trying out a new hairstyle (like a relaxed elf hairstyle) and my new lipstick from my last haul blog. 
The Lipstick is from Maybeline - Eyeliner is Rimmel with Barry M Sho…