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Review : Exfoliators

Just a quick post to say that I have made a review Vlog on exfoliation and the products that you can get out there. 
It follows on from the most popular post so far on this blog - My skin care routine
Check the video out below. 

If you have any questions about the products shown, then please leave me a comment below :)
Tomorrow brings the June review post!
Time for bed!

Becky x

Tips for yourself and pets in the heat!

Hi Guys, 
I thought that I would write this little advise post. 
There will also be a Vlog going up tonight about skin care. 
Firstly, the UK is currently experiencing a heat wave. Therefore I thought that I would provide a few tips for you and also for your furry friends. My post was inspired by my furry little men - Boots and Diego 

For you 
*Make sure that you drink a lot more water - its one that people seem to forget, it keeps your head clearer and it helps the skin. A sun head ache / dehydration is horrible.  Especially if you are drinking :O
*Sun tan lotion people! Make sure you don't forget this - its not just about burning - its about the protection for you skin on a micro level. Don't cook yourself
*Make sure that you follow up with after sun / moisturiser - Ones with Aloe Vera are amazing.  It takes any lasting heat off your skin and it keeps the skin in good condition.
* Careful in your car - Make sure that you let it cool down a bit before driving home after work - but on…

Weekly Instagram and YouTube roundup

Hi , 
Its that time of the week again. Today has been another busy day - a day of endless clothes washing/ ironing and cleaning.  I must have done about six lots of washing alone, I'm not really sure how we get through all these clothes in a week. Although to be fair the loads included towels and bedsheets as well. 
Thats the end of the boring housewife action. I also got to go to the pub to go and see my cousin who I haven't seen in eight years. That was lovely. 
Anyway, on to the review. I've been a little busier on instagram and youtube this week:

Firstly, I'm happy that my bath bomb jars is looking full. I haven't had the time to have a bath this weekend, so I look forward to a treat tomorrow night 

Next, I took this picture to show off one of my new shirts from Primark. If you want to see the shirt in greater detail - then check out the Haul video below in the youtube section 

Next - throwback to me an a Pig. I put this up to promote a new post. 

Next, I was expermen…

Minons film review & New Haul Vlog

Hi all, 
So I've had a busy day, 
I started off with a shopping morning in Town, we then went to the Cinema to see the new Minions movie. 

To see how the Shopping trip went - you can check out the blog below. I went to Primark, Lush, Boots and Body shop. I went a little mad and I struggled to fit it all into one video. If you want to know more about a product, feel free to drop me a comment. 

The movie itself was a lot better than I was expecting. I was expecting that the ideas for the franchise might have started to wear thin by now - after all this is the Third. 
The story centres around Kevin, Bob and Stuart. The three little minions set out to find a new evil master to serve. I won't ruin the plot, but the film is full of laughs. It kept myself and Luke engaged and also his two younger cousins that were with us. 
Bob is my favourite, well him and Tim his little teddy. 
Parents if you need to kill a few hours this summer, take the small one to see this. It's well worth the mon…

Yesterday's World Events

Hi everyone,
It's been about a month since I have written anything on current events but after yesterday I feel like I need to. My last post was about the riots in London after the general election - you can check that out here
I'll start with the good news : 
Same sex marriage is now legal in America! As Barack Obama said - love overcame all.  I'm glad to say that I witnessed the day that America caught up. Love is blind when it comes to gender and I hope that those that we previously refused - can now become legally married and continue to celebrate their lives together. I think marriage is something that some Hetrosexual people took for granted, and it was horrible to exclude Homosexual people that had been together for years purely on the grounds of gender. 
I also love that all social media sites - including Google have got behind this 100% 

Onto the bad news:
Imagine getting excited over going on holiday, saving up the money, booking the holiday, doing the holiday count do…

The Get to know me Tag

Hi guys, 
It seems weird to be writing a post at eight in the morning - as usually I'm about to start work. But today I am on the last shift. 
So last night I recorded the get to know me tag on Youtube. I love filling out quizes on here and on there as I think you get to see a little bit more of me then you usually would. 
The video is below for your viewing pleasure. 

I would also like to thank everyone that is reading the blog. The viewing figures are jumping and I can see that some of the posts that I wrote earlier in the month are in the hundreds now. 
I am open to taking requests both for here and youtube. Just drop me a message on what you would like to see :) 
It's going to be a little brief as I need to get ready ready for work. I hoping to also record something later as well!
Becky x
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Versatile Blogging Award.

Good evening everyone, 
I have been having a nice relaxing chilled out night, I think it is something that has been well overdue this week. 
I woke up to the news that Hideaway has been nominated for the Versatile blogging award, this is the second nomination this week. Incredible news.

This one is similar to the Liebster award, in that its a blogger to blogger award. I love the fact that it is from a fellow blogger as it means that the blog is being enjoyed by some people in the blogging world!  (you can see the liebster award post here)

I was nominated for the Versatile blogging award by Sarah - you can check out her blog here. Thanks Sarah! The rules for this award are below  1. State 7 facts about yourself 2. Nominate some bloggers to give the award to

I've already written a post with fifty facts about myself (check it here) so I will try not to repeat
1)  I am ambidextrous - meaning I can write with both hands 2) My favourite PC game is anything from the Sims series - I'm curren…

It happened again (a daily battle against anxiety)

Hello all,
There will be no Vlog again today. I had intended to film as soon as I got home but sadly this wasn't to be. 
This is due to the events that unfolded through out the day.  To put it simply, I suffered an anxiety attack. They really can crop up at any time, it is a daily battle for me. 
Anxiety is something that has different symptoms in different people : for my own I filmed a video in the attempt to explain what it means to me. you can see it below 

My attacks manifest themselves in struggling to breathe, a tight chest and tears.  Today I had some bad news and I couldn't help it. It all came out at once. 
My chest was the first thing to be affected. I couldn't breathe, I took my cardigan and my jacket off. This helped to cool me down.
I managed to keep my breathing under control, but for once, I couldn't stop myself from crying. I'm not traditionally a crier. It took me a couple of hours to get it under control. I went back to my desk and had a few tears ther…

Healthy eating (some tasty ideas inside)

Hi guys, 
I figured with the heaviness of the last post I did, about emotional abuse in a relationship (link is here), that I thought I should do one on the lighter side. 
As you may not or may know, I am on a health kick and have been since January. Its been a while since I wrote about it. 
My favourite thing to blog about was smoothies, you can find all the recipes below:
Strawberry and Banana Strawberry and Kiwi Raspberry and Blueberry

I firstly identified the meal that I felt was the unhealthiest. Surprisingly it was Lunch at work. I was guilty of picking up crisps, chocolate, a sandwich because it was quick and simple.  But I was still hungry afterwards so I would snack on biscuits and other stuff at work. 
But I found that preparing the meal the night before led to be being able to create this badboy -

 A lovely grilled chicken and cos cos salad (also featuring some homemade low fat potato and onion salad). It's tasty, its colourful, its got five- a day goodness and it fills me up! (…

When the past reappears - An emotionally abusive past relationship

I'd like to write about an issue that I've found myself having to deal with. I find that it easier to let it out in writing them just let it brew under the surface. 
Before my current relationship (four years ago) I was with another lad. 
I was young, I was naive and I guess you could say that I was vulnerable. It was actually a relationship that came out of the blue. A lad has asked me out, we worked together and I decided to go for it. He was cute, he was charming and he seemed to have his head screwed on. He was fiveish years older than me ( I was 18 at the time) 
We got together and everything was fine, for a while. He started disappearing and reappearing with the strangest stories, money would appear from nowhere - with crazy stories about inheritance and investments etc. But because I was in love I believed him every time. I suppose you could say, I was a doormat. My parents and friends of course saw right through him.  He lost his job due to drugs, but I believed him when …

Weekly Instagram / Youtube roundup

Yes , it's sunday again
Firstly, Happy Father's day to those of you out there celebrating!  I will be seeing my own father later, so I'll blog later about his gift.
(a miniture version of me) 

My partner and I don't have children so I joked and said happy Fathers day from the Kittens to him. He giggled.
I reaslised that I didn't do this roundup post last week - it's the first time that I'd forgotten. I think it may have been due to the fact that I was off on a days holiday from work, but also it could be because, I was having a little bit of writers block. 
So this round up is for the last two weeks: 
Firstly, I was buzzing to finally get my hands on the Lego Jurassic World game - it also came with a little lego dinosaur, which I have lovingly called Steve. It's a really good game for young and old. There is a lot of hidden humour in it, it covers all four films and the attention to detail is amazing. 

Secondly, I documented that I was making more wax burners.…