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As I turn 24.....

Hi guys, 
I am turning 24 tomorrow so I thought I would record some reflections 

The video is below. 

Thank you for all the support so far! 

Becky x 
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Social Media Commitments - Linking your Blog to the wider world

Hi guys,
Hope everyone is enjoying their day. I personally am loving a cheeky day off. 
Just a quick note before I go into the topic below - I have just uploaded a new recipe to the Facebook page - Check it out here . The Facebook page hosts a lot of updates so please if you have the time, please give it a cheeky visit. 
I was thinking today about all the extra work that goes into blog ownership when you have already written a blog post. I personally love the wider blogging community so I thought that I would write a little guide for those of you that are starting out or are a little unsure of some of the benefits that they can offer. 
I will only list the ones that I have the experience with as I don't want to preach something that I am not knowledgeable about 
I'll start with the basics - Blogspot. You are here now on my little blogspotting page ;). I like this host because I like looking at all of the stats, where people are around the world. Through looking at stats I can see t…

Small Wins and Losses

Hi guys, 
So I decided to write a reflective blog tonight, I think this is down to the fact that I've also recorded a reflective vlog for tomorrow. 
As you know, I have been some what vocal about my battles with depression and anxiety. 
As I am hoping to demonstrate through various writings, it really is a daily battle. But these are always over the bigger issues / topics but can be little things through out the day. 
For example, today I felt had a nice mixture. 
I had a high moment when I was complimented at work but I felt affected by the way that I could hear people openly trying to be my best friend to get one of the doughnuts that I had bought into work. I find it difficult to trust people normally, but to hear people admit it out loud made me feel down. It made me second guess everything. 
I had a high moment when I managed to get all my work done way before it needed to be but I had a bit of a down moment when I felt that I was a little sad that my work shift was over. This is a…

My Daily skin care routine : Vlog style ;)

Hi guys, 
So I've taken the most popular blog post from here and have taken it to Youtube as some of you have requested. 

The original post is here, if you want to read the order of products and a little description of them: My Skin care Routine

The video is here:

The list of mentioned products are here: 
Bohemian soap from Lush  Clean and Clear Deep cleansing Lotion for sensitive skin Nivea soft motorising Lotion  Body shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver Lush's Sweet Lips - Lip Exfoliator  Boots Cucumber facial wipes  Body shop Weekly spa Facial Exfoliator  Lush's Let the Good Times Roll Facial and Body Exfoliator  Lush's Skin Drink  Virgin Mojito Body Exfoilator  Royal Jelly Hand and Body Lotion I Love... Strawberry and Cream Body Butter

If you have any questions on what I'm using then feel free to drop me a comment. 
Also let me know what you make of these products and what you are using! 
Becky x 
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Weekly Instagram and Youtube update

Review timeeeeeeeee. 
This last week I've been a little quiet on the blog and youtube. But instagram is a different story.
I'll start with Youtube first though: 
The only video that I recorded was my July Favourites video. I also reviewed my goals from the last month and set some new ones. 

Instagram :
I was celebrating that I was using liquid Liner again.. I also liked the colour of my lips in this picture.

I had a bath last night. Latest Lush bath bomb. I can't remember the name, its a bubble bar thats green with a pink flower on it 

My latest DIY project - a candle from my mothers wedding, a ribbon from the bouquet and part of my mother's wedding dress. 

I took this because I had a hangover.

Managing Money, a hopefully useful guide for those wanting to save

Hi all, 
So I've been thinking about writing this post for a while. 
The back ground to this is the fact that Luke and I are saving for firstly a new car and secondly a mortgage. So I hope that the below will be a few handy tips. 
So I've decided that it's time to take charge of the finances. But I wasn't sure how to go about it. The easiest way literally seemed to be reviewing my bank statements for the last three months. We looked at which money went where. 
Upon review, we found out that we were majorly overpaying for our gas and electric (both are through the same company) by 40 pounds a month. That doesn't sound like much but over the year thats £480 recooped already. 
I also changed our insurance for the pets, this has gone down by five pound. Another 60 pound a year saved. So thats way over 500 pound already! I am attempting to do the same on other bills. 
I should probably mention that in saving, it's worth checking out rates on different savings accounts. We…

Versatile Blogging award

Hi guys,

So I am overjoyed to announce that I have gained another nomination for the Versatile blogging award.

You can see the first nomination here

As I've said, I love getting nominations for these awards as they are blogger to blogger. 

This time I was nominated by Nicole (thanks :)) - you can check her blog here

The rules for accepting the award are below : 
The rules for this award are below 1. State 7 facts about yourself2. Nominate some bloggers to give the award to
Facts :  1) My birthday is next week 2) I love making lists and checking stuff off - nice little ego boost 3) Naps are literally the best thing ever 4) My favourite programme of the minute is Stargate Altlantis  5) My favourite Character is John Shepard  6) I just ate a bacon sandwich  7) I'm really bad with money ar the moment so this had led to me writing a new post to try and help others 
I'm not going to nominate any bloggers this time as I di…

Re introducing exercise to your everyday routine

Hi everyone, 
So I have decided that I've left it too long since I last exercised. 
As you may recall, when I started this blog, I was on a health kick.  I was running three to four times a week and on a healthy diet. I'd lost a stone.
We relaxed the routine a bit as my foot really started to hurt (I have a pre existing injury from my teenage hockey playing years). A few days turned into a week and those weeks have become a month. 
My new skinny weight (which is my current weight) has become my new heavy and scary weight. 
I decided today that enough was enough. 
I have decided to restart the 30 day squat challenge and the 30 day ab challenge.  These both really worked for me last time and everything felt firmer and my clothes were looser.  I will also be returning to running as well. 
I have included the pictures for the challenges below.  Anyone that wants to join in feel free- maybe we can motivate each other. 
In terms of eating - we don't have a too unhealthy diet. But we are…

July Favourites (Vlog included)

Hi guys, 
So yesterday I recorded my new favourites video for July. 

You can check it out below: 

The list of items mentioned are here :
I love....Strawberries and cream Body Butter Boots Mango body butter  Vaseline blue tin Necklace - a gift from my mother so you'd have to ask her where it came from  Roast chicken and cos cos salad - I will be posting some recipes shortly (ingredients are in the Vlog though)  Tess of the D'uvervilles - Thomas Hardy  Emmerdale and Coronation street - Both on ITV player and ITV most nights  Minions Movie - in cinemas  Spotify - 80s and 90s playlist, Micheal Jackson - HIStory Lego Jurassic World - PS4 & Plants VS Zombies - Xbox one
Let me know what you are loving in July! 
Becky x 

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Weddings and emotions

Hi guys, 
I decided that I wanted to put this experience into a post on its own - so I figured that I should leave it a couple of days so I could reflect. 
I think that its easy to get swept up in the emotions of certain days and events that you don't have time to step back and take it in. 
As you may or may not know, I had the amazing privedge of attedning my mother's wedding last Friday.  My experience of weddings as a whole is quite narrow , sure I have seen plenty on tv, but when it came to preparing for it I realised that I had no idea what to take etc. 
I went in three roles, Bridesmaid, daughter and Photographer. Luke and I gave the gift of photos and videos to the happy couple because we thought that it is an experience that money truly cannot buy - memories. 
On the morning of the wedding, I was surprised with how OCD I became with everything, the dress, my hair, makeup (I practised for a week) and with helping to decorate the church and the reception venue. 

 I had a stron…