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Haul post and Review post : Beauty products

So on Saturday, I went for a little shop.
Aside from getting my first two Christmas presents (yes I know) I also picked up a few products that I'm am rather excited about.
But before I get on to the swag, I thought that I would rationalise my Christmas purchases. You can read the method behind my madness in this blog post
The first place that I went to was Superdrug. Now, this is a shop that I don't normally go into anymore, I usually go to it's rival Boots. But in the past couple of months I have seen that I've spent a lot of money on beauty products, but I've noticed that the products are a lot cheaper in Superdrug.
I also approve of Superdrug more as they don't test their own products on animals (which is something that I believe is a very important issue.
I bought the below:
The first two items I bought were some replacement brushes : foundation and powder. They weren't too expensive, around 4 pounds each. They are quite light and I haven't intended the…

Beauty Review : Tropical Cocktail Peel - Off Mask by Superdrug

Hi all, 
So I tried a new product yesterday so I figured that it would be a good opportunity to write a review. 
As I have mentioned in a previous post, I am new to using Face Masks. The last one that I tried was a Clay mask (you can read the review here)  and this one is a peel off mask. 
The smell of this one is very sweet, probably due to the amount of fruit in the product - Mango and passionfruit etc. 
The process is simple, Make sure that you have a clean, dry face and apply the mixture. This one is extremely sticky, so you need to be careful not to touch anything aside from your face! 
After the 15 mins has passed, the mask becomes quite tight and you can really feel it working. 
One observation is that, in my experience, the mask looked nothing like the picture below. Instead, I had a rather shiny face that over time had what looked like an extra layer of skin! 
I gently peeled the mask off and I could see that it have removed a fair few blackheads from my skin! 
The skin on my face is…

Weekly Instagram and Youtube review!

It's a bit delayed, but its here!

I'll start with the old Instagram first!

My lovely bomb filled bath 
Date night vibes 

A cry for help


Third Anniversary Vlog / Bad Education Review

Hi all! 
So two things to tackle in this blog post. Firstly is my latest film review for the Bad Edcuation Movie and second is my latest Vlog!

Firstly, I went to go and see the Bad Education Movie on Monday. I am a massive fan of the TV series that was on BBC Three so I was hoping that it would not disappoint. 
The film has the same sort of humor to the series throughout, the crude school boy sort. One that was made famous on the big screen by the Inbetweeners and to be fair the comparison between the two has damaged everyones view of Bad Education. 
I enjoyed the film nonetheless. The idea of the film being that Jack Whitehall's Alfie Wickers takes his class on one last blow out before they get their GCSE results. But the plot of the film turns into so much more than that. Without ruining the ending, they find themselves in the middle of a revolution! 
If you fancy a little chuckle, the film is well worth the ticket price. There are a lot of cheeky references to other films, for examp…

Getting back into the swing of blogging and Vlogging / My getting a grip on panic attacks

Hi guys, 
So I feel like I am finally getting back into my blogging schedule. I have just also recorded a Vlog that will land either tonight or in the morning. 
It's my delayed three month blog anniversary video. Yayyy
I felt like last weeks events knocked my confidence. One comment undid months of good blogging. But I'm back on the horse people. 
I use this blog to try and bring a focus to things that affect my day to day life. Things that I know also affect a lot of you. 
One that is quite a prominent theme is the issue of mental health. I find this one extremely difficult to project to people that aren;t in my family and friends, because when I suffer, I don't have any physical symptoms to display. 
I had quite an odd panic attack on Monday morning before work. I started to freak out because I couldn't get the smallest details perfect when I was getting ready. My hair wouldn't sit right, my makeup was wrong, my clothes had a crease in them.  My anxiety has OCDic trait…

Film Review : Sinister 2

Hi Guys, 
So I love writing little reviews, its one of the reasons I started the blog. 
One of my massive passions is films and recently Luke and I made the decision to buy Unlimited cards for our Local Cineworld Cinema. Basically we pay 16 pound a month and we can watch as many movies as we like. So expect load more movie reviews as well as the original content ;)

So, as you may or may not know, I LOVE HORROR FILMS. 
I have been excited for the sequel to Sinister to come out since I watched the first one a couple of years ago. I loved it so much as to me it was something that I hadn't really seen before. The idea of children killing their parents because they have been possessed by a demon that is trapped in films and pictures. 
The film itself only features two recurring characters, Deputy so and so and the demon Buhguul/ Bagul. It follows the format of the first film. There are discovered videos of murders, which are a lot more graphic in this film and the Deputy tries his best to s…

Half the fun is to plan the plan.... ( Christmas)

Hi guys,
Yes I did just quote Sweeney Todd and yes I just wrote the word Christmas in the title of this blog post. 
Yes I am also very aware that we are still in August at the moment, however Christmas does have the knack of sneaking up every year on you and can make everyone feel extremely unprepared. Even though the date is the same every year. 
As someone who is OCD and likes a cheeky plan, I have just sat down and mapped out everything that I can possibly think that Luke and I will need for Christmas. 
This isn't because I am secretly a little elf. This is simply due to all the money that we seem to spend at Christmas. There are alot of factors to consider as you get older; Travelling, decorations, social engagements, presents, food and so forth that if you don't stagger it out, you soon will be way out of pocket before you know it. 
This last year has been a real learning curve for me when it comes to money, Luke and I are desperate  to move out of our rented flat and into our…

Lucky number 7(00)

So I thought I'd write a nice short celebration post. 

I received an email yesterday to say that the blog has now got 700 followers! 

Thank you all that are reading the blog, 
You rock! 
I will be filming a video later and also writing another blog post.
So for now, thank you! 

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TMI tag

Hi all, 
So I was asked to do this tag. 

What are you wearing? Lovely work clothes as I've just finished. I do like my top though, a pretty blue one with a bow :)
Have you ever been in love? I am currently. I've been with my partner for four years and we live together 
Have you ever had a terrible break up? Yes. It was brutal. I actually wrote a blog post about it and you can find it here
How tall are you? 5ft 4 
How much do you weigh? Enough, haha.