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My Lovely little MacMillan Cupcakes (recipe included)

Hi all, 
Just thought that I would post a little update this evening. I've got back to complete my final masters module so I'm rather tired haha. 
But as I promised at the weekend here is the product of my baking Thursday night. I made little cupcakes for our Macmillan Cofee morning at work. 
Basically the idea was that people bought cake and other goodies and people paid for a plate of food at the buffet and the proceeds went to Macmillan. They are a charity that provides nurses to those that are terminally ill with Cancer. They are not government funded so they rely on donations. These nurses are amazing and they have helped a lot of members of my family. 
Here is my contribution : 

The recipe is on this Link - BBC recipes
The Icing however does not follow the above. It is premade Halloween Icing for the base. The Yellow Sugar Crystals are from Asda and the M is Homemade icing. (simple mix of water and icing sugar)

Let me know if you follow the recipe! 


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The Cats got the Snapchat treatment... (exclusive pictures)

So as we are all aware.... Snapchat got some updates this week. 
Below are my Partner's masterpieces of our kittens. 
Hopefully they give you a little chuckle! 
You can follow me on Snapchat- My username is Beckydoodah
Have a great start to the week and I'll see you soon

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What I've learned this week and the plan going forward......

Hi guys, 
So this week has been a real learning curve for me. 
On tuesday, my car wouldn't start, it was dead.... I had to therefore walk as fast as I could into work (it's two miles from my house), it wasn't too bad it only took 40 mins. 
I only got the car fixed on Friday night so I had the joy of the walking commute to work every morning. 
Now this used to be something that I honestly dreaded, I had gotten used to the easy nature of jumping in the car and being at work within 10 mins. But this was something that I honestly thought was gone. 
You see my car is 15 years old, I know that I need to replace it before Feb so it's failure wasn't a total shock. Lucky for me it turned out to be a flat battery, I've been underusing the car at the weekend and doing really short journeys. 
 I managed to find a lovely walk to work along the canal and through the fields. I found myself enjoying the views and the feeling of working my body. 
 I also have lost 4 lbs in the last we…

SPONSORED How to make your first home / Dorms/ Halls feel like home....

Hi Guys, 
So its that magical time of year when many 18 years old decide that they want to take on the adventure of University and the first hurdle of moving into their halls /dorms. It also marks the start of the legendary couple of weeks know as the 'Freshers'. The weeks that can't and shouldn't be remembered ;) 

For many this is a time filled with brand new experience as this is the first time out of the family home.  For some it is an emotional and difficult time. Everybody is different and this is something that no one can completely prepare you for. Suddenly you are having to pay real bills and buy your own food and have to be responsible! 
(In order to not exclude any one that is reading this post, I am also tailoring it to moving into your first home)
As I have documented on the blog, my first experience of moving out was a hard one as I couldn't get the place to feel like mine for ages and as my Boyfriend has noted for ages it felt like we were on holiday. You…

Another milestone reached!

Hi all, 
So today, the blog hit 800 followers.

I have decided that at 1000 I will have a giveaway of the beauty variety. I will write more on this when I decide what the prize will be ;) 

As always, I am incredibly grateful to everyone that reads the blog and those that follow it. Be you a new follower or someone that has been there from the start. I am very grateful for you! 
I hope in the coming months that I can expand the blog a little more and that I can finally work on a custom logo and blog design. Something to make it feel a little more me than it already does. If anyone reading this knows a good designer then feel free to hit me up. 
I am working on a couple of collabs at the moment but I am always open to more either involving this blog or the youtube channel, so feel free to drop me a message. 

Until the next post....Thank you guys 
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When you catch the bug for something.... (Recipes and blog announcement )

Hello all, 
So again, another deviation from the plan, but I need to interrupt to update with this life event. 
Not so much an event but a little look what I can make moment. 
So as you know, I am getting into cooking on a major level.  Today's efforts took this to another plain.  
I made sweet and sour crispy chicken. 
To do this I made my own batter for the chicken, which I was dreading making but it actually worked really well.  All it took was one egg, 25g of flour and salt. 
I then added 3 carrots, two peppers, noodles and sauce. 
Again another pinterest inspiration. Feel free to see what I've been pinning, the link is below. 
Tomorrow I shall be working on an exciting new sponsored post ;)
But more on that later
Becky x
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150th post : Bonus beauty quiz.

Hi guys,

So I went to write a different post, but then I realised that this is in fact my 150th post! 
I can't believe that I've rambled on for that long about lifestyle, beauty and other random stuff. Therefore for this celebration, I have decided to do a beauty quiz so that you can get to know me better. If as the reader, you have any questions you can read my about me page( linked at the top), send me questions in the comment box or email me (contact me page). 
I am also available for sponsored work and Collabs
So on with the quiz ! 


-How many times do you wash your face daily?

Twice without fail, morning and night. Although it depends on the day's activities 

-What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)
I would say sensitive and that in fact can make it dry. At it's worst it can flake off, which as you can imagine is very grim

-What is your current facial wash?
I use bohemian soap and a mixture of items from Lush 

-Do you exfoliate?
Yes, both body and face. I use…

Growing up part two (recipes and reviews included)

Hi all, 
So following on from my earlier theme of growing up ( which you can find here ) , I tackled a big first in my life : cooking Sunday Lunch by myself. 
Why is this a big thing, I hear you ask. Well as a Brit, we hold our Sunday roasts quite dear in our hearts. Luke and I decided last Christmas that Christmas 2015 would be my time to shine, so basically I needed to get some practice. 
We came up with a little idea that I should practise by cooking Sunday lunch every week, which in theory is a good idea, but when you are standing in front of a bunch of ingredients its quite intimidating.  You can put any other food type in front of me ... Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Indian , deserts etc but this one scared me. But I was up for the challenge as we don't have many couple traditions and if we have a family in the future its nice to have some. 
I started today with roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, Carrot and broccoli,Roast Potatoes and of course Gravy.  Every thing was made from scratch…

The scary thoughts that all Mid twenties go through

Hi guys, 

So I thought I would share with you all, the current inner workings of my brain. 

I am currently 24 and I find myself at a scary crossroads. 
At this point in life, a lot of people that I went to school with now have kids and are married. 
In fact a lot of my exes are. It's weird when you think that they have taken that level of commitment and you're sitting there debating what film you wanna see next, or whether next year you might go on holiday. 
I think there is a lot of pressure on people my age to know exactly where their life is going. I watched on a TV show this week that 24 is where you start to hit your career stride. I really hope not for the simple fact that personally I am still at university, fighting the good fight. 
My job is not one that I intend to have for the rest of my life. I actually hope that one day I can in some small way benefit the field of History, as it is something that I've always been in love with. 
I think that there is a lot of pressure…

Movie review : The Visit

Hi all, 
So it is time for another movie review. 
Luke and I went to see Comedy - Horror film , the visit.

This was a film that I had wanted to see for a while as I feel like it has been advertised for the longest time. The film's premise is that two teenagers go to visit their Grandparents that they had never met due to a family rift with the kid's mum. 
Simple enough, what they don't count on is the fact that Gran and Grandad are .... a little odd when the sun goes down. 
I don't want to spoil the film as there are twists and turns throughout, but I will say this... the actors are superb. Especially the kids. Horror movies can fall into the trap of casting actors that let the film down or are over dramatic (If you've ever seen a slasher movie you know what I mean). 
The film kept us chuckling through the day but during the night, the film does a fantastic job of keeping you on your toes. I think that the scariest part of the story is that the grandparents are just peop…