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Hey Girl , "whats your favourite scary movie?" (Halloween 2015!)

Happy Halloween everybody! 
The big day is finally here. It feels that through all the planning I've done for the blog that Halloween has taken a long while to come around. 
I love Halloween as I think that there is a special magic about it. 
You can read my previous posts in the links below : 
Halloween Decorations Halloween Bakes! 

  Orange, yellow and black flowers!                         They even feature a little spider!

So today, Luke and I went to Milton Keynes to go shopping. We ended up stumbling into a cute little vintage fair. We picked up some extra cheeky gifts for both our mothers. Obviously I can't share them on here until after Christmas. 
But I did manage to take a few little pictures! 

I do love having a little browse around. It's nice to support small businesses 

There was also some time to obtain a pizza power up! 

We then came home. I am sadly ill at the moment so I am buried under a blanket on the sofa. While we were in Milton keynes we did pick up a few item…

The Recipe read: Fantastic Halloween Bakes and Cakes! (Collaborationwith La Blog Beauté)

Hi guys,

So I am really excited to finally be able to share this blog post with you. It's something that Beth (another blogger ) and I have been working on for a week.
You can check out her post and blog here - La Blog Beauté
We both wanted to write a post focusing on Halloween - we decided to focus on food! 
I hope you enjoy the recipes below. I hadn't made any of them before yesterday....
The great thing is that they use all of the same ingredients so you don't need to buy a load of different items that break the bank. 
The smell from the spices is really nice as well and has that beautiful autumnal smell! 

cupcakes on the left and pumpkin spice swiss roll to the right 

The first two recipes include pumpkin so before we start, I will show you how to make Pumpkin Puree! 
Firstly slice the pumpkin in half and scoop out the seeds!

Peel and slice the pumpkin into chucks and place in a saucepan. Cover in water. Allow the water to boil - leave for about 20 mins or until the pumpkin is s…

900 and Maybeline Baby Lips review

Hello lovely people. 
So the last couple of days have been memorable for their own reasons.
On Monday my beloved KA broke down. He suffered another flat battery. I ended up walking 6 and a half miles to get the cables to fix him. Lucky for me, it worked and he is now alive again. My legs still hurt from the walk... I'll recover though. The fact that I was walking in tights has not helped in the slightest. The sides of the material have ribbed the inside of my legs. Anyone who has suffered this knows how painful this is! 
 I'm still in training for my 10K run in March so all exercise is progress. Don't forget that you can sponsor me on just giving for the run, I'll link it below. 
I also received notification that my Guest post on a fitness website called Zest lifestyle is scheduled to be published shortly. I'll write more about that shortly. 
On Tuesday, I restarted my strength training so I've restarted Squats and Situps. This just added to the overall ache this mo…

The fun of the fair and a pamper review

Hello all. 
I hope that you've all had a great weekend. 
I am overjoyed to announce that Luke and I officially completed our Christmas shopping list on Saturday. All the presents are bought but are at the moment unwrapped. All we have to worry about is food for the big day. If you are worried about getting organised for the festivities .... then you can check out a previous post that I wrote a little while ago. 
You can find it on this post here . For me, my motivation in getting organised was all money driven. Last year we were poor December to February because we had not properly thought ahead. 
I have to say this weekend has been a very busy one for the both of us. I feel like I need a weekend to get over my weekend. But we have had fun which is the main thing. 
Today saw us go to the St Crispins street fair in Northampton. I loved it last year so I was quite looking forward to it.  I think that there is something magical about the lights and the people that you meet there. Its love…

You can fly if you just believe.... A Friday night review

Hello all, 
It's finally the weekend and I don't know about you but I couldn't be happier. After a stressful weekend, its nice to just kick back and relax. We are even going shopping and to a street fayre later....
The day started off just nicely as for me it was payday... we've been saving like mad as we want to move out of our flat in the new year. 
It's getting to that time of year in which its starting to get colder so for work today I teamed my New Look Summer Dress with my Chunky Knit Cardigan (also from new look). 

You can see more selfies/ pictures of my outfits on the instagram page that I've linked below

I love this Cardigan as it has little bit of different colours (pink, blue, green and yellow) sewed in to the sleeves. You can kind of see it in the picture. Its so warm and one that you can snuggle in. I bought it a few years ago so I'm not sure if they are still selling it. I get a lot of compliments on it. As for the dress, blue is definitely my go…

Light, Camera....Action! (A return to Vlogging)

Hello beautiful readers!
Not too long until the weekend. I hope that everyone has had a good day / week. Mine was filled with cake and laughter. Work was great today. 
The only down side is that Luke is playing a basketball game so I won't see him until much later. But in saying that I feel a little selfish as he really enjoys basketball. Its one of his outlets, much as this blog is mine...
My little Hideaway.
I have also been gathering ideas for my Halloween food Blog and vlog. I think food naturally gets people excited as it is something that everyone can enjoy! 
So today has marked a return to something that I love almost as much as this blog. I have FINALLY filmed a new video for the Hideaway Youtube channel. 

I forgot how much fun it was to film and edit a video. 
 I hope that if you have a spare moment that you might consider watching one or two of my vlogs

You can check the new video below 

A lot of effort goes into them as it does on this blog.  My channel is very much in developme…

Sweet (Halloween) dreams are made of these....

Hi guys, 
So just in a little follow up to my previous post of a few autumn touches . I thought that I would post a little update on my Halloween preparations. 
If you have read this blog in the last couple of weeks then you will know that I am the biggest kid when it comes to this holiday! 
Starting with my Decorations. 
I am currently rocking the autumn flowers in my vase. I am loving the yellows, oranges, reds and golds. 
I also have my little ghosty. I have had him a couple of years, but for those asking about where I got him, I have good news for you! The little Ghost is back on sale at Tescos for £4.50. This year I picked him up a little mate for him - a little pumpkin. Again like the ghost he lights up. They are both extremely cute and they sit on my coffee table at the moment. 
The good thing about them is that they are extremely durable as they are made of squishy material..... important when you have little cats around....

(Casper and Burt are experts at the posing game) 

Next is t…