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My trip to Birmingham & Anxiety strikes again! (Exclusive pics inside)

Hello beautiful people, 
It is I.
I am back after my partner's birthday celebrations. He turned 24 on Saturday so we both took some time off to celebrate. 
I find that 24 feels to be an odd age. You are a year away from 25... when you are supposed to know what to do with your life. Its kind of a clear up year of an age. Basically time to sort your life out and get some foundations.... at least that is what the theory is anyway.... practise is something completely different. 
So on Friday, we took a little trip to a city call Birmingham, which is only an hour away from us on the train so the travel isn't too bad. I've been shopping in Birmingham since I was old enough to go on a day trip with my friends. The train takes you right to the shopping centre / mall, so its fairly straight forward to get there and to go home. 
Luke decided that he wanted to go shopping for his birthday... however we realised a couple of days before that Friday was also famous for a very big reason.... …

Review : Natural Glow Palette Barry M

Hello everybody. 
It's been a busy day today.... 
I realised while I was at work that it's been a rather long time since I did a proper beauty post. So I thought that I would review one of my favourite products of the minute to change it. 
Also on the beauty front from the 5th - 23rd of December , I will be posting a beauty review daily as part of a collaboration with other bloggers ;) 
More to follow on that later. 

On to Barry M! 
Those of you that have read the blog for a long time will know that Barry M is my favourite beauty brand hands down. 
I was over joyed when they started doing eyeshadow palettes. I am the proud owner of a couple of them, but I thought I would feature the one that I use daily for work. I know that people struggle to find that perfect shade - somewhere between professional and fun....

This is the Natural Glow palette 2 and I have attempted to do some swatches for you... However the first shade on the left is extremely pale so it is difficult to see....

As you…

A childhood passion.... Including Kitten bloopers

Good evening all 
I wasn't expecting to blog tonight, but I find myself somewhat inspired.... 
I went over to my bookshelf, I have fancied getting myself stuck into a good book but due to Uni I had kind of put myself off of reading. 
Therefore I decided that it was time to get stuck into an old childhood classic!

I only have three to seven as I donated the first two.... I really need to replace them 

Therefore tonight I shall start with the below 

What I truly love is that I have had these books for about 15 years. Books never change, they hold incredible memories.  I remember taking the books on holiday.... I remember pretending to be asleep but reading them from the hall light after bedtime 
I remember being rather upset at 10/11 when my letter from Hogwarts didn't arrive and I had to go to a regular secondary school.  I was gutted that I also didn't have a pet owl ..... still am 
Speaking of memories... I found the following : 

So thats it for now. Just a mini post because I…

SPONSORED Generous George Review

Hello all, 
So today I had the pleasure of being invited to preview the Generous George pub in Northampton ahead of it's grand opening tomorrow. 
This pub is one that already had a special space in my heart as it is opposite Park Campus of the University of Northampton. As you may of may not know I am currently in my fifth year at the UON. 
The pub used to the the Sunnyside and it is somewhere that I had spent many a drunken night in when I was an Undergraduate.
Therefore, I was rather excited to check out all the changes that had been done ahead of the opening. 
As soon as you enter the building you can tell that the pub has gone from a student pub to a family friendly one. Its design now featuring wood and colourful booths, while still retaining some of the cheeky elements of the previous design aka the infamous pool table. 

I went for a wander around to see the other changes. The back of the pub is now a lot more spacious and there is a larger kids area. It doesn't feel as crampe…

A Christmas Makeover and A few Collab announcements

Hello all,
Welcome back to the Hideaway( that sounded way better in my head) haha.
So as you may or may not have noticed.... The blog has undergone a little Christmas makeover! I was rather excited to do this as its the first place that I've transformed for the holiday season! 
I have also matched this to the Facebook and twitter page. The youtube channel will follow shortly.
I'm rather excited to start decorating the flat but I've been told by my partner to wait a little, making me a tad sad.... however I have managed to sneak a few little touches into the flat already ;)

My little Ruldolph planter, complete with felt nose and scarf - five pound from Morrisons 

A mini glittery connfier. Three pound from Morrisons 

I also cannot wait to use these little Snowflake Cookie wax melts on to my Yankee Candle burner as for me that it one of the main scents of Christmas. At the moment I have Spiced apple and spice melting away.... my other favourite festive scent.
Home made from an old…

A cozy winter/ Autumn night in

Hi guys, 
So its another night in under the blanket as its still crazy cold.  Hurricane Barney is still with us, but he's not as loud as last night. 
I did have a weird karma moment earlier, if you recall last month, I had a flat battery in my car. So because of this I purchased Jump cables in case it happened again. Well as I went to pick Luke up, it turned out that they were needed by someone that I've never met. It was as if it was my turn to randomly help someone helped me. 
Weird huh
So when I got home I jumped in a warm shower and then into my Pjs. 
 I thought that I would take a second to mention them as they are a relevitely new purchase. Both the bottoms and the top are from new look, but they aren't row same set ahaha. 
The top is so soft, it feels like angel hair. the bottoms are made of really comfy material, basically I feel slightly naked but really warm at the same time. They were both 10 pound each. 

I also thought that I would mention this amazing b…

Review : Vlog Star's Starter Kit volume 1 | Hurricane Barney!

Good evening to you all. 
I hope you are all well and keeping nice and warm (if you are in the UK I mean) if you are somewhere warm right now, I really envy you. 
I'm hidden under a duvet, a blanket and I have a dressing gown on BUT I'm still cold. Boooooo
At the moment I can hear the wind battering against the window as Hurricane Barney is upon us. Apparently the winds are gusting at 70mph. Yikes. I do secretly love it when the weather is like this. I feel like I am safe and warm in my bed 
My mind does wander to the car. But I'm sure its final
I do think that the name that they have chosen is unfortunate however as it generates two images in my mind 
Firstly that this guy is outside my window: 
Barney from HIMYM

or that there are little purple dinosaurs throwing themselves against the window trying to get in

so many childhood memories 
So moving on the rest of the post....
As you may or may not have read, I was told by the lovely people at Vlog Star that I had won an award for one…