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December / 2015 Blog Review

Hello all, 
So here we are, about to close the door on 2015 and the opening of 2016....

I am about to go out with my other half for a meal to ring the year out with. 
 I always find this time of year a brilliant but also a crushing one. 
You realise that in January of the year you were so full of hope but you didn't get half the stuff done that you thought you would. 
But what I think is very important to remember is that you are a different person to the start of the year there is only so much that you can foresee. 
For myself, one of the biggest things that I could not forsee is that I would get the courage to put my thoughts and ideas into a blog and that I would be brave enough to share that blog with the big wide world. 
Hideaway was something that I rethought and rethought, over and over again, until I just crossed my fingers and pressed the publish button. 
It's weird to be writing a year review as the blog hasn't been live for a year buttttt it is a good way to see how it …

That Healthy Festive Struggle

Hello all, 
As you can tell from my thrilled face below, today was back to work for me. 

Also I don't know about you all, but Christmas has left me feeling a little....... large and in charge? 
As you will know if you read the blog a lot, I like to write about the real struggles that I find myself going through as a girl and as a general human.
I think that over the festive period that it is only natural that people put on a little bit more weight than they usually would. 
After all.... it's cold outside and you kind of move around less and eat more as its a social activity and also can be due to boredom. 
Even though I tried to be good, I myself feel like a little inflated ball. 
However in reality I actually only put on a single pound... I just feel massively bloated. 
I thought that I would share a few things that I've been trying to do to try and combat the podge over December and what I hope to carry on into the new year ( as I have a marathon coming up) 
Firstly - cut back on…

Christmas 2015 / A return after the Christmas Break

Hello everyboddddddyyyyyyy! 
I hope that you all had a fantastic Christmas! 
Ruldolph is currently resting on my window sill 

Ours was filled with Food, Family and Festive Cheer. Also I think that the Cats had more than their fair share of Turkey and Pigs in Blankets (bacon wrapped Sausage for those of you outside the UK) 
Its that time for me to return to Hideaway from under the blankets and away from the snack food and its time to try to start to somewhat get back to normal before the end of the year. 
I had so many posts that I wanted to get out before the 25th, but due to workload and the amount of generous offers that I received it wasn't achievable. This was all while working a full time job and getting my family ready for Christmas.
I think that the earlier part of this month has taught me that I need to be more realistic with what I can actually juggle vs what I hope I can. 
Also its kind of been nice to have a quieter phone that isn't being set off by social media every 5 m…

Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl: Day Nine and Ten (Blush and Lipstick)

Hello all, 
Welcome to Day Nine and Ten of the Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl. 
I need to catch up with yesterday as I didn't write the post for my Blush Product. 
So today we are all looking at Blusher & Lipstick!

I chose Barry M's Make me Blush & Collection's Lasting colour lipstick in 21 Rosewood. 
I will start with both Top Trumps Cards: 

Now as a newbie to the blusher game, I was a little nervous with how bright this colour first appeared to me. I had mainly gone for the most neutral blush I could find. 
But I love this little product, it gives me a nice natural rosy cheek. 
My only problem is that the palette itself is tiny. You can barely fit your brush over it. Therefore some product gets wasted. 
Its around the two pound mark so it really is value for money. 

Next on to the lipstick. I like this one as it has nice brown tone to it, which I always consider to be autumnal. My only problem is that it wears off quickly so you have to reapply a fair bit. 
The …

Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl: Day Seven and Eight (Brows and Mascara)

Hello all, 
Welcome to day Seven and Eight of the Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl. 
I need to catch up with yesterday as I didn't write the post for my Brow Product. 
So today we are all looking at Brows & Mascara! 
I chose Barry M's ShowGirl Extra Volume Black Mascara & MUA's Black Brow Pencil. 
I will start with both Top Trumps Cards: 

Firstly, the Mascara, I chose Barry M because it is a brand that I have come to love and trust. I thought that I had never tried this edition of this product so I thought I'd take advantage of their deals that they had on. 
The product is in a really nice Rose Gold metal tube. I prefer these mascaras as the brush is nice and firm ( I have heavy eyelashes) 
It is waterproof - a fact that I find to be a god send. I do find that I need to apply several coats to achieve the desired effect. 
It's a nice little purchase if you are looking for a mascara for the day to day. 

Next I chose MUAs Black Brow pencil. 
I'm not usually one t…

200th Post : A thank you to the readers & something personal.

Hello All, 
So I thought that I would take a moment to recognise some milestones that have occurred in the last couple of weeks. 
Firstly, the blog hit 1000 subs. 
Now I honestly never thought I would get into those sort of numbers. Not only this but the Blog's social media pages are also growing and I find this amazing. So thank you. I hope to keep writing the posts that you want to see. 
Secondly, The blog is currently sitting on just over 12,000 views from all around the world. So again thank you for that. 
Third is the fact that this is my 200th Post. I honestly didn't think that I would have enough material or dedication to write that many posts. Although that being said I have discovered a passion for blogging that I never knew that I had. 

I would also like to take this time to mention something personal and a request from the heart....

My mother is doing a rather large challenge for the Anthony Nolan trust. This is a charity that offers support to those diagnosed with Blood C…

Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl: Day Six (Palette)

Hello all, 
Welcome to day Six of the Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl. 
Today we are all looking at Eye Palettes! 
I chose Barry M's Super Natural Eyeshadow Palette 
A fun fact is that this Palette is exclusive to Superdrug so I knew that I really needed to try it out. 

See below how I have rated it:

So I think that first off I would like to point out how pretty the packaging is on this edition of the palette. I think that it looks really nice sitting on the shelf. 
I use Barry M's eyeshadow palettes daily so I know what I have come to expect from the brand. 

I thought that I would add a few swatches to the post to show you how the colours translate onto the skin

My favourite is the darkest shade as it has bits of red glitter mixed into the black and I love the middle shade as it is rose gold and looks really shimmery on the skin. 
This is easily a collection that you could wear to work so it doesn't stand out too much on your eyes, although if you blended a couple of colours y…

DELAYED Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl: Day Five (Foundation )

Hello all, 
Welcome to  a delayed day five of the Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl. 
Today we are all looking at Foundation! 
I chose Maybeline's dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Porcelain 
I have to be careful with the products that I chose for my face due to my sensitive skin so I have decided to rate my all time favourite here for the Brawl. 
I thought that I would put forward it's case :)

See below how I have rated it:

I love basically everything about this product but I have tried to rate it fairly against the marking system above. 
The product itself is in a format that really compliments my skin.  It is not as heavy as a liquid foundation but it has the staying power of powder foundation. I find that it is a a lot more kinder to pores than its liquid counterpart.
It's in a neat little Glass container that can fit into your handbag when you are on the go so that helps with quick reapplication through out the day.
I think that it is well worth the investment :) 
ou can see w…