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Getting back to Normal routine and January Review

Hi guys, 
I hope that you are all well. 
Can you believe that January and the first month of 2016 is over already? I had to pinch myself a little. However, with all thats happened to me personally over the last month, it's no wonder that its been a bit of a blur. 
For those of you that are coming on to the blog for the first time / do not know me personally, there has been a few major changes in my life this month....
1) I finished University after six tough but great years. 
2) I finally got a new car after having one that had given up the ghost at least a year ago 
3) started on a fitness plan that meant that I have lost 6 pounds since the start of the year. 
Its all go go go 
Due to pulling all nighters / pulling my hair out, I haven't been on the blog as much as I would have liked. I do know that this obviously was for the best as for one month, everything else had to take a backseat.... including my social life. 
I will link a few of the posts from this month below for you to chec…

A return to Hideaway / Dissertation Station the Finale

Hello lovely people, 
I have returned after an 11 day break! 

In this time there has been some changes in my life that I am now ready to share with you all. 
Firstly, I have finally finally finally got a new car. My new car, Bowie, is a Renault Clio and its feels incredible to have a car that does not do any of the following: Squeak, not start, self accelerate, rev very loudly. 
Welcome to the family Bowie: 

Secondly, you may have noticed that there is a new profile image for this blog and all over the social media channels. I decided that it was way due for an update!  Let me know what you think ;)

Next update, I've fallen back in love with reading. Now that I don't have to read of University anymore, I have decided to end my day with a nice book. Therefore I shall also be adding book reviews to the book and the monthly favourites posts:
I am starting with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Next update - I have lots planned for the blog, Starting with the Lush mystery tin ;)
I wou…

A bittersweet day : A Tribute to Alan Rickman

Hello all,
An extremely cold day.... I'm struggling to warm up. 
I'm a little bit disappointed that we didn't get any proper snow...
So I'll start with my day.....
It was all going so well, I had some positive news about my car. Its all getting sorted... 
I just have to pick the colour.... so the question is a Black or a white car?  - Comment below your choice. 
I planned out the two weekend vlogs today - Saturday will be the January favourites and Sunday will be the long awaited empties post....

 ( I can finally throw away the mountain of bottles  that I have...)
I even had a good day at work..... however when I left work.... everything changed. 
My Car decided that it was not going to start. I was stuck in the cold for almost an hour :( . I've been frozen ever since. I am currently under two blankets. Running is off tonight as I have to be careful due to health reasons. 

Of course the saddest news of the day is that Alan Rickman, one of my favourite actors sadly passed awa…

COLLAB : Fitness Fashion

Hello beautiful people, 
I hope that you are all well and that you are all keeping warm on this rather cold night. 
I'm rather happy this evening as I have a complete day off from my training regime (I am on a training plan and I am also doing other activities such as the squat challenge that I have previously posted about) 
Last night, I was out sprinting in the bitter cold.... It will all be worth it in the end.... as they say summer bodies are made in winter. 
I thought that I would post a few pictures from the journey so far....

A typical breakfast or Lunchtime meal 

Every morning starts with a glass of Fruit Juice 

This brings me to one of my frequently asked questions : what do I wear to run in? 
This is a very good question, due to the weather conditions in the UK and the temperature, I find it hard to plan. 
I have found that just wearing my Jack Willis Hoody and my LA Gear sports bra keeps me warm but allows me to cool at the same time.
You'll notice that I am rocking some love…

The Body Confidence Series - A tribute to David Bowie

Hello all, 
As many of you out there, I was shocked to hear that Music and Fashion Icon David Bowie had passed away at the age of 69 
Even down to his eye colour he was unique....

Even from a young age, I was very aware of who he was. I was born in the Early 90s and my parents both used to blast 70s and 80s music in the car when I was small and his music is some that I picked up on. 
When I moved out I have made sure that I had copied my mother's greatest hits Album along with Michael Jackson's to my iTunes Library (sorry mum)
However as a small child, I had no idea of his cultural impact and how he challenged the perceived norms of Masculinity. I was however a teeny bit scared of him as he freaked me out in the film Labyrinth

I've been humming Fashion all day at my desk.... Turn to the lefttttttt .... ohhh fashion.... Turn to the right

I think that alot of the things that we take for granted in music today came from a daring Bowie. 
A legend in his time and never forgotten. I t…

It's Finally happened / January budget

Helllloooooo all, 
So after days of battling and battling, my aforementioned December's Favourites Vlog has FINALLY fully uploaded. 
You can check it out below: 
Make sure you watch right till the end for the announcement! 

I thought for the main bulk of this post, I would write about something that I know is affecting a lot of you out there : The dreaded January budget. 
Christmas was a beautiful time as was New year.... Presents, fun, going out etc etc, but this always leaves January looking like the bad guy. 

The conversation goes a little like this:
Me : I'd really like a little treat, going back to work is a nightmare after time off
January : Bro, I mean you could but its either that or food
Me : Like for real? 
January : You may have budgeted but I still win
*hears Christmas laughing in an evil tone in the background*

A little extreme but I'm sure that you can grasp the message that I'm trying to share.....
Despite best intentions, Luke and I are feeling the pinch this month.…

UPDATED That Pesky Youtube and Eight months Blogging/ An exciting announcement

Hello all, 
Lots of things going on in the title of this post....
So First things first....
I thought that I had successfully uploaded my Decembers Favourite Vlog on Friday
Oh boy was I wrong.... those of you that are familiar with Youtube will know that she is a rather harsh mistress. 

I'm actually gutted because, this is the first video that I've done in a long time that I feel really good about. 
I feel like I was able to completely relax during filming and that even the background of the Vlog was on point. Probably because I was talking about myself ahaha. 
I am currently uploading it for a second time. Once again I shall update this post with the Vlog if it actually decides to work this time.....*shakes fist*

EDIT: It worked, oh golly

You can always check out the written version of the Vlog on this post : ) - December Favourites

Second item on the agenda - Today is Hideaway's eight month anniversary. Oh yes, I actually managed to post it on the 9th this month (check me out)