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Charity and I part two / A delivery

Good evening all! 
Before I begin with the main bulk of this post, I thought that I would share some nice news. You may recall if you read the blog regularly that I wrote a wishlist post for the Jewellery brand, Gemporia. 
You can check the post out on this link here if you haven't done so already. 
Well today a little present arrived in the post. I mentioned that I like Rosegold so they sent this lovely bracelet along with a note :)

So thank you Gemporia, you were a great company to work with! 
Please check them out on this link - Gemporia

So the main bulk if this this post is an update on one of the more popular posts that I have written.  I titled it Charity and I and I think I must have written it about six months ago
You can find it here: Charity and I, Part one
In it I mentioned that I will be running in two races, the Suffering and the Tough Mudder for Macmillan and for the Anthony Nolan Trust. Now sadly, due to training issues and what not, we will not be participating in the Suf…

Oh I do like to be beside the seasideeeeeeee..... (Hastings Visit)

Hello everybody, 
It's been a while, I hope that you are all ok. 
I am currently on a little trip down on the South Coast of England. I am currently staying in a lovely little Seaside town of Hastings. I am lucky enough that my Mother lives here so that I can come and visit whenever I like and I don't have to worry about hotels (as they can be rather expensive in the Summer). 

I came down on Friday, in my brand new little Clio (Bowie), it takes about three hours from Northampton to Hastings. Plenty of time for some quality tunes ;) ( I'm talking 90s bangers... I 'll have to write a separate post on that at some point)

This is Obvs my travelling look (Electric Blue Ray Bans, sun shining in my face... just Lovely :D)
I've been fed up with so much lovely food ( I think that she thinks I don't eat half the time), but I did have to make sure I still went running on Saturday. I ran around the lovely Alexendra park, although I didn't realise the size of it before I sta…

FEATURE : Gemporia Wishlist

Hello all, 

So today is something different for you all! 

I was approached by the Lovely people at, to write a Wishlist of some of my favourite picks from their beautiful collection from their website. 

Now what first struck me about the collections is how up my street they are. I love the idea of making the gemstone the main feature of a piece due to their natural beauty. I myself wear a yellow emerald ring everyday that is surrounded by diamonds.  Simple but beautiful 

I have picked the below pieces based on a few criteria. 

I have gone for a ring, Necklace, two sets of earrings and my personal birthstone (the ruby).  Whilst picking, I have made sure that cost is a prominent feature as I know the main age range that read this blog is you lovely 12- 21 year olds. In knowing this I have made sure that these cute pieces are also affordable if you fancied a cheeky treat ;) and don't want to break the piggy bank. 


Ever since I was a small kid, I'd always admired my …

At the end of the week, a post about Anxiety

Hi guys,
I hope that you have all had an amazing weekend. 
Mine has felt like a longer one than normal, which is always a bonus. On Friday night, I went to see Ridealong 2 at the cinema.
 Then on Saturday I went to a secret screening, again at the cinema, which turned out to be Triple nine. 
When the film actually comes out, I will bang out a little review for it :) 
Before I launch into the main bulk of the post, I thought that I would share a few pictures of my looks and activities for you. 

Firstly, I thought that I would take some red lipstick for a spin.... I never normally wear it as I think it doesn't suit. I was going out so I figured that I would just go for it.... below is the result 

( I am wearing Maybeline Baby lips in Candy Apple with a dash of Cocoa Butter vaseline over the top for an extra shine and added protection) 

I also found myself with a legitimate cleaning injury. I decided that I wanted to gut the bathroom and sort through everything. I hadn't even noticed tha…

January Favourites and World Cancer day

Hellooooooo everybody, 
I'm slowly getting there in regards to continuous blogging. 
I'm finding my new freedom is leading me to get distracted from being in front of the computer. But hopefully all will go back to normal. 
A few things before I get started. 
Firstly - I noticed that my blog is getting extremely close to 1,100 blog followers. Considering I was awol in Jan, this is amazing. So thank you if you are a subscriber. I value each and every one of you! 
Secondly - You will have noticed from my title that tomorrow is world Cancer Day. Unforunately Cancer is something that is a prominent feature at the moment in my day to day family life. Its a horrible disease that takes many lives each year, I am myself trying to raise as much money as I can this year in order to help. 
I am running two races, Taking part in a rather unique fundrasing event starting in Winchester in June (more on that later) and hopefully, Luke and I will be doing the three peaks challenge at the end of the…