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A Bank Holiday treat : Facemask Haul / Review

Good Evening,
I hope that you aren't too upset that the Bank Holiday is over......
At least it is only a four day working now that we are back ! 
(I also have a new video uploading tonight to take away some of the blues...) 
If you read my post from Sunday then you will have seen in the video that I had a massive bag from Superdrug with hidden goodies in it. 
One of the main features was six different Facemasks and hair masks. 

Masks have become my weekly treat. I find that they help me to relax and unwind after a long week and also my skin and hair benefit. 
I thought that I would share my favourites with you below......
The best feature about all of these are that they are all 99p and 3 for 2 at Superdrug. 

Firstly, This mask is one that I recently came across. The smoothie mask smells lovely, it is a mix for four different fruits. Its a mask that is designed to cool the skin and after you take it off, the skin feels refreshed. 

This next one is a hair mask.  I haven't actually tried…

UPDATED : Easter 2016, A New Video and a Lush Haul!

Hello everybody
Well firstly, Happy Easter! 
I hope that whatever you are doing today, that you find some time to relax and unwind. 
I love Bank holidays, but they do seem to disappear very quickly. This is the first day that Luke and I have found time to just do nothing. 
On Friday, we spent all day in the cinema (over 12 hours in total). We went to see four new film releases and then yesterday , we ran and walked for five miles and I got my Car MOTed........
Now instead of writing four film review blog posts, I decided to film a video, featuring footage from the day. The video also contains some teasers for the Blog and upcoming posts ;)
So check it out below 

Also, I thought that for the rest of this blog post, I would feature some of the Easter Lush products that are around, as I had a bit of a spend over the last couple of weeks. My Lush addiction is currently at an all time high! 


Vlog is now live for this post 

(you might have seen that the Infamous Lush jar and also Tin are over…

COLLAB : My 25th Birthday

Hello Everybody,
So I have been approached by the Lovely people at Paperless post to talk about what birthday I am most looking forward to! 
You can check out their website on this link - Paperless Post
After thinking about it, I have decided that the Birthday that I am most looking forward to is my 25th birthday which falls in July. I always thought of this Birthday as a really defining point in my life. The first part of the 20s is over and its time to start getting everything in order. 

Therefore the entrance to this age must be a big one. 
My ideal day would be a family party in a village hall (old school I know). I would throw a party to look back at the good old days - the 90s. I was a true British 90s kid so I would have every detail to reflect this. 

The invites would have an air of retro vibes around them  - similar to this one from the paperless Website ( You can check it out here ) 

The food would all be Buffet food - the classics:
Cocktail sausages The famous hedgehog (Cheese and …

Vlogging update & Reasons to be cheerful

Hello everybody, 
So, once again, our lovely friend Sunday is here. Our friend that takes ages to get here and then leaves after just the one cup of tea. 
Despite the fact that I am left with sadness that the weekend has come and gone, I am overjoyed to remember that this coming week is Easter week.
 I therefore decided that this was one of many reasons to be cheerful. 
Here are some more : 
It is also the first day of Spring - We celebrated with the first smoothie of the year. Luke surprised me with the Mango and Passionfruit one from Starbucks .... Its one of my all time favourites and it has reignited my passion for making my own. 
If you read this blog back at the start, you will note that I used to post alot of different recipes as it was a little obsession of mine. 
Strawberry and Banana was the one... If I get back into it I might link the recipes so you can see them all again!

On this note, I should mention that my go to comfort food/ desert food has become fruit.
 I believe that this …

Big Life Announcement and my Feb / March Lifestyle Favs!

Hello lovely people,
Here we are, another Sunday Afternoon watching Soaps and updating the Blog's Social media pages.
 Luke and I have just returned from a lovely little 5 k run / Hike through a local abbey's grounds. 
I'm starting to really enjoy the training and this run was more of an adventure as we were not sure how far the grounds went. Because of this, I wasn't thinking about the run and the strain on my legs. 
Its good because due to the enjoyment I managed to go further. 

Luke couldn't help but take a little posing break.....

What I have also realised is that I've really regretted neglecting the Blog's Facebook and Tumblr Pages, so I have made sure that all content gets shared on them.  
So I've decided to make a mid year resolution and I'm determined to stick to it. 
Also, I thought that before I started the main bulk of this post, that I would also take the time to mention a massive event that has left Luke and I smiling all weekend.
 On Friday, …

My fitness journey : an update

Hello all,
I hope that the start of this week is being kind to you all. I , myself, feel as though I am coming down with something. I woke up yesterday and I had a sore throat and a headache. Part of me thought that I was simply dehydrated, but it appears to be more than that. 

To be fair, I haven't been ill in about a year so I had a good run haha  Speaking of runs, that brings me to the subject of this post. 

If you recall, in a previous post and vlog, I announced that I would be running for charity and also I will be walking 17miles in June on the south coast of England.
I hope to raise as much money as possible, particularly the walk, as I will be raising money for both Antony Nolan and Bloodwise (two charities that aim to combat blood cancer and help sufferers with treatment and so forth) 
As you may or may not know, my own mother suffers and I can tell you from first hand experience, its a horrible disease 

If you want to catch up check out the post here
Or if you prefer to watch …