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Just how well do we know each other?

Hello everybody, 
So as you all know by now, I live with my Boyfriend Luke. We are about to move into a new flat and are looking forward to our future together
But I realised that I never really formally introduced him to the blog. 
We recently completed the Boyfriend Tag questions for the Main channel so you can even watch us in action. 

A few things to know.....
We started off friends and slowly got to know each other. I honestly think this is the best way rather than jumping in feet first.
 Ever since, we have been inseparable. We've had our ups and downs but I can't imagine my life without him. After five years, I can safely say that this is for keeps. I'm not one to openly share too much about my love life but I think sometimes it is nice.
I have learnt alot of lessons along the way. But it is lovely to watch Luke grow and become a man and watch him take charge of our future. 
I thought that to end this cheesy post I would include some of our best photos!



Instagram - Advice & a new Vlog

Hello Everyone, 
I hope that you have all had a good Monday. 
I only have two days at work this week due to the big move. 
I think that the nerves are starting to kick in. Its not so much all the little annoying bits like redirecting bills and stuff but just the fear of moving things. 
I am also worried about getting the cats used to a new environment as they are still rather young.....
Anyway I didn't start this post with the intention of having you all listen to my problems. 
As a little sorry, I have included my latest upload to Youtube. 
It's a vlog in which my partner played Fallout 4 ( slightly unsuccessfully) (please remember to sub to this gaming channel as it is still a baby :( )

The main purpose of this post is to talk about my experience with blogging on Instagram. 
This post has been requested alot and I just haven't gotten round to it. But this has now changed ;) 
Insta is a funny little website, so simple yet so competitive. 
I find that it is the best place to physical…

Jungle Book Review & Blog changes

Hello everybody! 
I hope you are having a good weekend. I have spent today packing the last of stuff ready for next weekend's move. 
I have however found the time to record a new vlog for the new Gaming channel ( it is currently uploading and I shall put it on here later). 
Talking of the Channels - I have added two tabs above. One for each channel, so that they are linked and you can see our current game list (if you enjoy the gaming videos). 
Feel free to request what you would like to see on either channel :). I like to film what you all like to see. 
Like wise with this blog! 

So on to the main subject of the post.... on Wednesday, Luke and I went to see the New live action reboot of Jungle Book. 
I'm not sure that I can put into words how emotional this film made me. But in a good way. 
I have a strong connection to Disney films. Being born in the 90s, I rewatched the cartoon films over and over again. 
These were the days before the animated films and 3d films. 
When I watched the…

An Exciting Blogging and Vlogging Annoucement

Hello all. 
Its time for an announcement concerning this blog and the matching youtube channel. 
After a little soul searching and research, I decided that in order to keep the content as relevant as possible that I have now split the youtube channel. 
The main channel Hideaway Blogging, shall remain as Beauty, fashion and lifestyle - where as the new channel Hideaway Gaming is exactly that - A gaming channel. 
I found that I really enjoyed filming Vlogs with my other half, its become something that he gets really excited about so its a neat little hobby to do together :) 
If you do enjoy my gaming content them please do subscribe to the new channel! 
As for this blog.....
Well that shall remain the same. It's my little baby, my place to Hideaway. 
I thought that I should just write a quick post to explain what was happening : )
Thanks again 


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Youtube advice

Hello my lovely blog readers,
I hope that this week is being kind to you 
Mine is flying (need to get everything packed but here I am haha)  
I FINALLY got Youtube to agree with me and upload my latest vlog, a quick play through of Evil Within's  chapter one. 
Please excuse the language and the violence (it is an 18 rated game)  - I really enjoyed making this one, I think that I have found some comfort in recording and editing videos with two cameras now.
My latest two offerings are : 
Farcry Primal :

The Evil Within Chapter one : 

This got me thinking, one requested post that I often get asked for (but have yet to write ), is advice about filming Vlogs. 
I am now on video 41, and I like to think, that yes, I kind of know what I am doing. 
So here are my top tips: 
1) get a decent camera to film on. 
I started filming on my iPhone six and it did me well for a while, but if you watch my first couple of videos you will notice that the footage is very narrow (there is a black box around it).…

April's Beauty Favourites.

Good Evening to you all!
I'm not loving the fact that it is Monday tomorrow. Not one bit. 
Today has been a really busy day. 
Not only have we recorded two Vlogs (for your viewing pleasure) BUT we have also seen our new flat today as well. 
We shall be moved in by this time next month (scary scary stuff) 
Its a really nice flat though and I look forward to being able to share it with you all :)

So its now time for my beauty favourites for the month.  
Due to time restraints and illness, I never actually completed one for March. Boos.
I am a little worried that the blog has slightly shifted away from beauty, which is upsetting as Hideaway started as Beauty and Lifestyle.....
Time to change that!
So here goes! 

My Favourite skin Product 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product ok? 
I literally cannot get over how much this body butter has helped me with my dry winter skin. It literally works on any part of my body. My main areas of trouble at the moment are dry hands and dry feet and it soothes them and h…

April Lifestyle Favourites and A New Vlog

Hello everyone. 
Happy Saturday to you all! I don't know about you, but I have been really looking forward to this weekend. 
However, my body doesn't seem to want to let me have a lay in. So was sat at 7 in the morning, watching classic Simpsons! 
I just thought that before I get into the main bulk of this post, I would mention that I recorded and uploaded a new Vlog yesterday. 
It was a little fun video in which I let you all check out whats in my handbag. 
You can watch it below :) 

So its that time of the month in which I start unveiling my favourites for the month. I will start with the Lifestyle Favourites. 
The beauty post will follow later in the week :) 
Favourite TV Show 
My latest obsession is  the Night Manager.....
It stars Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston and its a spy drama that is in six one hour parts. 
What drew me to this is how brilliantly it is written. 
Hiddles plays a spy that is sent to inflitrate Laurie's world by posing as a Hotel Manager. I don't want to r…