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A new vlog & May Review

Hellooooooo everyoneeeeeeeee
I hope that you have all survived that first day back at work after bank holiday.
 Kids / teens who are on half term, I envy you. Actually I take that back, I know that a lot of you are currently going through exams / worrying about the future so actually I don't really envy you at the moment. 
First, things first. I uploaded a Vlog today. In it you can see me reflecting on Tough Mudder and you can also see some family time that we had yesterday. 
I think that it was lovely for Luke to spend some time around his cousins, even if he does get a little abused half way though (bless him) 
I need to find out Luke's secrets (he looks really tanned in the video (and also in the one that I just did tonight also......))
You can see the video below:

I thought that I would also include a review for May.
May was a huge month for me personally and this saw me take a little step away from the blog and camera.
Achievements: I completed Tough Mudder  HIDEAWAY TURNED A YEAR O…

Upcoming Charity events !

Hiya everybody. 
So I am sitting at the start of a rather busy day....
I am in the middle of filming a main channel Vlog and I will also be filming one for the gaming channel this evening.
I thought that in the middle of talking about Tough Mudder on the new video that I should write a post to announce all the new events that I will be taking part it. 

The events are the following : 
On Sunday, I shall be be running a 5K face called the Race of Life in Northampton on behalf of Cancer Research UK.
On 25th of June, I shall be Walking 17 miles on the South Coast called Stand up to Blood Cancer. This is on behalf of Bloodwise and Antony Nolan. 
July may have an event with work planned - but this is to be confirmed. 
In August, Luke and I will be running a 12 K race (The Iron Run) with (40 obstacles) in Kettering and also (maybe) we might be running a 5K survival course devised by Bear Grills. 
In September, We will also be running another similar race in Cambridge. This one is called the Wolf Run.…

250 posts and a return from absence.

Hello beautiful people, 
I hope that you are all enjoying lovely long weekend ( UK and USA), I know that I have enjoyed having some time to catch up with family and friends. 
Welcome to the 250th post on this humble blog! 

I felt that I should write a post explaining my absence from Hideaway (both blogging and gaming), it was not intentional. 
If you read the blog regularly or watch the channel, you will know that I have had a major life event recently happen to me. 
I recently moved home. Now this as you may already know is an incredibly stressful process. 
You have to deal with packing, moving your stuff, cleaning the old place, handing back the keys.  You have to await the final inspection (if you are renting) and hope that you get your deposit back. 
 Then in the new place you need to unpack and deal with the unexpected (for us this was repairs because of the neglect of the previous tennant). Now this was also managed whilst holding now a full time job.  ( I might write a post in the fut…

Tough Mudder Midlands Half 2016 (Exclusive Pictures included)

Hello everybody, 
So I am overjoyed to announce that I indeed completed the Tough Mudder Course on Saturday. I originally signed up In January so it felt like it was a long time coming. 
I had tried to go Running as much as I could and the week before, I tried to eat clean and eat enough protein. 
However the morning of the event, I don't think that I have ever been so nervous in my life. 
I am lucky that I was in a team of 13 other people that all felt the same. I don't think that any of us truly knew of what was to come. 
5.5 Miles and 15 obstacles of mud mud mud. 
I thought that it would be fun to share some pictures. 
Firstly, this was the before pictures.....

I decided to opt for basic makeup and a simply braid and ponytail. What is interesting is that my Barry M eyeliner and Mascara stayed on the whole time, despite the fact that my eyes were caked in mud and muddy water. 

These are the after shots..... as you can see my shirt changed colour from baby blue to green. Although now …

It all leads up to tomorrow

Hello everyone, 
So its tomorrow. 

D- Day
Well its not that bad, but this time tomorrow I will be aching a whole load.
 Tomorrow at 11am, I will be running the Tough Mudder Obstacle course with a bunch of people from my work. This is something that we have been planing for the last couple of months. 
With the house move as well, time kinda accelerated towards the day. But I am glad that it is here. All the obstacles look a whole load of fun. There are 14 in total over a distance of 5 miles. 
I will update both the blog and the youtube channel with pictures and videos so you can see how messy I get and you can laugh at my pain. 
I guess at the moment, its back to carb loading and relaxing tonight. Nice early night so that I can banish the fears that I seem to be irrationally developing. 
What is for sure is that I am going to attempt to give it my all and to aid recovery I have a stack of Lush bath products and Superdrug face masks! 
IF you want to sponsor my team - the link is right here
More …

UPDATED What I've Learned from Moving

Hello Everybody. 
I am sitting here in my new little Sofa and Blanket nest in my new home. 
I have two lovely little scented candles burning away gently and the back door ajar (a nice spring breeze blowing in the living room). 

Had you told me of this image eight weeks ago, I would have said you were lying. We had no plans to move out of out flat, that we have called home for the last three years. 
Sadly for us, our first home was a miserable one.... not in terms of our relationship but in terms of the fact that we felt trapped and that the amount of times that something was broken in the flat.  Despite the fact that the rent seemed reasonable, it felt like all we were doing was paying someone else's mortgage and getting basically nothing in return. 
I don't want this post to be a negative one, but trust me when I say in the three years we lived there, only one month did we have a fully working flat. The only thing that I will miss is the memories. I like to think that I completely…


Hello everybody. 
As you can tell my Little Hideaway project turned one year old today (9th May 2016). 

I honestly cannot believe that it has been a year since I first decided to create this little blog. 
It took alot of courage to put digital pen to paper, but it is a decision that I do not regret. My first ever post is on this link . Its a bit of a rant, but everyone has to start somewhere! 
The blog has opened many different doors, be it for reviews, collaborations and even creatively. 
It has also helped me to channel my nervous energy into something creative and something positive. 
I have spoken about a whole manner of personal topics... from Anxiety, depression, previous relationships and body image. I have also recently put these on film. 
I decided that I would think back to a year ago and to how my life was, lot of things have changed for me..... Professionally, my living location has changed, I have a new car and I think that my head is in alot better place. 

Hideaway started as a …

We've Finally done it / April Review!

Hi Everybody, 
Its been a while since my last blog. 
It's happened all you Hideawayers..... 
We've FINALLY moved into our new flat. I am finally sitting in my new living room with my patio doors open, enjoying the summer breeze. 
I managed to document the move in this handy little Vlog: 

I also included some beauty, gaming and Fashion finds that I made during the move ( I couldn't write them all into posts as we were without internet for five days) 
We hand the keys back to the old place tomorrow (which is also the first year anniversary of Hideaway (but another post will follow tomorrow in regards to that :) )
Its now time to put the month of April to review. 
Aside from the above, these are the months highlights : 
§ The creation of a new youtube channel : Hideaway Gaming  § The main channel reached 1,600 views  § The blog reaches 16,000 views 

Favourite posts of the month 
April Favourites 10,000 steps of mud An exciting announcement

Favourite Vlogs of the month : 
Main Channel: