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EXCLUSIVE PICS : Hastings Trip and Vlog

Hello everyone, 
So I have just returned from a busy weekend at the coast of England. 
I participated in a Charity event called Strikeback against Blood Cancer. This is the event that I have been talking about the last six months so its nice for it to finally be here. 
It was a 17 mile walk from Wye to Canterbury Cathedral. The route was by no means easy and I was the official video and picture taker! 
The footage will be uploaded to the main channel on Thursday and Sunday. 
We did manage to adventure to the sea and around the town. 
In the meantime, I have just uploaded a behind the scenes vlog : 

I thought that I would upload the pictures of our adventure here so that they are exclusive to the blog! 

Thats it for today. 
I think that its time for some dinner :)
Until n

A funny Tale and a change to the Youtube channels

Hello everyone, 
I hope that you are all having a great day. 
Nicer weather seems to be upon us which is lovely,  as technically Great Britain entered Summer yesterday. 

This was on the same day, it pelted with rain. 
I thought that I would start this post with a funny tale. 
If you watch on the youtube channel then you will already know what I am about to tell you. 
Basically, I was on my own at home and I turned to look around. 
I then saw that my Cat Boots, was carrying a pigeon by its wing through the Living room. He carried it through to the bedroom and out of my line of sight. 
I froze because I wasn't sure what to do and what boots would do to the small innocent bird. Now I'm not naive, I knew that this was inevitably going to happen when the boys discovered the outside world. I''m just not one of those people that could harm animals, even if to help put them out of their misery. 
I basically ran into the garden and called Luke.
 He was home within five minutes and lucky …

June Beauty Favourites and a change in the hair

OHello everyone, 
Sunday fun day. 
First off, Happy Fathers day to all of you that are celebrating today. Make sure that you all make contact with your Papa and tell him how much you appreciate him. 
I myself, have been really looking forward to today for another reason ( I celebrated Fathers Day on Friday)..... I am finally getting my barnet chopped.
 I always leave it way too long between appointments and I really need to get better at this. I really want to grow it longer as it was at the start of the blog. 
I cut it down so that I would look smart for Mums wedding last year, but I think that I went a little too extreme last year. 
I will include one of my first videos so you can see how it used to be 

So today was the big day.  I include the before and after for you to enjoy.

 I decided to get my side fringe cut back in as I do like a cheeky side parting. 
I am also looking into dying my hair again, but I have probably picked the worst time of year, as my hair always goes a lot lighter at …

Try not to Laugh / June Lifestyle Favourites

Hi everybody.... 
I am so glad that its the weekend. I am very glad that it is the type of weekend in which Luke and I can just chill out together and film and joke about. 
I am currently chilling in my bedroom, windows open, listening to the rain. Bliss. 
Earlier this morning, Luke and I decided that we would do a challenge video for the main Youtube channel. 
We did the Try not to Laugh challenge. I love filming these type of videos with Luke and he is a secret Youtube Fan boy. 
You can see it below, hopefully it will make you chuckle :) 
Oh I should mention that there was a little forfeit if we laughed....

For the rest of this post, I thought that I would give you my June Lifestyle favourites :) 

Favourite Tv Show: 

At the moment, I am very disappointed in myself. I am hook line and sinker in love with reality TV. If you live in the UK, like me, you might have heard of the these two shows. 
I am obsessed with Big Brother and Love Island. I don't know what it is about reality TV, but it r…

A little catch up with you all

So I thought that I would write a little post at the end of the Beauty Brawl. 
I am currently sitting here enjoying the end of a decent thunder storm.  
I've had a rather good today today, we got to watch the England game at work which was lovely. 
Especially as we won (after what felt like the longest game ever... ah well we will enjoy it while it lasts ) . 
I thought that I should write this post as I felt as though the brawl  took over my blogging time and my video time, however I honestly didn't mind it at all. 
I missed doing beauty posts for so long, but the lifestyle took over as my life got busier. 
So at the end of the brawl, regular traffic will resume. 
I have some exciting stuff planned for the next couple of weeks, we also will be participating in the Stand up to blood cancer charity walk in a week so I am looking forward to being able to share the experience with you all. 

I thought that I would also take this opporutiny to remind you that I have still been uploading …

Summer Beauty Blogger's Brawl : Day Ten - Lip Balm

Hello Everybody. 
Its time for day ten of the Brawl. 
Today we are all reviewing Lip Balm 
This is probably my most used lip product as I suffer with badly chapped lips.

 I literally hate it when this happens and I find my self hurting my lips in the attempt to get rid of the chappedness. 

I literally have about 15 different Valeslines on the go at one time. 

I chose Rimmel London's Kate Lip Balm in 01 Clear. 

I was quite lucky in the respect that I got this one for free. 

A little tip for those in the UK, at the time of this post going to publish.... if you spend above £8 at Superdrug, you get a free Kate Moss Lip balm :) 
I love the fact that the product is in a little lipstick tube as its rather pretty and its rather durable. I love that it can fit in quite nicely in my lipstick collection. 
The product its self is a clear chapstick in the shape of a regular lipstick. Nothing groundbreaking. 
The effect however of it is lasting, I have been using the product soley since I bought it and my…

Summer Beauty Blogger's Brawl : Day Nine - BB Cream

Hello Everybody. 
Its time for day nine of the Brawl. 
Today we are all reviewing BB Cream / Tinted Moisturiser. 
 Lipsticks are something that I have really gotten into over the past year. 

Again, this is a product that I haven't really used before. I generally just tended to stick to face cream and then the foundation separately. 

I chose Rimmel London's BB Cream - Beauty Balm in very light 

On the packaging the product claims to Prime, Moisturise , minimises pores, conceals , covers, smoothes, Matifies, Brightens and protects. 
I found that after the using the product, my face felt brighter and I felt more confident. I also could feel when I hadn't used it. 
I love the fact that there is some sun protection thrown into it. 
I took some swatches below of before and and after. 

I would definitely repurchase as it has definitely shown me that one product can really help my face and also can do more than one thing! 

Thats it for now
Please remember to go over to Kara's Blog for her…