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Gaming : Yandere Simulator

Hello everyone, 

I hope that you all had a good day. I found myself glossing the whole of my bathroom after work. Trying to get this home improvement stuff completed before my Birthday on Saturday. 
I thought that I would take this time to talk about a game that I have been enjoying of late. 
It's a game for the PC called Yandere Simulator. The game is currently in development so it changes a lot with updates. 
The main idea of the game is that you need to win Senpai's heart. Senpai is the only boy that has made you feel something. 
But he doesn't know you exist. 
I should probably mention that you are a japanese school girl at this point. 
The game takes place in a school and you have five days to win Senpai, because there is another girl with her eye on Senpai and you must stop her. 
If you don't mind glitches and the fact that the whole game isn't ready yet, then this is fun way to kill a couple of hours. There are a lot of hidden easter eggs to find and a school, basem…

This Weekend.....

Hello everyone, 
I fear that this is going to be somewhat of a monster blog post.....
I've had a really busy weekend, which has meant a lack of blog posts. 
On Friday, after work, we took an adventure to the lovely Village of Winslow, near Milton Keynes. 
 My family had arranged a meal to celebrate my 25th birthday. It was so lovely to see so many of my Dad's side of the family all together, I think I forget how large it has gotten. 

(Dress was a gift from my Mum if you are wondering....) 

One of my birthday presents was a night in a Hotel (the Bell). Its a lovely little pub / hotel, that had alot of charm and character. 
I love the fact that we had a faux fireplace and all the little bits of decor dotted  around the room. Despite the heat we both slept like babies. I think its nice to escape your day to day life every now and again.

The next day.....
We decided to take an adventure into Milton Keynes.  It was still rather warm so we wanted to take advantage. 
I'm trying to change m…

Why I gave up Meat

Hello my loves.
Day two of the heatwave and today Becky decided to go for a run in the 33 degree heat.
Becky regretted it a lot. However I did set my best distance and best time.... sun must inspire me or I just knew that I wanted the drink that was in my clio.....

I'm finding running a lot easier of late.... I think this is due to the fact that my body is getting used to it.
 That and I am actually enjoying it!
Although I do think that a massive factor that is helping is the change in my diet.
If you know me in real life or if you watch the Youtube channel, you will know that I have made a huge change in my life.
 But it is one that I have really wanted to do for the longest time.
A couple of months ago, I was not enjoying eating... not because of any issue with food, but due to the fact that I didn't like one main ingredient on my plate. Meat.
I had always been a little bit fussy with my food. I didn't eat fish, shellfish, Lamb or most red meat. I think it kinda stems from the fa…

Gaming : Pokemon Go! (Vlog included)

Hello everyone,
Such a HOT day today!
I think at one point, I may have actually melted into my seat at work.
Remember guys, keep hydrated and make sure you look after your skin!

I thought that I would start to include gaming posts on here.
 I created Hideaway Gaming as a youtube channel a little while ago, but I hadn't done any individual gaming posts to date.
Gaming is a massive passion of mine, so I love sharing this with you!

Unless you have been living under a geodude (I know I know) then you will be very familiar with Pokemon Go. 
If not, Pokemon Go is an app that you can get from either IOS or the Android store. 
The premise is that on a real time map you need to go and find Pokemon that are hidden in the real world. 
They pop on the screen and you have to throw a pokeball at them. 
I managed to get it before general release so I had like a seven day head start.
I am beyond obsessed and I took my love of it to the seaside town of Hastings!
I knew that I wanted to do a video for the…


Hi guys, 
I'm currently trying to recover from the hottest Monday of the year so far. 
It's great to work in an air conditioned office, however it isn't great when you outfit is designed for milder weather. I go to work fairly early so I never know which way the weather is going to go.  
I think I won't be wearing tights or the material blazer tomorrow...
However, I am always grateful for the AC as it wasn't so long ago that I worked at McDonalds as a shift manager and I used to die in this heat..... 
I think sometimes it is good to look back so that you can appreciate what you have in that respect 

So today, I thought I would talk about my Birthday surprise from the other weekend. 
My actual birthday isn't until a week on Saturday, but I was invited down to the seaside Town of Hastings... I was only told that... it was for my birthday... I would love it.... but it would make me cry. 

I don't want to ruin it too much.... but the video below has it all. 
It was a lit…

DIY & I've been baking....

Hello my loves, 
I hope that your weekend has been relaxing. 
I personally have only just stopped to sit down. Luke and I have been redecorating our bathroom. Gone is the purple area, its all white now. There is still another coat and glossing to do, but the room is certainly on its way! :) 

It's crazy what a bit of paint can do. The bathroom is already lighter and feels more spacious. There will be more on our DIY project later on. 
I am planning to make this home all decorated and cozy before Christmas. I hope to take you all on this journey with us! 

But as I teased earlier the week...... It's time to share my yummy and super quick and easy recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies!
I should point out that there is a video tutorial here .....

But for those of you like me that prefer the written method.....

First things first,  you will need an awesome cookie baking outfit. Sadly I didn't wear this top in the video :(
( I got it from Game and I'm beyond in love with it ) 

Ingredients n…

Today & Boots Update

Hello everyone, 
So today, I planned a lively little post about cookie recipes. 
You will still get this but life events has meant that I have decided to slightly veer off course. 
( If you came here for the cookies, I have still uploaded the vlog here ): 

But the reason for the change of heart is thus. 
Basically as you may or may not know, I am quite vocal about the fact that I naturally suffer from high anxiety. I find writing about it is like a form of coping with it. 
Well today, sadly for me, I suffered an anxiety attack at work. 
Now I knew that this was a long time coming, I hadn't felt myself since the weekend (I was travelling and the week prior to it I was very busy). 
In the last two days, I had become really withdrawn... the only person that I found myself talking to was my partner Luke. 
I literally said nothing to my workmates, because I knew that if I started to talk, it would become obvious that I wasn't myself. That and I really didn't want to talk about my feelin…

Getting back into fitness and the next run!

Good afternoon all, 
Today has been rather trying for me.... I actually felt close to tears at work for a bit. 
I normally don't let my anxiety affect me at work, but it felt very real. 
Luckily for me, today saw me return to my work's running club.

Exercise is a beautiful thing and a great way to instantly improve your mood.
 Nothing really else matters except getting your legs and feet moving. 
My only aim today was to limit the amount of times that I stopped. I only really stopped once and that was 3/4 of the way into the route. 
I'm not sure if it is my change in diet, the fact that I have lost weight or just that I'm used to running but I felt a lot lighter on my feet. 
I was happy with the pace that I maintained. Not bad for three weeks off. 
For those of you that aren't familar with this blog...So far this year I have completed the Tough Mudder half, the Race for life and the Stand up to Blood Cancer walk along the coast.... all after starting right from nothing. 
At …