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August Reviews and September Goals!

Good evening everybody, 

I am currently sitting here, enjoying the Great British Bake off... and with the end of August brings another review! 

August Highlights 
§ completed my first set of goals  § Main channel reached over 2600 views  § Blog is at 20,000 views  § Gaming channel has hit over 600 views 

August Goals and Results! 

Favourite blog posts 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review As I turn 25 Trip to Woburn Zoo with pictures!

Favourite videos : 

25th Birthday 

Beanboozled challenge 

Pokemon Go in Northampton 

And with that it is time to reveal my September goals! 

1) I want to clean and valet my car - 
Basically I have neglected Bowie a little and it's time to have him ship shape again. 
My first car was always clean and shiny and its makes me sad to see that my new car is not in the same state. 
Time to stop making excuses and make it happen! 

2)  I want to go on a day trip to Salcey Forest (in Hartwell). 
When I was little I would go for walks in the forest with my Grandmother and I r…

The End of August Goals & Holiday Announcement

Hello everyone, 
Firstly, exciting news..... LUKE AND I HAVE BOOKED A HOLIDAY. We are due to go in November and it is the first time in two years that we have left the country.... I cannot wait to get into the sun! 
It's the end of the month and its time to check in with the goals that I set at the beginning of the month....
For those who are unsure... they are below:
                       My first goal for the mind is to actually finish a game that I have already bought. - In this goal I chose Uncharted 4 and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 

                        My Second goal (for my body) is to ensure that I go for 30 mins to 45 mins walk a day.

                        My Third goal (the random one) might shock you.  I want to get a plan in place for Christmas... 

                                 The results are in the below video: 

I'm now going to go and think up some September goals before the month starts in less than two days. 
This is the first time that I have ever made a video li…

Chilling in a Christmas Jumper on Bank Holiday....

Hello everyone, 
So as the title suggests, I am sitting here in my least obvious Christmas Jumper. The reason? Well you'll just have to wait until the video comes out next week ;)

I have to say I am exceptionally warm and comfy though mmmmmm
For those not in the UK, we are currently at the start of a three day weekend... we have a bank holiday / national holiday on Monday. 
 In classic British fashion, there is currently a storm battering the windows as I type this. We have had rain, wind, Thunder and lightening.... the works. 
If you are like me, you'll love watching the storm... if you are like my Kittens, you will stare in disgust until the event is over.... apparently they had big important outside type plans today.
 They have been staring at me as if I have the power to turn it off my self. 
Anyhow, During the aforementioned storm, I dived into a lovely warm bath.... and I used this little beauty... 

This the Karma Bubble Bar ...

You can easily use this bad boy on two maybe three …

Uh Oh

Hello everyone, 
I literally cannot wait for the Bank Holiday weekend....
Although that being said I looked at the calendar at work and realised that I have only five and a half days to get all of my goals completed for the month. 
I thought I was making some good progress but then I remembered that I still have three out of four to complete.
What is quite amusing is that as I write this blog post, I have the film Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet street on the background.... so it has quite the soundtrack to accompany it aha. 
For those who don't remember, my August goals were as follows: 
1) to Try and walk 30 - 60 mins a day. 
2) to Complete Pokemon Alpha Sapphire's Pokemon League 
3) to Complete Uncharted 4's main story 
4 ) To plan Christmas (presents, food and decorations)
Therefore, to give myself a chance, I have decided to not film a video for the main channel for Saturday...(as after all the video with all the footage will be uploaded there once all is complete). 
I a…

Gaming : The Witcher 3, Wild Hunt

Hi guys, 
Time for a Gaming post. 
If you watch the Gaming Channel, then you will be aware that over the past three weeks I have been uploading videos for the Witcher 3, Wild Hunt. 
In the videos I documented two missions, Ladies of the Wood and Return to Crookback Bog (as they shared the same storylines) . 
I did find myself getting a little frusrated as I seemed to get lost or on the losing side of some stupid fights. But I hope that you all enjoy them. 
I have tried not to let the videos be too long so that they don't take an age to watch. 

The Witcher is fast becoming one of Favourite gaming franchises of all time (behind Uncharted, Pokemon and Tomb Raider)... but I forgot how moral the game is.
 It very Fable like in that respect... basically for every decision you make there are consequences. You can see that developing through the three videos... in saving the children, I doomed a family. 
I didn't mean to... I just didn't want them to get eaten by Crones.... I'm such a…

August Fashion Favourites & a new Challenge Vlog

Hi Everyone, 
I hope that you are having a lovely weekend. 
I have been spending mine organising my home, although I plan to spend today doing some quality gaming! 
Before I go any further, I uploaded a new vlog to the main channel.
 Luke and I did the Beanboozled challenge... and to be polite..... it was really grim. It does make for funny viewing however....

Right so now it is time for my first ever separate monthly Fashion favourites post.... I'm rather excited to be doing this... you just might need to give me a couple of months to get the format right. We can learn together....

First Piece: 
I wore this New Look Dress to my 25th Birthday family meal, back at the start of July.  It's an electric blue dress with a lacey overlay, its kinda like a prom dress. It's light and floaty. I teamed it with a pair of simple heals. 
I wore my makeup as below... you can't really tell but thats Coral Lipstick. 
I've worn this dress as a bridesmaid dress, at new years and for this even…

August Beauty Favourites & A New Vlog!

Good evening Everyone!
I hope that everyone is good, 
Before I dive into the beauty favourites there are a couple of things to mention: 
1) I'm planning (for the first time) to also be including my Monthly Fashion Favourites .... Therefore they will not be combined on this post as they normally would have....
2 ) I have the biggest bag of empties ready to come on the blog.  So I have had to be really strict with myself as to what I include below... see this post as a taster ;) 
3 ) I am still trying to progress with my August Monthly Goals - I am almost there with Pokemon... but with Uncharted 4... I realised that there is 24 chapters and I have only done 9... that means that I need to do a chapter a night without fail and one night will need to be a double. They don't call them goals for nothing! 
4) Finally, I have uploaded a new video to the Gaming Channel - Part two of the Witcher 3... I'm loving doing these videos at the moment. I have noticed that the gaming channel seems …


Good Evening, 
I hope that, as always, that Monday has been kind. 
Mine has flown by again, before I know it, it will be Christmas.....
In s change to the post that I was going to write, I am going to be revealing an exciting event that concerns the Gaming Channel and the blog.... 
In the month of September, Luke, Sian and I will be undertaking a 24 hour gaming Marathon on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support by becoming Game Changers....

We will be live streaming on Twitch, Youtube and also on Facebook live. 
We are rather excited to be able to do this as we are massive gamers.... I shall post a list closer to the time of the games that we will be playing nearer the time. 
I shall also post the sponsorship link...... We are hoping to raise as much as possible as this is a charity that has personally helped a couple of my family members through the most difficult of times. 
If anyone here wishes to join us on the day, please do get in contact... I would like to make team Hideaway as large as po…

Lets take a look back a year......

Hi guys, 
So today has been a productive day.... but not in the way that one would expect. Basically, I have succeeded in relaxing.... I have had the best Lush filled bath, complete with Superdrug face mask and hair mask and I have worked towards one of my monthly gaming goals....
I am now half way through my gym quest on Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.... if you are wondering what the heck I am talking about.... check out this blog post and all will become clear. 
We are now settled and watching the only film that has terrified me in my lifetime.... Alien..... That being said I would love a pet Xenomorph.... but I know the pitfalls of owning such a creature haha. 
Anyhow.... A new video went live on the Main Channel today.... 

I thought that I would write about it on here, rather than just mention it because it bought up a few feelings and thoughts that intrigued me....

In the video you see me take a look back a year.... I review a video from last year called As I turn 24.... I thought this video …