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YOUTUBE & #Scaretober annoucement!

Hello everyone, 
We are soon going to find ourselves in October, which is probably my favourite out of the twelve. 
We find ourselves just in Autumn and then comes the run up to Halloween... and this year I wanted to mark it by doing something a little but different.
On the gaming channel, Luke and I will be exclusively just playing jump scare / horror games. 
The first one drops tomorrow, I have to say watching the footage is making me jump again haha 
I have detailed this in the below video:

But don't worry, I won't be leaving the blog out.... I am hoping to include recipes, decorations and other seasonal fun.
So heres to the scariest time of the year! 
Let me know your favourite part of the year...




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TRAVEL AND LIFESTYLE : From Northampton to Ypres

Hello all! 
I hope that you are all starting to relax, the weekend is just around the corner! I was extremely disappointed this morning.... I awoke and in my sleepy state, I had convinced myself that it was Saturday morning... I was in bliss for two mins and then I realised that this was not the case...
Ah well almost there... Tomorrow is pay day as well for both Luke and I, so thats always a cheeky plus! 
Before I get to the main bulk of the post, I would like to take a moment to mention a new video that went live this morning.... 
Luke and I filmed a cheeky Dragonball Z video for the gaming channel. I love the game (Dragonball Z Xenoverse) as I spent alot of my childhood hoping that Goku would defeat all the bad guys and save the day! 
Give me your energy.....

I love the thumbnail on this video......

So to the main topic of the post.... 
Luke asked me to share some of the pictures that he took when he cycled from England to Belgium (Via Holland). For those not in the know, Luke took part i…

LIFESTYLE : The 300 and September Lifestyle Favourites!

Hello everyone, 
So I failed to notice that my last post was Hideaway's 300th. 
Honestly, I was staggered to see the total of how many posts I had rambled through and was being viewed by you lovely lot. 
So thank you for reading and supporting the blog... it really means alot .
I will be doing another Quiz post to celebrate... if you have any questions... feel free to send them in! 

I thought that I would celebrate tonight with a favourites post. 

Favourite Movie: 
I recently had a movie day with Luke, one in which we just made our way through the recorded TV on our box. 
There was one that really captured my attention and my imagination.... 
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, starring and directed by Ben Stiller. 
Billed as a romantic comedy, I was slightly put off at first... but with a high rating on IMDB, I decided to give it a try. 
 I am so glad I did. 
Yes it has a few dull bits and yes I cringed a little... it is the heart behind the story and the main character that had me going throug…

LIFESTYLE AND YOUTUBE : Goodbye to summer and HELLO Autumn (part one)

Good evening everyone and happy weekend!
I personally am loving the change in weather that we are currently experiencing in England.... It means only one thing.... Autumn is here!
Its feels as if someone has just flipped a switch, one day we were having a heatwave and the next, its dark, colder and wetter. 
I'm not going to lie, I declared Scarf and coat weather and I've loved being cosy.
But before we welcome my favourite season in... it's time to say goodbye to the summer.
 I have uploaded a little video to the main channel today. 
Basically, I was going through my camera and found all this footage from one of my birthday celebrations. 
Luke and I both thought that it would be a nice little way to say goodbye to a great couple of months so I editted it and uploaded it.

Summer this year saw us do a little more travelling, it saw us doing challenges that I never thought possible AKA Tough Mudder and the Race for Life.
 I celebrated my birthday surrounded by family and friends and n…

LIFESTYLE AND YOUTUBE : An Absence from the Hideaway and it's channel

Hello everyone,
Firstly, thanks to everyone that read yesterday's post about my wanderlust and desire to adventure... 
I basically wrote it mainly to clear my head. I feel as though the feeling is going to stay with me for a bit until I sort things.... 
But that enough of that. 
Now, I thought that before I get back into the swing of things with the posts on here, that I would explain my absence.
Basically, there was a few factors that led to me taking an unplanned absence from both the channels and this blog. 
The first was a random skin illness... basically one day at work, my chest was really sore and itchy. 
When I got home I noticed that I had a rash all over my arms, chest and legs....
There is a picture below....

It felt odd because, I'm used to having tricky skin, but this kinda appeared so quickly it worried me for a bit. 
Obviously with a rash comes the fear of serious illness.... although that is very overdramatic looking back. I was glad because the next day it was gone.... …

Wanderlust or something more?

Hi everyone, 
Long time no post, so long in fact that I feel like I am hitting upon some sort of writer's block. 
I feel that the below post is going to be an extremely personal one.... But it is something that I need to write to clear my mind. 
I feel as though, something has changed in me. Ever since Luke went away on his trips and came back, I feel somewhat different.
 It's hard to explain, but in a nutshell I am starting to critique aspects of my life. 
I've had a few tears tonight... something that I feel is a long time coming, but why I'm not sure. 
 I do know that I have a huge weight on my chest and that I need things to change to get rid of it. I should be clear that this isn't my anxiety, this is something deeper. 
For the longest time, I have loved to travel.... I love youtubing different countries, different languages and researching places and food etc. I'd often daydream about living there... when I was sad at work, when things were going wrong or when I…

A little bit of Upcycling over the weekend

Good Evening to you all. 
I'm having one of those weekends in which the rest of the world does not exist. 
One in which my home is my little sancutary and I've spent some time just making it that tiny bit more organised. 
I have also made sure that Luke and I have spent some time together as from Thursday morning, he is away on a charity bike ride for four days.
 I think that its always scary when someone in your life does something out of the ordinary. It has only been a year that he climbed three mountains in 24 hours. 
This time he is riding from our home town Northampton to ypres in Belgium. No doubt the blog will be busier than normal and also the two channels.... I'm one of those people that needs to keep busy when they are alone..... woe is me. 
Therefore there was no main channel video this week as I wanted to spend the time just chilling with him 

Anyway, back to the main point of this post......
As you might know, if you look at my insta or have seen my older posts, I lo…