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LIFESTYLE : October Goals '16 Result

Hello everybody, 
I say this every month, but I cannot believe that the month has flown by.... 
It's time to revisit the little goals that I set myself at the start of the month (You can also check out the below video to see my journey through the month! 

1) I want to make some Candy Apples and Some chocolate apples. 

Complete: I found these a little bit of a challenge to make, the candy apples that is... I didn't realise how tempremental sugar could be (you will see this on the video) 

But I managed to do it... Luke even said that he enjoyed them! 

2) I want to carve a pumpkin with Luke 
Complete: I really wanted to design a pumpkin that looked like it was being sick - for the simple reason that it meant that I could use the insides in the design. 

It was my first attempt and I think you can definitely tell that from some of the cuts made in the pumpkin butttttt I am a little proud! 

3) I want to have a proper Horror Film Marathon 

Complete:  Luke and I settle…

LIFESTYLE and TRAVEL : A Trip to London

Hello everybody, 
I have been so wrapped up in trying to complete my October Goals , that I did not realise that a week has passed since I last posted on here. 
I will write more on the goals tomorrow as the month ends....
I remember that before my mini seclusion that I said that I would share my little trip to London. 
Last Sunday, Luke and I went on a little impromptu trip to London... on my birthday (back in July), Luke had bought a bunch of tickets for some of the most famous attractions. 
We had used the ones for  Sealife and Shrek's adventure and the time had now come to go to Madame Tussauds.
We took the train from Northampton and got to London for around 10am and made our way straight there. I was quite proud of the fact that this was the first trip that I didn't really anxious on the underground. 
I was buzzing from the time that we were in the queue right until we got in and I think I might have annoyed Luke a little bit. 
But the place bought back some nice memories from a …

Collab : Boots and Diego's Story

Hello everybody! 
So time for something a little personal and a little different... as you may or may not know, the 29th of October is National Cat day.
I was inspired by the lovely people at  to write a post,  to tell the story of how little Boots and Diego came into our lives. 
Back in 2014, Luke and I had discussed the possibility of getting a pet, we had lived together a year and I felt as though it was time.
 It was difficult for us because we were both animal lovers but we lived in a place in which we were not allowed to keep pets. 
But, one day, I saw a message on Facebook, my former co-worker was trying to find homes for a litter of kittens.
 At first, I just looked at the message and dared to dream for a minute. I showed it to Luke and I was shocked when he didn't immediately say no. 
We looked through the pictures and Luke saw a little black kitten with a white smudge over his lip. He was the only kitten without a name, that Kitten would later be called Boots. 

I co…

Lifestyle : A trying week and a new video

Hello everyone, 
I hope that you are all ok. I am enjoying having a clean and quiet flat. I think that there is something nice about just having the fire on and being alone with your own thoughts for a bit. 
I have to admit though I have now realised how far behind that I am with my monthly goals. But more on that later. 
Before we go much further I shall take the opportunity to mention that the last part of the Slender saga has gone live on the gaming channel for Scaretober. 
You can see it linked below... it's a little of a different format as there was a problem with the recorded game play. 
There is an explanation in the description box if you are interested. 

Also exciting news before we start - I am going to London tomorrow! 
I am taking the camera so I plan to log while I'm there and also to take some pictures for the blog :)).  Believe it or not, this is the last of my Birthday celebrations (my 25th was in July)... so I'm buzzing to be going. 
Right on to the subject of th…

LIFESTYLE : We need to talk about what happened.....

I hope that Monday has been kind, I for one have actually had a tame day.
But I want to talk about something that happened yesterday it might not seem a massive issue to the majority of you, but I hope that some of you know where I am coming from. 
As you may already know, I tend to write personal posts every now and again, because it helps me to make clear of situations that I have had to deal with. This helps alot with my anxiety as if I sit on things, they tend to build up. 
 Sorry if you wanted a fun post or a beauty post tonight haha .
For those of you that do not know me well, I became a vegetarian in June .... June 5th to be exact... without going back into detail, this was not due to a political reason, but due to the fact that I didn't enjoy meat. 
Fast forward to yesterday and I decided to treat Luke to a McDonalds Breakfast as he worked 6 days last week, with the final shift being 12 hours. 
I normally order my food without meat and there is no problem. 
I ordered a …

LIFESTYLE : Volunteering at Delapre Abbey in Northampton

Hello everybody, 
I hope that you are all having a great weekend. I feel like I have been hit by a train.
 Everything is currently aching... but I will get on to why in a second. 
Firstly, an Admin message: 
Please check out the latest part of Scaretober, this time its part two of Slender the Arrival : 

Luke took the helm in this one as he watched me in the video before and wanted a chance to face off against the tall one. 
Hopefully one more video and the game will be completed! 
I recently bought another horror game to enjoy.... But I'll reveal it in due course ;). All I can say is that Luke has refused to play it as it creeps him out. 
So on to the main bulk of this post. 
On Friday, I got to do something rather cool..... As part of volunteering through my workplace, I got to go to a local stately home and help with the restoration project that they are currently undertaking. 

The outfit of the day consisted of a Jack Wills hoody, Hollister tracksuit bottoms and Black and White converse.…

LIFESTYLE : October Lifestyle Favourites!

So firstly, I thought that I would say a big thank you. I went on to the blog last night to be greeted with the following sight : 

21,000 views.... I cannot believe how many times my ramblings have been read and from readers all around the world. 
The blog was viewed 300 hundred times in just a couple of hours the day before yesterday. 
So thank you for reading, I try not to look at the figures too often, as there was a time that I was obsessed with them. 
That was not just on here, but also on twitter and Youtube. 
I think that because I did this, that I lost myself for a while. 
 It's nice to see that the blog has done well without me watching it like a hawk.

It is now time to share with you, my favourite lifestyle selections from October 

Favourite TV show 
This category is probably the hardest of the month.
 As Autumn hits, I feel like all the good telly starts to come on. 
This month I have enjoyed ; Our Girl, American Horror Story, Poldark, charmed (again) and Cold Feet. 
But one…