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LIFESTYLE AND TRAVEL An Update and an exciting week ahead!

Hello everyone, 
So as I write this, I am buzzzzzzzziiiiinnnnnggggg as I am only one working day away from jetting out to Malta. 
This is a holiday that we have been looking forward to since August. 
Luke and I have only been on holiday abroad once together and that was as part of a family vacation. 
That vacation was three years ago, so we are looking forward to some quality time away..... 

Tunisa '13 .....

Obviously this means that after Wednesday, there will be no videos until next week and also no blog posts ( well maybe a cheeky one on Sunday ahaa) 
There is lots to look forward to on here and on the blog: 
1) Holiday 2) Luke's Birthday 3) Start of the Blogger's Brawl  4) Start of Vlogmas! 5) Christmas

As the end to this post I thought that I would offer up a little follow up to my last post.
 You'll have to excuse it ... I wrote it when I was extremely tired. If you want to read it first, you can do so on this link .
I said that I would let you know if it got better or what not…


Morning World, 

There are a few questions that I have asked myself today already. 
Why I am unable to sleep? 
Why am I out in the park at 4am exercising? 

Why am I sitting here at 6am writing a blog post? 
The answer? I can't stop having dreams about the same thing or namely the same person. 
At first, I found it rather amusing to keep dreaming about the same person, but its now been months and the dreams have started to take a more sinister turn. I'm now afraid to fall asleep / my body won't let me. I wake up confused and anxious as if something bad is about to happen. 
I have always been a big believer that if you can, you should analysis your dreams as it helps to realise what is going on in your head. 
I stupidly googled it and it it told me the below :

As you know, I like to keep my blog organic and relevant and as this is an ongoing situation,  I feel like this is some sort of therapy. 
I see it like this - obviously yes, there must be a reason that this keeps happening.  When…

LIFESTYLE : Healthy Changes and Another New Video!

Good Evening Everyone, 
I hope that the start of the week has been kind to you.
I thought that I would share another video with you - a little treat from me to you
On Sunday, I uploaded a new Main channel video. I finally went through the massively overflowing empties blog on camera. 

There will be a post on here with a few more details about each item (as camera time is quite restrictive) 

That post will come a little later in the week....
But now, for the rest of this post. 

My diet and the products that I choose to use are massively influenced by my love of animals.
I try to stick to brands that don't test on animals and at the start of the year I went Vegetarian. 
This was mainly due to the fact that I couldn't face eating meat, I hated the texture and I hated the thought of what the animals go through ... especially in their final moments. 
I put my thoughts on camera here :

 Well, in the past month... I have had to make another change.... basically I have always had an allergy to C…

LIFESTYLE : A new Video and Exciting announcements for December!

Helllloooooo everyone, 
I hope that you are all enjoying the weekend. 
Today has been a day of sorting out our loose ends (including the cellar) and chilling at home. 
I am currently sorting out the two channels and writing blogs. 
Beside me there is Luke happily playing away on Battlefield 1. 
I have a strong feeling that next week's video might include this game and Luke's love of the Bayonett and the Shovel. 
Before I move off of subject: 
You can check out this week's video below: 
We found it hard to say goodbye to the horror Genre completely (RIP Scaretober) so we both had a play on Rise of the Tomb Raider's DLC (Lara's Nightmare) and fought some Zombies.....

I thought that in the rest of the post, that I would take the opportunity to mention two upcoming events for December...
If you watch the main channel, then you might have heard me mention that for the first time ever, I will be attempting to complete Vlogmas. 
For those not in the know, its usually 24 daily vlogs …

November Lifestyle Favourites

Good Evening everybody. 
I am now in my new 'office'... I decided that because I have alot to do after work with University work and with this blog and the channels, that I needed to get serious. 
I need a little space, that isn't the bedroom and isn't the living room - I get too distracted by these places... Lucky for me, we have a massive dining table in our little .... but roomy kitchen. 
So here I am blogging from my kitchen table. I feel like sitting at a desk makes me work a little harder and I'm more focused. Thanks to the iplayers on the iPad I can still have a little entertainment...... 

That leads me on the subject of this post.... my currently lifestyle favourites. 
Because I have been staying in more, I have had more time to 'research' the below haha. The reason for spending more time at home will be revealed later in the week..... 
Any way on to.....

My Favourite Game 
This has been a real difficult one this month as I have recently acquired two great …

LIFESTYLE : Bonfire night '16!

Hellooooo Everybody 
I hope you are all ok.
I have had a night of having to shuffle around two very warm, very comfy cats.  
I would say that they thanked me for it, but all I was left with was the sound of purring and a sore neck... the joys of  having cats eh? 
So on Saturday, as many Brits did, we attended a Firework display in our Hometown of Northampton. 
The park is literally across from us so we could walk. 
My main concern however was Boots and Diego (le fluff balls) as they hate loud noises.
 As you will see in the video below, we left every single telly on and made sure they were locked in, safe and secure. 
I have to admit it was really cold, and I may have read the times wrong, I thought it was meant to start at five, but it actually started at half six. 
To say that Luke was annoyed was an understatement. 
But it turned out to be a fun night, sure there was the odd wobbly moment when I found myself too close to people (in the crowd).... but when the display started... I felt like a…

GAMING Scaretober round up!

Hellloooo everybody 
So it's now time to review a little event that I had running on the Gaming Channel - Hideaway gaming. 
I am a massive gaming fan and I thought that if the main channel got Vlogmas that the other channel should get something for Halloween. 
We decided to exclusively play jumpscare and horror games..... 
I thought that in this post, that I would take the opportunity to do a mini review and to share the videos, in case there was anything that was missed. 

Game one - Layers of Fear 

I should point out that this was the last game I filmed with two external cameras, I now use Twitch and my vlogging camera.
I was recommended this game from a friend and I have to admit I had never heard of it before. 
It's a game that keeps you on your toes with noise, lights and changing environment. What I liked is that there is nothing supernatural chasing you. 
It's one that that keeps you guessing, with a little problem solving thrown in and keeps you trying to figure out the stor…

LIFESTYLE : November Goals '16

Hello everyone, 
It's time to once again set myself some goals, forget about them for a couple of weeks and then panic again aha. 
November is a month that I have been really looking forward to .. Luke's 25th, Bonfire Night and our trip to Malta!
So I thought that I would set a few seasonal goals this time as I enjoyed the Halloween ones so much. 

1) I want to attend a bonfire display. 
I haven't been to a proper display since I was a teen and its something that Luke and I haven't ever done I figured this would be something fun.  

2) I want to make my Christmas Cake
You are meant to make this little treat a month in advance and I struggled to stick to this last year. So by putting it into the goals, I hope to stick to tradition ;).  I'll try and catch the kitchen mayhem on camera haha 

3) I want to rewatch Pokemon from the start (including the films) 
I have wanted to do this for years and I am the biggest Pokemon nerd.... I mentioned this goal to Luke and he …