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LIFESTYLE : A look back at 2016 and Thanks

Hello everyone, 
Before I go into the main bulk of the post - My goals video that I mentioned in the previous post is now live : 
You can see it below :

I thought that I would take the time to have a little look back at 2016...
I know that on the surface that everyone will tell you that it's been an evil year... Celebs dying and shock political decisions.  
But personally and blogwise, its been a great year.
 It wasn't until I looked back through my Youtube channel, that I realized just how much everything has changed. 
I was miserable at the start of the year. I hated where I lived, My Car was always broken..... I was feeling rather unfulfilled with life
January : 
Personally : I got a new car. I bought my Beloved Bowie and replaced my very unreliable Ford Ka ( Luigi ( I loved him alot though)) . 
Last year, I was sitting there, praying that my battery would work and that it would stop revving by itself. 

February :
Personally :
Training began for Tough Mudder....

Blog : I completed my fi…

LIFESTYLE AND GAMING : January '17 Goals

So I feel as though I am still on the catch up after my illness earlier in the month. 
I will eventually do the Christmas review and end of the year review, I swear.
I have alot of Beauty stuff to share with you. 
But first its time to reveal my next set of goals for the coming month....
They all have a common theme.... they are all Gaming goals. Basically, Jan is a bit of an evil month for money and the like.
 So I figured that it might be nicer to sit at home and play games that I already have in a cocoon. 
The five that have been selected are : 
1) I want to complete the story on the Last Guardian.... 
It's a new game that I have wanted for the longest time.  I feel that its going to be an emotional one, as we befriend the Beast Trico and try to escape from our prison

2) I want to complete the three main worlds on Little Big Planet 3 
I loved this game on the PS3 and I was overjoyed to discover that I can play it on the PS4...
. I think a silly game is a great thing to have when …

EXCLUSIVE and GAMING / LIFESTYLE December Goals Results and Cake Recipe

Hello everyone,
Back to work today, I'd be lying if I said that it was easy to roll in this morning. 

So earlier in the week, I said that I would share the Recipe for my Christmas Cake.
 I know a few of you were wondering from Instagram. 
Basically, I used a Mary Berry one (as she is the god of baking in my eyes...) You can find it on the On the BBC Website here
The only changes that I made was that I substituted all the dairy & egg products for plant based ones. 
It seems to have gone down well this year.... Just need to work on the decoration.... I got stressed out by the icing....

So - It'as time for a bit of an Exclusive. 
Normally, I wait until I have mashed together all my monthly footage... but this time it's different,
I thought that I would post my goal results (early) for you readers to enjoy first.....
So if we recall, my goals were as below....

1) I Want to watch Home alone for the first time....
Completed :  In fact completed twice :   So I sat down with Luke and …

Seasons Greeting from The Hideaway

Hello and welcome back 
And yes, I did just refer to the blog as a 'the'......
I thought that as I sit here and reflect on the past couple of days, that I would take the opportunity to say that I hope that you all had an enjoyable Christmas... in whatever way you chose to celebrate. 
Our has been a quiet one at home.... Luke cooked, I wrapped the presents... we watched some Christmas Classics on Tv and then headed over to See Luke's family. 

It was nice because it was all at our own pace. It wasn't a flashy Christmas, but it was ours. 
Due to our working hours differing, it can feel as though we never see each other but yes... some may say it was perfect... for us. 

We did have a social media ban in place for Christmas day... but we both broke it ... a little.
Here are some pictures from the day.... 
There are more to come.... 

Special nails for the big day.... Both Colours are Barry M ( sparkly red gel and Caspian colour changing Gel) 

Our Gaming shelf is now Shelves...... We g…

LIFESTYLE : December Favourites & Christmas Cake update!

Hi Guys, 
After a month of feeding and panicking about the quality of my Christmas Cake ... I decorated it last night. 
Well I feel as though I battled it first for a bit, but then I managed to cover it in some lovely icing. 
Here is a picture for your viewing pleasure : 

As the recipe has been a success, I will share it tomorrow- I know its a bit late, but it makes for a great fruit cake! 

It's time to move on to the main subject of the post - my December Lifestyle Favourites! 

Favourite TV Show : 

I have been glued to Masterchef - The Professionals. 
This is the show when actual Chefs go on TV, brag that they are great and then get destroyed by Celebrity Chefs. I love it, it's also a great place to steal recipes from! 
The whole series is on BBC Iplayer for you to check out - either that or Youtube. Watch it, you won't be disappointed. 

Favourite Game : 
My favourite game of the moment is one that for once isn't a monthly goal game. 
Luke and I recently acquired a  Wii U  and…