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LIFESTYLE AND TRAVEL : A Trip to the British Museum

Hello everyone, 
I thought that I would share a few pictures from my trip to London yesterday. 
I went with my lovely Mum to the British Museum and then for a walk around the city. 
In the end we walked seven and a half miles in total!
 To say I ache today is an understatement! 

Before I share the pictures, I should say that there is also a video that I just published on Hideaway Blogging : 

It was a great day to catch up and briefly escape everything ahaha. 

Some of my Favourites from inside....

We later found a Moomin Shop! 

Thanks for reading and I will be back very soon! 

LIFESTYLE : This Week's Meal Prep Idea

Good evening everyone! 
Just thought that I would a quick post to share this week's meal prep. 
I wanted to try this one before I posted it as I was convinced that it was either something that would work really well or it really wouldn't. 
I am happy to report that the following recipe is really tasty and fairly healthy all the ingredients together comes to roughly 388 calories a bowl (according to my fitness pal) .

I introduce to you the sweet, sticky rice!

To make this you need - a bottle of Plum sauce, two bell peppers, four spring onions and two tins of sweetcorn for the rice

It doesn't look like much in the picture but the sauce keeps the rice nice and moist and really sweet. 
Be careful when heating the sauce as it can go quite syrupy (cook the peppers and spring onions seperately first)!

IF you want to check out my other three recipes then you can do so on this link
Thats it for now!

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LIFESTYLE : The list of Happiness!

Hello everybody, 
So I mentioned earlier in the week that I was feeling a little bit down in myself... It was something that had built through out the week and there was alot of external pressures. 
However, after have a little chat with people with the right knowledge and other activities, I am feeling alot better. 

I didn't want this post to be me whinging on about what happened and how bad I felt.
Instead, I thought I would share the things that really helped me, just in case you also feel a little down too.....

Basically, I love a bit of organisation.... (see below picture of Uni notes for an example - in total there are eight for the same piece of work) 

So I thought that extending this idea to other aspects of my life might help me to keep my mind active and engaged - rather than thinking about bad thoughts. 

So here are my other three organisers : 

Red - Life stuff  Blue - Uni Stuff Green - Blog and Channel stuff 
In the back of the Red and the Blue books, I have written two lists. 

BEAUTY : A Little Trip to Lush

Good evening everybody, 
I hope that you are all enjoying your Friday night. 
I myself, had a bit of a rough day, but I managed to have some time off from work and got my head sorted. 
Luke and I went for some dinner and managed to go out into town.
One of the places that I insisted we visit was...... 

My favourite shop in the whole world! 
I knew that I needed to destress so I made sure to drop by so that my Lush tower remained firmly overstocked as its still really cold out. 

(We also went to Game but more on that later.....) 

I thought I would take you through what I bought ... some are repurchases and some are new buys 

The first lot of items contatins :
The Comforter Shower Cream : Repurchase - at the moment, I am still rocking a massive bottle of Snow Fairy, but sadly this is just a winter exclusive so I am going back to my second favourite. I love this particular one, because it smells just like Wine gums! 

Dirty Spring Wash Shower Gel : New Purchase : I bought this one for Luke, He…

GAMING : January Favourite and New Video

Good Evening everybody, 
Do you ever have one of those days when you start to over think everything and every one? 
I've had to try and calm my mind this afternoon, so this post will be on the short side. 
I just think that at certain points of the month I tend to question my life choices... nothing to be worried about. 
 I have some life goals that I really want to achieve, it's just working the path out to get there I suppose. 
I think alot of people my age go through this. 
Any ho, more on that later 

A new video went live on the gaming channel today. 
A play through of the Last Guardian..... I hope to film more, so I hope you enjoy! 

So in the last of the Favourites posts, we find ourselves with with gaming. 
I have questioned myself with how I was going to write this, as I already write separate gaming review posts. 
So I decided that I will feature just the one game that I have truly been enjoying rather than featuring a couple. 
Although I am juggling five games at the moment, I fi…

FOOD : Meal Prep Ideas

Hiya Everyone, 
I hope that 'Blue monday' hasn't been too bad for you.....
Time for something that everyone loves.... food!
As I mentioned before alot of you have been asking about the meal prep pictures that I post on Instagram every Sunday.
 I bulk cook my food for work and I try to make it as interesting as I can and something that I want to eat all week long. 
I have previously eaten pasta dishes, salads and sandwiches for lunch and I was looking for something different.... some yummy. 
I noticed that I had alot of rice in the cupboard so I thought this would be a nice change... it's easy to make and it fills you up quite nicely. 
To my boiled rice, in every dish, I have added tinned sweetcorn and frozen peas. 
As I am bulk cooking, I use a whole can of sweetcorn and half a medium size bag of frozen peas. 
Below each picture is what I added to give you some inspiration and to tickle your taste buds! 

I should point out that I am by no means an expert, I can only share with y…

BEAUTY : January Favourites and Empties

Hello Everybody. 
I hope that you have had a lovely weekend. 
I have spent mine with Luke, chilling, eating Nandos and playing video games. 
I have noticed that my Meal Prep Pictures are getting more and more popular on Instagram. 
Basically, every Sunday, I bulk cook my lunch for the following week at work. 
This month I have been home making Chinese with different veggies and Boiled rice with peas and sweetcorn. 
As some of you have asked for the recipes, I will do a separate post later on in the month. 
I should point out that I am by no means an expert, but I can share with you what I am enjoying! 
Below is this weeks creation - Black bean sauce with added pepper, spring onion, Celery and Lemon grass... as mentioned I added Sweetcorn and Peas to the boiled rice.

So as I mentioned, I have revamped the way in which I aim to do the favourites this year. 
I have now separated beauty into it's own post, which is nice... I don't feel rushed for space. 
I also thought that I would include m…