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LIFESTYLE : Tumblr and University

Hi Guys, 
So I thought that I would just write a little post to fill the void and to explain whats going on. 
So basically, I have just come back after completing a University presentation. 
The Preparation for this has taken alot of time of the past couple of weeks so videos and posts have been less regular.
  I have also fallen behind with my monthly goals, so I have decided to give my self an extra week to replace the time. 
I have to admit that I was very nervous today and I couldn't stop shaking, but I got through it!  I found trying to live in the moment and not worry about every little problem really helped..... 

I have found though in the mean time, that in order to update a little, that the blogs tumblr page does the trick. So please check out that as well in the future!  I have a slight obsession with Sherlock Gifs and just Sherlock in general.......

Post will start back as of Wednesday and I'm hoping to upload another Pokemon Go video tomorrow to the gaming channel. 
Until …

LIFESTYLE : Feb Reads Part Two & Time to Relax

Hello Everybody, 
So today hasn't been the best day for me.
Anxiety kicked my backside. 
But I'll be back.....

So I thought that to improve the mood, that I would review a book that I literally finished today. 
Basically, I've been in a bit of a retro mood of late (probably due to the fact that I have been playing Lego Harry Potter this month)
So I decided to pick up my favourite of the series, The Prisoner of Azkaban. 
I finished the book in three days and I can honestly say I loved the little bubble that it put me in. 

As I assume alot of people know the story by now, due to the age of the book and the film, I thought that I would put a little personal spin on this review. 

It's my favourite for a few reasons - 
§ The series gets alot darker, but its just the right amount in this book
§ Harry gets a ray of sunshine in finding his godfather
§ First hints of Ron and Hermione as a romantic relationship
§ I internally cheered when Gryffindor won the Quidditch cup 
§ It'…

LIFESTYLE : A little catch up

Hello Everyone, 
I thought that I would write a little post about the last couple of days and what not. 
I think its nice to have a little catch up, every now and again. I think that I enjoy writing these posts sometimes more than the reviews. 

Diego was feeling a little cheeky earlier. I think he enjoyed his fish dinner 

Meal Prep
So the first thing that I thought I would mention is my meal prep indeed for the week. 
So I thought that I would move away from Chinese Rice and Noodle dishes and venture into Italian.
I had alot of vegetables to use up in the fridge (tomato, onion and carrot)  so I bunged all these together with some bolognese sauce and some pasta shells.
 I've started to make enough for Luke's lunches as well, as I think that I have converted him to the meal prep ways.... either that or he can't be bothered to make it himself anymore. 

Simple but very yummy! 

Weight Loss 
Speaking of food, I placed an image on my Instagram that created a bit of buzz. It was this one :


BEAUTY: February Favourites and Empties

Hello Everyone, 
So as I sit here writing this, I am singing along to Disney songs very loudly with Luke. Its weird how a certain type of music can make you feel warm and connected.
 I have to say Apple Music is brilliant for having access to pretty much every song you can think of. 
It's quite a weird juxtaposition as Luke is also playing the Last of Us in the same room, kinda takes the edge off I guess. 
Speaking of Disney impressions, Boots did a little one of his own. He's telling us all the be prepared for the death of the King (Lion king). He loves to sit on the very top of the kitchen cupboards, knowing that I cannot get him down as I am fairly short :/! 

I thought that I would just quickly add that I have now tried the Sour Cherry and Pink Lemonade teas from yesterday's post and I can confirm that they are extremely tasty! 

I'll be honest, the reason behind the surge in tea consumption has come from a desire to try to, once and for all, limit my intake of fizzy drink…

LIFESTYLE : February Favourite Reads

Good Evening everybody and Happy Friday! 
I am always grateful for a Friday night. 
Luke and I successfully adulted after work and did our weekly food shop and in this I managed to add to my tea collection(much to Luke's chagrin).
If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that my tea collection was sitting at 15 boxes... well I added two more..... 
I decided to try a new brand, Taylors and Hemming... I picked up Two flavours that sounded really different, Sour Cherry and also Rose Lemonade. 

I love a cup of tea after work in particular, and now every morning... and at work.... tea is infiltrating my life. 
As I said before, I don't drink Hot Chocolate due to being Vegan and I only drink coffee at work so tea is a lovely way to enjoy a hot drink.
That and I'm British as eff. 

Before we get on with the review - the next part of the Last Guardian has been uploaded : 

So I thought as part of the new 2017 line up, and for my own motivation, I have decided to add book reviews to …

LIFESTYLE : Some British Winter Survival Items

Hello everyone, 
I thought that I would write a little post about my favourite Winter Survival items.... I did one for Autumn and it was very popular. 

For those that don't live in Britain, it should be explained that we as a country do not do well when the temperature drops below zero.... when I first thought of this post on Friday, we actually had snow. 

Snow brings everything to a stop, just a light dusting is enough.... 
So I thought I'd take you through a few of my tips...

First is home cooked food..... 

I love cooking and I thought that I would sneak this week's meal prep into the post. This week I decided to go for noodles to break the rice mould.
I included chow mein sauce and lots of stir fry vegetables...
Luke and I have started having gaming days and stocking up on random foods to feast on 

I also have about 15 boxes of tea in the cupboard and these are some of my favourite flavours. 

They include
Blueberry and Raspberry  Pear and Caramel  Strawberry Cupcake  Lemon pie  Apple …