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LIFESTYLE : Jan - March Goal results

Good Evening everyone! 
Its the end of another month and time to review the goals as I said I would in a previous post. 
You can watch here for a little update: 

As I said before, any goal that is not complete, it will be added to a coming month... as I still really want to achieve them. 
January's Goals : 

1) I want to complete the story on the Last Guardian.... 

I got really close to the end, but fell at the last hurdle. Although I really wanted to keep playing, it got a little complicated with filming the walkthrough for Hideaway Gaming. Very time consuming, this will soon be sorted! 

Here is the latest part : 

2) I want to complete the three main worlds on Little Big Planet 3 

I only got through a third of it. Its a shame because I used to be in love with this game, but the rushing in Jan made it seem like a hinderance. Hopefully a fresh perspective can change this in one of the coming months 

3) - I want to Try to get as close to 100 % as I can on Lego Star Wars - The Force Awakens. 

I …

BEAUTY : March Empties and Favourites

Good Evening everyone! 
It's time for the final favourites post of March. 
I know that I don't do enough beauty posts, and its something that I am working on! 
(June is going to be very Beauty focused - but more on that closer to the time! )

So I will start with the empties. 

I try to save as much as I can each month. 
However I am very aware that the stuff can start to get a but samey.

I use the same shower gel over a couple of months and the same brand of shampoo for example. 

So I am trying to keep things exciting ahaha
(I still have a major backlog of stuff that I am trying to get through before I go buying aload more (I have a slight hoarding problem))

I'll start with Perfumes/ scents. 

I have come to the end of two scents. 
Firstly, the Ted Baker Eau De Toilette. I was given this as a gift for my last birthday and I LOVE IT. 
I need to repurchase it to be honest. 
It has a light musk that can be worn either in the day or in the evening. 
I wore it mainly to work.  The bottle was ha…


So following up on yesterday I have finally decided on the rebooted goals! 
They are the following : 
1) To Finish the Last Guardian Story - Rollover from Jan. 
I am very very close to finishing this goal. I'm like a level away! I am still filming it for the Playthro
2)  To clear the Garden 
We need to smarten the garden up so that we can start planting and buying garden furniture! 
3)  To finish the Harry Potter Book Series - Rollover from March
I am currently half way through the Order of the Phoenix so I am hoping that I can get through to the end of the deathly Hallows in a month :)
4)  To 100% / Get platinum on Lego Avengers 
 I have two trophies and NOW I WANT MORE. So this is the next Leo target of mine haha, the story is already complete so hopefully this won't take too long 
5)  I need to get back into my Uni work 
If I put it in the Goals then I am more likely to do it! I'm not sure how to measure this goal. But I need to get back into the swing of things! 
6) Be…


Good Evening everybody. 
Just a quick post to say that I have uploaded a new video to the main channel. 
I decided that it was time to wipe the slate clean and not to be so hard on myself. 

Basically, I set myself goals every month as I like to try and achieve something. 
However, In January... I think that I was a little too ambitious and I set five that were very hard. 
All gaming goals... complete four and then 100% another.
 I didn't do all of them and then carried them over, I then did the same in March. 
It left me feeling deflated and a bit of a failure. 
I mean I set them to enjoy and even when I did do some, I felt nothing. 
So I have decided to start again in April. I will reset some of them as I still want to do them. 
Those that I have achieved I will edit into one big video and post later this week. 
I will also do an update on here! 
Some times you gotta be honest with yourself. 
Thanks for Reading 
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LIFESTYLE : Getting Reflective and A Weekly Round Up

Hello Everybody,
So I have sat down three times this week to write this post and it's just shows that the situation continues to improve. 
When I first thought of this post it was going to admittedly be a tad on the ranty side. 
I was / am tired of trying to be something that I am not, trying to impress people that honestly, have zero feature in my life. 
I constantly feel like I should act a certain way, or behave in a certain way, dress in a certain way and aim for the same generic things as other people my age.
There was kind of a moment of clarity in the past couple of weeks and I have tried to 'get back to the old me' .... with some improvements. 

Some of these are gonna sound so stupid and basic... but they have all helped to make a big change. 

1) My jewellery has made a return - I was being made to feel as thought my many bracelets (that mean the world to me) were not befitting someone of 25.
 So I stopped wearing them (well except my watch ) and I just felt so wrong for d…

LIFESTYLE : March Favourites

Hello Everyone! 
So another weekend has been and gone. 
I think that I have only just got over the ache of the volunteer work that I did haha. 
It was good fun though and I'll be looking to go back in the future. 
So far this weekend, I have blitzed certain rooms in the flat. I just have the bathroom to go! 
Spring cleaning is fully in swing. 
I hung the washing outside for the first time this year. Nervous doesn't cover how I feel watching the dark clouds in the sky.  British weather problems innit. 
I practised my flower arranging skills yesterday, I bought a bouquet of Orange roses and I really wanted some tulips so I thought some purple ones would create a quirky little pop of colour. 

Fresh flowers are my little addiction for the flat. 

Speaking, of which its time to reveal my other lifestyle favourites for the month :

My Favourite TV show. 
It's back, It's my guilty pleasure and its back! 
Hells Kitchen! 
(if you read the blog alot, you'll know that cooking shows are my f…