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LIFESTYLE : April Reads Part Two!

Hello Everyone, 
I hope that you are all enjoying your Bank Holiday Weekend! 
I have spent the last two becoming reintroduced with the Playstation 4 and also with reading. 
I think that its been great therapy for my head just to shut the world off and relax. 
Its been a crazy year so far. 
- - - - - - - -
If you read the blog regularly, you will know that I set myself the task or read four Harry Potter books in four weeks through April. 
I am pleased to say that I finished the Deathly Hallows today, thus bring the goal to an end! 

This book always catches me off guard as I forget how brutal it is.....  I mean for a children's book. 
People dying, People getting tortured and just a general feeling of dread. 
And yet, It hooks me and I always end it with a tear in my eye, I actually clutched the book to my chest after I finished. 

"All was well".

This truly is something I grew up with, the books and the films were being released when I was little and I couldn't wait for the next o…

LIFESTYLE : Reasons to be Cheerful

Good Evening Everyone! 
So, I originally had a different post to be published today... however its so true that a little change makes a big difference to your head. 

It was my lifestyle favourites post for April, but it had a little of a negative introduction. 
I'll explain a little bit better.....

Basically, I have been feeling overworked and a little bit rubbish about myself and my life.... my job has become a little intense, I was falling behind with the blog and channels and I was being really moody with Luke. 
Now I usually banter with Luke, but I hate being moody with him. 
I had a few tears and I knew that I had to keep going.  I knew that I needed to get through this week. 

I worked out that I hadn't had any time away from work since November, when we went to Malta.... Christmas and Easter time was all travelling so I didn't really relax over those times. I think I was on burnout to be perfectly honest. 

I'm glad to say that I have just completed my last shift till mid…

LIFESTYLE : April Reads Part one

Good Evening everybody, 
So it would appear as though I am burning through books at the moment. 
By the time it came to write a review for the first book below, I had finished the second. 
Not really that surprising because, I had featured these as part of my monthly goals for April. 
So I am still making my way through the Harry Potter series..... 
I have since finished book number five and six! 

Ironically, they are pictured in the wrong order above..... oops! 

So I have to admit, if I were to pick my least favourite films, it would definitely be these two. They feel rushed and under developed. 
I hadn't read the books in a while, and I had kinda forgotten the overall story... I had my memory refreshed by my recent play through of Lego Harry Potter.
So it was time to try and venture back and stick with the books. 

So firstly the Order of the Phoenix and the creation of Dumbledore's Army. 
I had forgot how much I hated Umbridge. 
Like for real, and she is much worse in the books.  Argh. 


'ello everybody. 
This past week has seen two reasons to celebrate. 
Firstly, our beloved Fluffballs turned 3 years old yesterday. 

Boots and Diego have been with us since six weeks old and they definitely have us wrapped around their little bean toes. 

I've said it before, but its definitely true to say that they have taught us alot about responsibility. 
They inspired our move last year.... we wanted them to have a garden and not be trapped in a flat all day.
They were treated to Fish and have some Ham for a feast today. As we are yet to have children, we certainly spoiled them a bit !

How cute....

The second reason to celebrate is that Hideaway Gaming (The Youtube Channel) turned a year old on Friday. 
I certainly think that had it not of been created, I would have given up on Youtube by now. 
I have alot more fun creating these videos as gaming is a passion I have had since I was a small child with a Sega Mega Drive. 
It's true to say however that there are more challenges involv…

LIFESTYLE The Easter Weekend Part Two!

Hello everyone, 
So it was back to work yesterday after four blissful days off. 
Although because of everything that we had done..... it felt like alot longer. 
I thought that I would follow up to the previous post that I did and finish with what we did on the last two days...
So on Easter Sunday, we awoke very early and made the three hour journey to the South Coast of England, to the lovely village of Northiam (not far from Hastings) 
Before I went, I uploaded a video to the Hideaway Blogging Youtube Channel - we decided to have some fun on Goat Simulator.... and in turn promote Hideaway Gaming 
I was a little disappointed in myself because I gave it quite a Clickbaity title and I have promised myself that I wouldn't ever resort to that. 
I have since changed it and learnt my lesson. 

Anyway, we got there after three hours in the car and the sun was definitely on our side. 

We went for a walk to the local pub, which happened to be in a different village. We walked 5 kilometres in total, …

LIFESTYLE : The Easter Weekend So Far!

Hello everyone,
So I am currently in a very chilled out state, ahead of our trip to the coast tomorrow. 
For those of you that are not from the UK, we are currently enjoying a four day Bank Holiday weekend for Easter. 
I've only been gone from work for a short time, but I feel as though I've done quite a bit, with alot more to come. 
On Thursday night, Luke and I went to Nandos, We had a voucher that had been bought for us at Christmas to use up.

We can never take a serious picture....
I will admit that  I was less excited that Luke to go, as I didn't really get on with some of their Veggie Wraps. 
But what I didn't realise is that you can get any of their salads chicken free, so I ordered the most amazing Caesar Salad with some Homous and spicy seeds. 
It was amazing

When we got home, we had a night of reading and Gaming. 
I actually finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which features in only of my monthly goals. 

Diego enjoyed some cuddle time 

The Next day (Good …