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LIFESTYLE : Fun In The Sun

Hello Everyone,
So for the past week, the Uk has been enjoying a heatwave. 
It was lovely to get outside and enjoy it! 
I won't lie, it was way too hot at night, but you can't have everything. 
On the first day of the heatwave, I went to London with my Mum, I have already written about it on here so I won't into too many details. 
You can always watch the day in this video: 

I then took Luke on a picnic date to one of our local parks. 
It wainscot just to be together and it kinda reminded me of sitting in the sun in Corfu. I feel like that Holiday really bought us together and it was a lovely memory. 

Luke made us little baggies, with His and Hers on it, which I thought was really cute. 

We decided to play Uno and because I am too good at, Luke threw all the cards at me!!!

Sore Loser! 
We then went and fed the Ducks some yummy grapes and made some new friends! 

I have to admit that I wanted the heatwave to break for one important reason, Boots and Diego.
 My poor cats do not like the h…

LIFESTYLE : Gilmore Girls Review

Hi Guys, 
So it happened. I finally completed seven seasons of Gilmore Girls..... and my heart hurts. 
The show is like an old friend that you can sit and spend time with. A friend that you know inside and out and you've watched grow in front of you.... 
I watched Rory go through Chilton, through Yale and through three relationships. 
She's like a little sister. 
I am writing this before I watch a Year in the Life (The Revival).
I have to say, I love this series.  
I feel a massive void in my life now its gone.... its so smart and cleverly written. It inspires me to do my uni work as I always see Paris and Rory studying haha. 
It has broken my heart several times and cheered my mood back up. 
Even Luke was all over it. 
There were a few things I disagreed with. 
Max MADINA is the main one, that dude deserved so much better. 
The affair with the Married man.....
The Luke, Chris and Lorelei love triangle 
APRIL (why did they add that storyline?) 

But overall, I wish I can move to Stars Ha…

LIFESTYLE : My Evening Routine

Hello Guys,
So I see alot of people doing these kinds of posts and videos so I thought that I would join in.
So I will do my Evening Routine in the weekday as it follows a more similar pattern 
So I come home from work and I am greeted with about five minutes of continuous screaming from: 

Boots and Diego love a fuss as soon as they spot one of their humans, its food and cuddle time. 
Then its time to get into some comfy clothes and out of my office wear.
I then tend to check my social media, new blog posts normally go up in the middle of the day but I always do a little repeater post. 
Next is dinner, depending on Luke's shift, I'll have it alone or with him. 

After that its time to start the wind down. This is the most important part of the day I think as it helps my head. 
My stress tends to go and I get a hold of my head. 
So I start with a shower, just my body. I do my hair in the morning. This tends to chill me out and make me slightly sleepy. 
I then start my Evening Skin Routine …

GAMING : A Different Monthly Direction

Hi Guys, 
So I thought that I would write a little post to talk about whats on my mind. 
As you know, I am a massive gamer.... I am generally happiest when I am snuggled in bed, its raining outside and I'm chilling on the Playstation or on the Xbox.  
Especially with a nice cup of tea and some random Reality show playing on the Macbook. 
But because I have way too many games that I haven't touched yet (including Games with Gold and Playstation free games),  I decided to include gaming goals in my monthly goals. 
I have been doing this since August last year and at first I was keeping up and really enjoying it. 
However as my life is getting busier, with work, daily blogging and University.... I can't keep up and its my own fault for being way too ambitious.  
It leads to a massive downer in my head and that sucks because I game to help with my anxiety and depression as a way to switch off. 
The feeling gets worse as I want to film everything for the Gaming Channel as lets plays or…

LIFESTYLE : So What Can I 'Actually' Eat? (What I Eat In A Day)

Hellllooooo Guys, 
So I thought that I would write this post as I get asked the above question alot. 
So you don't eat meat or dairy.... so what can you actually eat? 
Food, Believe it or not! 
I get irked alot because people can be a little rude about it and act like my diet is a big inconvenience. 
When really the solution is simple, let me take you through a simple what I eat in a day post. 
Imma do a weekday as they tend to have a little more structure to them. 

I never used to be a big breakfast person, but I settled on something that filled me up enough without me feeling ill. 
I settled on a cup of Granola, with a couple of spoons of Alpro's plain Yoghurt and with whatever fresh fruit I have in the fridge. At the moment, it tends to be Strawberries. 

Snack - we have a morning break at work., so my go to snack is a packet of Popcorn!
 Its a nice way to keep your stomach going and its on the healthier side of snacks. 
Its also totally vegan friendly!  

At work, I ea…

LIFESTYLE : A New Hobby?

Hi Everyone! 
So I thought that I would write a post about a new hobby that Luke and I are collectively trying. 
Well I'm not sure that Hobby is the correct word? 
Basically, we decided in the winter that we wanted to create a nice chilled out space in the Garden. 
If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am obsessed with having fresh flowers in the house. 

We started by clearing it a month or so ago, but we hadn't go around to planting yet. 
We are also still debating whether to get a little swinging chair (especially as the weather has been so nice). 
But first, its time to get a little life back into the garden as at the moment it is a blank canvas. 
I decided that I want a little herb patch. 
Its one of the clearest fondest memories that I have about my grandmother's garden growing up so I picked up some Basil, oregano and Thyme. 

I got these cute little pots from Morrisons! 
I decided to put a little extra Oregano in the Dinosaur as I think it will create a nice effec…

YOUTUBE : A Little Catch Up

Hi Everyone, 
It's time for another Youtube catch up!
The past week has been a little difficult to film in because of the heatwave that we have been enjoying.
I felt as though, you wouldn't want to see me sweat all over the camera haha. 
I did manage to get a couple of videos out this week!
I filmed my little trip to London and I even saw the Queen , Prince William and Prince Harry! 

I was so stoked that I managed to get it all on camera and it was a lovely day out with my Mum! 

I also uploaded a slightly more chilled video to the gaming channel. 
I thought that I would share my Favourite game of the month, Stardew Valley. 
Because of the nature of the game, I have decided to film each season so you can see the progress I make during the in-game year. 

I am secretly hoping that I can film and upload one more video to the gaming channel by the end of the week....
I have spent some time today rearranging the main channel as I noticed that after all this time, there was no separate category…

BEAUTY : June's Empties

So as the Beauty Brawl has already occurred this month, this post is gonna be shorter that normal. 
I have only three empties to share! 

They are :
Superdrug's Cherry and Macadamia Nut Body Butter -  I love this product. Its so soothing and it smells amazing (it leaves you smelling like a cherry cake). I love that a little goes along way too. I'm sad to see it come to an end so I will definitely be repurchasing. 

Rimmel London's Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 001 Transparent -  It was OK as a Powder, but its not going to change the world anytime soon. I kept kinda forgetting about it and going on to another one. It doesn't really set the makeup enough to last over a work shift... but its cheap and cheerful. 
Collection's Blush in No 3 - Cheeky -  It's small, compact and fits in a handbag nicely. The only thing is that - I chose half way through the colour shades as I didn't want something too weak or something too strong. For me this is way too weak. I had …

LIFESTYLE... More Meal Prep Ideas

So while the Beauty Brawl was happening, I decided to go for a different recipe for the meal prep! 
Well actually that being said, I didn't really have a plan when I first approached it. 
I started by cutting up all the left over veggies from the week. 
They were carrots, peppers, onions, salad tomatoes and celery. 

I then found a jar of stray Bolognese Sauce so I added that and some Oregano and hey presto meal prep sauce is complete : 

As there were so many veggies to use I made enough sauce for ten portions (enough for Luke and I for a week) 
As Luke hates pre prepped pasta he offered to cook it in the morning prior to work - however on the day that I took this picture he cooked a little bit too much. 

It was very tasty none the less and the fresh tomatoes gave an amazing flavour.
It also freezes well! 
Its well worth the consideration! 
Thanks for Reading