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LIFESTYLE : As I Turn 25.... Yearly Goal Review

Hello Everyone, 
So it is time to review my yearly goals from last year and to see how it went!
Yesterday, I turned 26 and I feel as though that I am in a very different space to where I was last year. 
Last year, I was alot happier than the year before but I still was wanting more.
I wanted to have the courage to keep changing and keep challenging myself. 
I had just discovered that I was capable of so much more than the boundaries I had mentally given myself. 
You can watch last years video along with this post below:

With this in mind I set myself the following goals: 
I wanted to do three goals monthly - I have recently stopped doing this as I was getting a little carried away. BUT I want to start doing them and I want to include gaming again. So keep your eyes peeled ;)

My Yearly Goals were :
1) I wanted to read one book a fortnight 
The amount of books that I have been reading has improved tenfold since I set this goal. However, they are not as consistent as I would like. For example, I ca…

LIFESTYLE : 26th Birthday!

IF you are reading this on July 30th, then its is my birthday today! 
I am officially on 'the other side of 20' now..... Help me please. 
It's time to become and act like an adult. 
I have to admit my actual Birthday is starting to feel like  any other day, but I am lucky that I have people around me that get excited about it haha!
The older I get, the more childish my requirements seem to become. 
I want a gaming day complete with the ultimate snacks. Some of my Birthday presents are a bit kiddy as well. But more on that later also......
We are also planning on going to Legoland Windsor on Monday so I will of course film it and put pictures on here. 
If you read the blog often, you will know I am obsessed with the games and have completed alot of them! 
I alway get a little reflective at this time of year as I always set myself targets from birthday to birthday rather that at the start of a calendar year, as that way I stick to them. 
But more on this later. 
I thought that i…

LIFESTYLE : A Mental Health Update

Hello Everyone, 
So I thought that I would write a little post as obviously over the past couple of weeks I have featured Mental Health on here quite heavily. 
I decided that it was time to reach out and get some professional help as my anxiety was starting to creep into my work life in quite an obvious way. I also felt it triggering my depression as if it were its younger sibling. 
I wrote more in depth about this in an earlier post
I first spoke to people through my workplace and then was referred to my local GP. 
Without going into exact details, I was rushed in to see a nurse and then to the Senior doctor of the practise. I was open and blunt with how I felt and have been referred to a higher doctor in the hospital.
I was also diagnosed with something extra to the depression and anxiety but thats something that I wish to keep to myself for the foreseeable as it was alot to take in. 
Also I think the new issue is something that I need to explore before I can understand it fully. 
But its…

YOUTUBE : A Catch Up

Hello Everyone, 
So after a heavy week, I only managed to record and edit and upload just the one video last week.
This was 100 percent down to my appearance. 
I was very aware that my skin was pale with rashes and scaley eyes. 
No one wants to see that, also I don't want really remember it when I come to look back. 
So I recorded the below video - basically I have been meaning to film an evening skin routine video, but I wasn't sure how to go about it. 
I hate videos that drag so I thought that I would film my Thursday evening and keep it upbeat! 

All the products that are featured in the video are listed below : 

Superdrug's Tea Tree Oil Face Wipes  9-5 Lush Moisturiser   Skindrink (Lush)  Soap And Glory's The Righteous Butter Cowshed's Moisturising Hand Cream  Happy Naturals Lip Balm Body Shops' Peppermint Food Rub  Zella Beauty - Let's Spritz Body Mist
Hopefully there will be a couple more video this week!
I'll keep you updated but for now....
Thanks for reading 


Hello Everyone, 
I thought that I would share a couple of items that I recently purchased as I am a little in love with them. 
The first four are for the home. 
Luke and I have been living together now for the last four years and we are at that stage where we are replacing everything we originally moved out with. 
We started with the bathroom and we are making our way across. We are currently in the kitchen (we recently bought a breakfast bar if you recall from an earlier post. We are also in the process of getting someone to come and decorate. 
So at the moment, it is all about replace, replace, replace. 
I saw some general glasses and tumblers that I really wanted. I have had my eye on them for a month and I decided that today was the day that I was going to buy them! 

You can't really tell, but they are made from green recycled glass. 
I love the quirky feel of them, we currently have a little vintage thing going on in the kitchen so they will fit in nicely. 

The other purchase we made …

Get to know me Series : My Favourite Music

Hello Everyone, 
I thought that it would be fun to share a few posts that are filled with a few facts about me. 
Its now two years into Hideaway and I realised that I write about my monthly favourites but not my all time favourites of certain things. 
I thought that I would talk about Music as its something that I love and its one of the only things that soothes me. 
So here are some of my all time favourite songs. 

The Sun always Shines on TV - AHA - I have spoken about this song alot - it reminds me of my Childhood.Let Love Lead The Way - The Spice Girls - My favourite song by the band - its not one of their most upbeat but the lyrics are beautiful. Let's Dance- David Bowie  - I love this song - the beat, the lyrics. Even time its on I sing so loud.Kiss from a Rose - Seal  - One of my parent's favourites, so it reminds me of them.Everything I Do - I Do It For You - Bryan Adams   - Random fact. But this was number one the day I was born. But I love it as its such a classic love so…

BEAUTY AND FASHION : Marzia's Camping Box

Hello Everybody, 
So its time for another Unboxing Post.
This is a quarterly box, so there is one every three months. 
This box is by my favourite Youtuber, Marzia. 
It focuses on Beauty Products and items designed by Marzia herself. 

There is a different theme per box and as this is my first one, I was rather excited.

So this was it when I opened it - as there alot of different stuff. I have split everything into two pictures.
So above there is the stuff that Marzia designed herself. 
On the top left, there is a little comic book following the adventures of Marzia's two pugs - Maya and Edgar. 
Next to that is a cute little Forest creatures pencil - the design on the handle is little cartoon drawings. 
Next to this is a notepad with the same design at the comic. 
Below this is a Tin Mug - you can't tell but its Dark Blue with white spots. It has a little mountain design on it. I have to admit, I've basically used it for everything as its so easy to clean. 

Moving on the beauty stuff: 

LIFESTYLE : Anti - Social Media

Hello Everyone,

So I thought that I would write a little post regarding a little remark I made in a recent post.

I have taken myself off of social media for the week and away from my phone in general and have decided to focus on little projects - Books, games and my list of things I achieved today  instead (I have started write this list instead of writing a to do list.) 

My relationship with social media is something that has always been interesting to say the least. 

The more social we are in social media, the more Anti Social we are in real life.

We just seem to know everything about everyone without speaking to each other. 

This thought and realisation terrifies me. But its all us, willingly putting that information out there and then being surprised when someone brings it up. 

In ways its killing the art of the conversation and the desire to get to know someone. 

How often do you hear someone start a story and someone inject with 'yeah I know I saw it on Facebook'. 

I have said…

BOOKS : The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory

Hello Everyone, 
So its time for a book review, its been a little while since I have done a post like this so I'm rather excited to share this book with you! 
I have recently been working my way through my bookcase as its currently overflowing and I haven't read alot of them. 
I have a set of books - The Cousin's War by Phillipa Gregory that were gathering dust. 
 I actually thought that I had all of them in the series, however since I bought them two more have come out! Argh.

Anyway - The White Queen is the first of the five books.
 I have to admit that before I read it, I already knew the story as its based on a real person , Elizabeth Woodville. 
Plus, I had actually already watched the TV adaptation of all of the books except The White Princess. 
The book is a bit of a blend of Fiction and Non Fiction - set during the English Civil War, the White Queen starts with the newly widowed Elizabeth standing at the side of road ready to beg for her land back. 
She ends up having a chan…