LIFESTYLE : July Goals

Hello Everyone! 

So its time for another set of Monthly Goals. 

It's weird to me, how quickly June went, especially as at the end of July, I will be celebrating my Birthday ahhhhh! 

So this month I would like to... 

1) I would like to have a Movie Month. 

So watch alot of different movies that I love instead of TV series.  The ones that I know for sure that I want to feature are Harry Potter, the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Disney etc.

 I have alot of DVDs that need some love and attention , streaming can take a hike! 

2) I would like to Dye my hair for my Birthday

I haven't done this in ages and I think that it will be a nice little change. 

I think that I will get it cut first! 

As for the colour, watch this space.....

3 ) I would like to have a BBQ. 

We have yet to have one in our current home so I am keen to change this.  I just pray for the weather! 

So thats what I wanna do, I will update you with how it goes! 

Thanks you for reading 


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