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LIFESTYLE : August Favourites

Hello Everyone,
So its time to let you in on what I have been loving over the past month!

I'll start with my Favourite Movie.
I haven't had that much time to sit down and watch movies, so I made sure that I did over this past weekend as in the UK we are celebrating a Bank Holiday. 
I sat down and finally watched the Blind Side, I seem to enjoy films that are are based on real life more than others. 
The story is that of Micheal Oher, the film starts with him as a teen. 
He is homeless, only has three pieces of clothing and is struggling at school. It heartbreaking to watch, he moves around places at night just trying to keep warm. He is told that his Dad is dead and his mother has been evicted so he has no idea where she is. 
He is given a place to stay by Leigh-Anne and they change each others lives. Mike discovers he is good at sport and the rest writes itself. 
I don't know much about American Football but the film does a good job of explaining it. 
The film is heartbreaking and…

FOOD : Cookie Rocks!

Hello Everyone, 
So its time for another recipe. 
But for this one, I have kinda tweaked it to my own specifications. 
I've called this post Cookie Rocks... because I couldn't thing of something better to describe them. 
Cookie cakes? 

Basically, the reason that they are this shape is because I ran out of Baking paper and I didn't want to risk them sticking the tray so I used a bun tray and vegan butter to lace it instead.

I like to think of it as thinking on your feet. 
Because of this I used alot more dough on each rock that I normally would have. 
I made 12, so the overall dough would have probably made double that amount. 
The overall result is gooey cookie cakes that if you eat straight out of the oven... are heavenly.
Luke managed to make them disappear within a couple of hours and he has asked a few time if they are coming back which is nice! 

So on to the recipe -as I said I have tweaked it:
I used Dark Chocolate instead of Milk and I used different sugars - Granulated and Musc…

BEAUTY : Bloggers Autumn Brawl

Hello Everyone, 
I thought that I would write a post to talk about a couple of exciting things that are coming up in the next month. 
The first is that the Semi Annual Beauty Brawl is now also going to be in September, as well as the Summer and the Winter. I assume that if all goes well that in the future it will also be in the Spring.  
If you are unsure what I'm talking about.... Basically, a group of us Beauty Bloggers from around the world, get together for the duration of 10 days. 
We each take a certain type of product and we all review it on the same day. So for example - if the brief is for ail Varnish, we will all pick a nail varnish by different brands to review. 
There is a sample post you can check out on this link - Bronzer
We then all link our posts together, so if you read one blog, you can check out others that you wouldn't normally read. 
Its alot of prep and alot of work goes into it, but you end up making some friends along the way. 
If you are a Beauty Blogger and…

GAMING : August Favourites

Hello Everyone, 
So its time to share with you, what I have been loving in August in regards to Gaming. 
I have to admit this game is an old favourite but with a new hat....
You'll get what I mean in a second.
My Favourite game for this Month is the Sims 4, more specifically City Living
Below is the trailer. 

This is the new version of the old favourites - Apartment Life and in some respects Showtime. 
Its the idea that your Sims move into a rubbish apartment and can earn their way to the top i.e a really flash apartment. 
I'll admit that Apartment life was always my favourite because in the Sims 2 it introduced the idea of magic and that always fun ;). I love Showtime because there was the idea that you could become a celeb - and you got alot of free stuff! 
But this expansion pack certainly holds it own and its got my excited about the Sims 4 again. I love some of the new design features - such as the half walls. 
I have the admit that previously, I regarded the Sims 4 as the weakes…


So its time to set some new goals for the new month ahead. 
So here goes : 
1) I want to write my Personal Statement for University. 
I am reapplying for University next year, and this is literally the last thing that I need to do before I send it off. I think if I put it in the goals, then I am more likely to do it! 
2) I want to have a good look at my finances and set up a plan - including Christmas
I always have a Pre Christmas assessment of all of the money that we don't seem to have and have wasted in the first part of the year aha. I have a few ideas of what I'm gonna do, so I will share them on here, if successful!
I'm hoping to include mortage savings, student finance and hopefully changing a few providers to make it cheaper for us both! 

3) I want to complete Lego Star wars to 100% on Xbox One. 
I've already completed it on story mode. So it is just getting the collectibles. I've spent so much time on the PlayStation that I have neglected my original love. Time…

BOOKS: The Red Queen by Phillipa Gregory

Hello Everyone, 
So I am happy to say that I have finished another book!
This book is the second  in the Cousins War Series following the White Queen

The story focuses on the second Woman of Power, Margaret Beaufort, later Stanley. 
She was a later ally of The White Queen Elizabeth Woodville and a very religious and serious woman. They are later related when their kids marry (its is spoiler if its history??)
In this tale (based on Real Events and Real people) we see Margaret go from a girl obsessed with being a nun, to the mother of the future King of England Henry V11. 
She has to move from France to move to Wales to become a young bride of the House of Tudor.
 She does her duty and gives birth to a son, but war is never far away. 
The story is set in one of the most troublesome and uncertain times in England's history. 
It the story of one girls struggle to keep hold of her son and her dedication to get him to the position of King of England. 
It takes a while to get going but as soon as…

YOUTUBE : A Weekly Catch Up

Hello guys, 
So I thought that I would write a quick post to show you all the content that I have uploaded to Youtube in the past week. 
Starting with the Main channel : 
I uploaded some footage of August's goals.
 I have to admit that I kinda forgot to record alot of it so the video is a bit patchy in places. 
But I found the goals to be extremely helpful for my mental health as its been a struggle this month! 

Next for the Gaming Channel : 
I did an unboxing of this months Loot Gaming Box, I have already written a post about the items in it. 
I was very pleased. 

So thats it for now, this was just a brief catch up!
Thanks for reading 

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MANGA : Sailor Moon Vol 2

Hi Everyone, 
So its time to review the next part of the Sailor Moon Story. 
You can read part one on This Link here
So part two picks up immediately from where the first left off.  
We are searching for the Moon Princess and the Silver Imperial Crystal 

The Gang discover the Princess and her heartbreaking love story.... and the crystal isn't far behind... 
If you have watched the Anime then, you'll know who this person is... however the story differs in the Manga and in some respects is alot more emotional. 
 I think that the differences have kept me on my toes and made me appreciate the story as it is - rather than what the Anime made it in to.   The Manga is more fast paced and the anime created alot more extra story lines in the hope of making a series. 
Usagi has to deal with the loss of Tuxedo Mask as an ally after he is kidnapped by the Dark Kingdom and all else that happens as a consequence. 
You get to see inside Sailor's head alot more and I actually began to feel her lo…

FOOD : Chunky Vegetable Soup

Hello Everyone, 
So its time for this weeks..... thing I cooked. 
So I decided that because the weather is so miserable this week that I would make something nice and hearty. 
We had alot of vegetables in the fridge that needed to be used up and the thought that my slow cooker was doing nothing in summer upset me. 
So bish, bash bosh, this idea was formed. 

I have to admit that I used a pack of vegetable from Aldi so it had cauliflower, broccoli and carrots all cut up in it. 
Although the chunks were a little too big so I cut them down a little more and added six potatoes. 
I precooked them a little in the slow cooker and then I added some Oxo stock cubes and boiling water. 
I used one stock cube to about 200 ml of water, so to fill my slow cooker, I ended up using about four. 
It was great though as the smell when it cooked throughout the day was beautiful. 
It tasted really nice and was exactly what I needed. Although Luke has argued that its more of a broth than a soup, but I'll leave th…