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FOOD : Vegan Shortbread!

So its time for this week's bake. 
I decided that it was time to attempt shortbread, I'm not gonna lie... My Scottish Heritage makes me weak for these biscuits. 
So I made them on Sunday night. 
But they didn't exactly go to plan. 
Firstly, The shapes are uneven..... I made them in all different lengths and thicknesses. I need to make them alot bigger next time. 
Secondly, they were slightly burnt. 

Thirdly, it needs alot more butter than the recipe asked for... But I think that is because I used a vegan replacement butter. Therefore, I think next time to give it a fighting chance, I need to use slightly more.
Here is the recipe I used : BBC Food

But that being said, they did taste nice. Its just some kinks to work out, I like to share failures on here as well as the better bakes... because at the end of the day thats life. 
I might reattempt them again in the week!
If I do I will write a follow up post. 
Thanks for reading,

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LIFESTYLE : September Goals Results

Hi Everyone,

It's time to share the results of this month's goals

So if we cast our minds back, these were the goals that I set.

1) I want to write my Personal Statement for University. 
Completed -   This was something that I really wanted to do so that I was organised. What I didn't write into the goal, is that I really wanted to get all my finance sorted and the whole application sent. There is so many different elements that I had to get in place. But I am happy to say that it is all done. 

I really hope that I get an offer for at least one course. I hope someone likes me. As I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a child. However I can also accept that what isn't meant to be, isn't meant to be. 
2) I want to have a good look at my finances and set up a plan - including Christmas
Completed  This is something that again had a load of background work that I didn't write into the goal. So, I plan to write a detailed post on this. But I managed to look at both o…

YOUTUBE : Scaretober is back!

Hello Everyone, 
So I thought that I would take this post to announce that Scaretober is coming back to Hideaway Gaming for the second year. 
For those who are unfamiliar with this.... Basically the whole of October is given up to Jump scare and Horror Games. Luke and I spend about six months collecting the games and the actual month terrified to play them haha. 
Last year we played: 
Layers of Fear

Slender The Arrival 

Emily Wants to play (NEVER AGAIN)

We have learnt a lot of important lessons also about the recording and uploading of videos, so hopefully this years will be more polished....
I'm really looking forward to it and I hope you can join us! 
Thanks for reading 


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LIFESTYLE : This Past Weekend...

Hello Everyone, 
So I thought that I would write a little post about the past weekend. 
I decided that I would vlog the past weekend as I knew that I had alot informally, that I wanted to discuss. 
Sometimes, I find it really difficult to talk about issues in a sit down video. I get all tongue tied and I can feel my voice shaking and my chest getting tighter. 
But also, when you say that you are fine its hard to prove but in a vlog you can show it.

So if you want to watch along here is the video: 

So on Saturday,  I was on my own in the first part of the day as Luke was at work. 
I used this time to clean the flat. A tidy home equals a tidy mind and all that. I also used this time to play the Witcher 3 again. I decided that I was going to play it on Blood and Bones and I underestimated how hard this would be!!!
The one thing that I was most looking forward to all week was a trip that we had planned to a new Japanese Restaurant in Northampton called Askaka
There aren't many pictures of the …

ANIME : My Current Favourite Shows

Hello Everyone! 
So at the weekend, I bought one of my favourite Anime shows on DVD.  I bought the complete collection of Deathnote, along with the matching Ryuk Pop Figure. 
I just love his little Apple 

If you read the blog often, then you know that this was the first adult anime that I got into. 
This led me to think about the shows that I have really enjoyed and that I am still watching.
 I regularly post about the shows that I finish and enjoy on a monthly basis, but I often exclude anime. 
So I thought that I would write a little follow up post to let you know what I'm loving. 

Seven Deadly Sins.
I love so many things about this show, the characters (Hawk.....PIGGY BACK PIGGY BACK), the theme song and the way that its is written. 

For those who haven't seen it. Its an anime set in medieval times, A king is killed and a band of warriors called the Seven Deadly Sins are blamed. They are chased throughout the kingdom by the Holy knights.
One of the Princesses of the Kingdom, Elizabet…

YOUTUBE : A Weekly Catch up

Hello Everybody! 
So I thought that I would share whats been going on, on the Youtube Channels. 
They've both been a little quiet, as I have alot of University work due but I did manage to get a video out on the main channel! 
I'm hoping that after next Friday, I will have all the time in the world for filming, blogging and uploading. 
So in the video below , Luke and I filmed a First impressions / unboxing of the Loot Anime Box for this month. 
It was really fun and although the angles are a little off, its one of my favourites that I have done recently. I love filming with Luke as sometimes, he sees things from a different point of view. 

I have something different coming tomorrow..... A little weekend with us ;)
I hope to get something also filmed for the Gaming Channel... I really need to finish Uncharted the lost legacy. 

Thanks for reading 

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LIFESTYLE : Celebrity Masterchef

Hello Everyone, 
So its time for a little review. 
Sadly, one of my favourite TV shows has come to an end for this year. 
I love Masterchef, and all of its various shows, Masterchef , Celebrity Masterchef and Masterchef the Professionals.
 I find myself glued to the screen and I notice that little techniques seems to sneak their way into my cooking. 
I found myself watching the Greek Masterchef when we were in corfu (with subtitles) and that version was brutal compared to the UK one. 

I always think that in the first round, that the Celebrity one seems alot easier, but I am impressed that they manage to pull in big names.
 In the UK, reality shows are famous for scrapping the barrel and its kinda people that are infamous, rather than famous in their own right. I'm looking at you Big Brother. 
I loved this years show, I backed Rev Kate to win, sadly she didn't make it to the final. I just felt that she nailed everything that she attempted and I didn't agree with her going. 
But the …

ANIME : Loot Anime's Work For it Box

Hello Everyone,
So its a tad delayed due to shipping, but its time to have a look at this Month's Loot Anime box! 
If you want to watch along with the post, I have recorded a video of the items as well: 

So the theme for this box was Work For It! - I thought this was a great idea as often in Animes and Manga, the main character will always have a mountain to climb to get to where  they want to be. 
Below are the items - you can click to enlarge the picture.

Starting on the top left we have this month's Manga - It is a Loot crate exclusive version of Soul Eater.  Luke and I were very curious about this as it had a sticker on the box saying that the manga was not to be read by anyone under 16. I'm guessing its because the premise sounds really violent. 
Next is the Statue that Luke was really looking forward to - It is of Gin Tama  - We were both impressed with the quality of the statue, it came in three pieces but was easy to assemble. It looked like it came all the way from Japa…

LIFESTYLE : Little Life and Blog Update

Hi Everyone,
I thought that I would write a quick update post as there are two things that I want to talk about.
The first thing is that I have taken the plunge. I have completed my University application and have hit send. 
I found that when I got started, I hit a steady rhytmn even with the personal statement. 
I think it was alot easier to find things to say about myself.
I'm now eight years older than when I first went to university and I have realised that along the way, I've gained some life experience. I have also realised that my desire to be a teacher is greater than ever. I've had alot of time to think about taking this step and its time to start making dreams a reality. 
I even found a way to write about this blog in my application. I just hope that they like me. Wish me luck! 
I will post some updates, if I get feedback or hopefully some offers. 

I also wanted to talk about the Autumn Bloggers Brawl. 
You might have noticed that the posts haven't started yet. …