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LIFESTYLE : It's Starting to Feel A lot Like.......

Hi Everyone, 
Time for a Festive post, I absolutely love this time of year. 
Halloween through to Christmas is just the cosiest, exciting and fun filled couple of months. 
However it can be expensive and stressful if you leave everything for the last minute.
But before I mention Halloween or Christmas, I thought that I would talk about Last night. 
Luke and I had a date night in Milton Keynes. I briefly mentioned it on the last post I wrote. 
We ended up going to Pizza express and then onto the cinema

They have a few vegan options, which were to die for.

We went to watch a re-release of an old Anime film, Perfect Blue. 
It turned twenty years old this year. 
I had never heard of it, but I'm glad that I checked it out. 
The story is about a Pop Idol who leaves singing behind to pursue a career in acting. She is stalked by an obsessive fan and literally loses all touch with reality. 
Its slightly dated, you see the introduction of the internet and how revolutionary it was at the time, but i…

Reasons to Celebrate (Life and Blog Update!)

Hello Everybody! 
So I thought that I would write a short update post about a couple of subjects. 
I'm dying to share one bit of news with you all BUT I will do that once everything is 'final' and confirmed. 
I thought that I would talk about the blog and how its doing, firstly. 
When I started the blog, I wrote about the desire to celebrate the smaller milestones as they are worth just as much to me as the big ones. 
I looked at my blog figures after a couple of days away, and I was overwhelmed with what I saw. 
50,000 lifetime views.

I honestly, can't get over how nicely the blog is growing and I guess that I am still a little awe-struck by it all .
The thought that just one person might be reading, is honestly enough for me. But wow. 
Thank you so much and thank you for putting up with my.... well ramblings and reviews I guess. 
At some dark points, it was one of the only things that I felt was going right in my life and gave me a little bit of hope. 
A bit deep but there we a…

LIFESTYLE : A Chilled Weekend and a Great Week for Gaming!

Hello Everyone, 
So I haven't posted in a couple of days, I have been spending time just doing what I have missed doing all these past months. 

My week at work has been quite busy and stressful, so when I was coming home,  I was getting stuck into box sets, games and books. 

On Wednesday night, I sat in my bathroom and I decluttered all my beauty products, I got rid of alot of boxes.
 I have received so many beauty products from boxes and other events that I was unaware of how many items I actually had. 
I have managed all my skin products in particular and developed a new routine. 
My skin is alot clearer and softer and also not as worn down by the horrible windy weather. 

Below is about a quarter of everything I have, this is my day to day makeup. 

The main book that I have fallen in love with is a Game of Thrones, by George R R Martin.
 I love the TV show, but I wanted to read the original story. I am glad I have, things are explained fully and there is more time with characters that sa…

BEAUTY : This Month's Birchbox & Marzia's Cosy box

Hello Everyone, 
So this month, I have been blessed with alot of goodies and deliveries. 
I posted about some of them yesterday, but today is the turn of this Month's Birchbox and Marzia's Quarterly box. 
The Theme of this box is Cosy and the Birchbox is in collaboration with the Coppafeel Breast Cancer  Campaign. 

I'll start with the Birchbox. 

The Box is a beautiful purple and pink, its looks a little like a bath bomb effect. 
I love that this box had a great message behind it, it is encouraging women to check themselves daily. 
I have watched a Great Aunt die of Breast Cancer and she died so quickly (within weeks of being diagnosed), so its an illness that I will always help to promote awareness for. 
Inside was the following: 

As always starting on the left - is the Anatomicals Grab your Melon's Shower Gel. The perfect product to use daily and to remember to check yourself! 
Next to it is this month's choice. I could choose between a Contour stick or a blusher. I chose t…

BEAUTY : Birchbox Haul!

Hello Everyone,
I hope that everyone is nice, warm and tucked up, especially to those in Ireland. 
We have had the tail end of a tropical storm, for us in the midlands (England), we had an orange sky and a red sun. I wish I had gotten a picture. 
 For those in Ireland, they have fast winds and horrible conditions.
 I have family in Ireland and they have been on my mind constantly today. 
So on to the main bulk of this post. I have been so excited for these items to arrive, I recently finished University and I got these as a present to myself.
These are items that were ordered from the Birchbox store and are not part of the monthly box. 
I will feature that later in the week. 
So in the first box, I had purchased something that I have had my eye on for the last year....
Heres a clue,

I finally bought the entire Mermaid Brush Set from Spectrum! 
I love them because they are colourful, they are vegan and they are the softest thing that I have ever felt.
I'm almost afraid to use them! 
In the …