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LIFESTYLE : My Top Five Christmas Movies (A Mini Haul!)

Hello Everyone,
I hope that you have all enjoyed your weekend! 
I have spent mine binge watching the Walking Dead and preparing for my impending Trip to Italy at the end of the month.
In fact, I am so prepared that I have already packed my case. I'm never normally this organised. 

It's always a massive challenge with anxiety to plan a trip and to make sure that I have items around me that make me feel comfortable. 
I think my main concern with this trip is the Cats.  Even though it is only three days that I won't see them. 
Sadly, there is someone hurting peoples pets in Northampton and I worry about them naturally being outside when we are away. 
However, I think we have come up with a  solution to keep them safe and happy! 
So moving back to this weekend, there was a major gaming release in the week. 
Yes Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are finally with us! 
I'm playing Moon and Luke is playing sun, a reverse of last year

At the moment, there are only a few differences that…

LIFESTYLE : What's Been Going on and a New Weekly Vlog

Hi guys, 
I've realised that its been a week since I last posted..... So I thought that it was time to change that. 
Basically due to being a tad poorly and trying to get back into a training regime, I've not had much time to myself. 
I have discovered a love for spin class! I never thought that I would be saying that. 
Basically, it all started on Sunday, I went to the Memorial parade and due to the clothes that I was wearing, I was frozen to the bone. 
I was wearing my gym gear and after two hours of standing still, I was so cold that it took two days to feel normal again. I felt sick and as if I would never be warm again. 
I started to feel better on Tuesday! 
You can see it all in the below video:

I've been feeling ever so tired as I'm on the later shift at work and the nights are so dark. 
But I have also to write about so, post should be getting back to normal! 
Thanks for bearing with me. 

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LIFESTYLE : An Autumn Walk and A Weekly Vlog

Hello Everyone, 
So I noticed that I had a fair few images on my phone from my Autumn Walk/ run that we did on Sunday. 
It was lovely to get outside and see nature and just be at peace for a while 

Luke loves capturing wildlife on his phone. I think its secretly his favourite hobby! 

Starting to feel a bit Christmassy! 

We said that we would go back on Saturday with nuts for the squirrels... they are so friendly at the moment. I guess they are collecting food for hibernation. 
Sadly after the walk I discovered that my Car had been vandalised but thats a story for another day. 
This trip features in my new Weekly Vlog which you can check out below: 

I'm hoping that these type of videos that feature everything in are a little more interesting than previous videos that I have done! 
Thats it for now
Thanks for reading 
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LIFESTYLE : Bonfire Night '17

Hello Everyone, 
Its one of the few times of the year that I get excited to stand in a dark cold field. 
Here in the UK, on the 5th November we celebrate Bonfire night, which when you think about it, is really strange. 
We celebrate the anniversary of Guy Fawkes's failure to blow up the house of parliament, by burning a massive bonfire and lighting alot of fireworks. 
Us Brits are odd creatures. 
But it is one of my favourite days of the year. 
Fireworks are my favourite thing in this world. 
So please enjoy a selection of my favourite shots, I also videoed alot of it, which you can see in my weekly blog, coming on Wednesday

(You can click to enlarge the pictures )

Its hard to be sad at a firework show. 
I always feel like a small child. 
So thats it for now....
Thanks for reading 

LIFESTYLE : November Goals

Hello Everyone! 
It's starting to feel alot more like Autumn at the moment, orange leaves where ever you look and the dark nights are with us. 
I've been living for comfy nights and big mugs of tea. 
Especially Strawberry and Vanilla Green Tea, its my go to at work. 

It feels as though October flew by, it was a big month for me... it saw the end of University and the start of getting back into shape and feeling healthy head to toe! 
I am liking the idea that the biggest project that I have on the go is myself... I've been lost the past month, since I handed in the last essay, suddenly everything came to a halt. 
My brain has been so used to running on a high speed that it felt just odd.... but I think that I am getting to the point that I'm realising thats ok. 
Six years of University and suddenly its all done.....
So with this in mind, I have decided to set some goals that are centred around the idea of chilling out and unwinding. 

1) I want to try a Yoga Class at the gym.
Its …

LIFESTYLE : Happy Halloween

Hello Everyone!
I hope that everyone enjoyed Halloween. 
We spent ours watching the new series of Stranger Things and also opening the door to trick or treaters. 
There is a general rule that if you don't knock if the house isn't decorated so we decided to dress it up a little! 
We started with a home made Jack O Lantern , total credit to Luke who crafted this little guy. 

We live in a ground floor flat so I popped our light up pumpkin and ghost in the window where they could be seen 

Next to the Ghost is a black metal Bat house. I popped a tea light candle in and the spooky eyes on the side of the house kids protected onto the window. 
It made them look alot larger and was a cool effect for Halloween. 

Here was some of the over all effect.

As for inside.... I picked up this cute little Cactus plant, complete with pumpkin pot. 

I had a matching bowl on the living room table filled with nuts as I'm not supposed to eat chocolate.