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LIFESTYLE : Health and Goodbye to 2017!

'ello everybody.
Its time to say goodbye to another year, I realise that 2018 is my third year blogging and Youtubing....
Time is just flying away. 
All in all, its been a good year. But I am very aware that I need to practise self care alot more. 

My Mental Health was shaky in the summer, so I have decided to set new years resolutions for the first time ever. 
Normally I go from July to July (as thats when my Birthday is), but 2018 will be different in this respect. 
I plan to write about these tomorrow, aka in the New Year!
We had a bit of a scare last night, Our little Diego came home with a limp. 
It looks like another cat has bit him, so last night we watched over him and made sure that he is ok. 
He has been snoozing all night and seems to be walking alot better so hopefully he will be ok in a few days! 

But before 2017 is gone, I said that I would speak about my health issues, as they will shape upcoming posts. 
From the end of November to the middle of December, I knew that som…

LIFESTYLE : Christmas 2017!

Hello Everyone!
So its time to talk about Christmas!
( Yes we had snow) 

Here in the UK, we had four days off of work to celebrate with families. 
I have to say that ours were very busy, we are lucky to have so many family members that wanted to see us. 
In alot of cases it was the first time we saw people since we got engaged. 
So I thought that I would share my favourite images with you! 

Firstly, we need to talk Christmas Jumper Fashion. 

I have written posts on here regarding my extensive collection of Christmas jumpers, but this year saw the addition of two more. 
Both are gaming themed and came from GAME.
My was a purple Pac Man Themed Jumper. 

And Luke's was Inspired by Crash Bandicoot... All I Wumpa Christmas is you..... 

I even stole it one day for the office.....
---- Next, let's talk about about Christmas food. 
So I briefly mentioned in Thursday's post, my health has taken a bit of a nose dive. This was all related to the food that I was eating. 
I'm ok now though! 

I w…

BEAUTY : Blogger's Winter Brawl Day Ten!

Hello Everyone, 
I hope that you have all had a lovely relaxing and festive time! 

Mine went in the blink of an eye, so over New Year, I hope to get some well deserved rest in! 
I want to do a while post around the festive time tomorrow....
I forgot that I have yet to post day ten of the Beauty Brawl. 
So here it is! 

The Final Day: 
The Brief was to review a Mascara. 

I chose to Review Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Reloaded Mascara. 
I'm going to be straight up, I struggle to fall in love with mascaras. I have heavy long eyelashes. I'm told by many that I should considering myself blessed, but I think of them as a burden. 
I might have a lash lift done in the future... but for now its time for an eyelash curler and a decent mascara. 
I have been using this mascara for about two months and I have to say that it does a good job. Its waterproof, it lasts well. 
I always think however, that mascaras tend to be way over priced for what they do. 
The packaging leaves alot to be …

BEAUTY : Blogger's Winter Brawl Day Eight and Nine

Hello Everyone, 
Its time for the next couple of days of the Blogger's Brawl. 
I have to admit to falling slightly behind again, I have been really ill this week - but I'll talk about that later. 

It's time for Day eight - the brief for this day was to review a face mask. 
I chose Hannari's Ginseng SOS Masque Ampoule. 
I was excited to review this product as I first received it in my Taste of Asia Box from Birchbox. 
Here is the product's scorecard. 


I am obsessed with Asian Culture as no doubt you can probably tell from the blog. 
I spend days on end watching Anime and cooking food from the region. 
In fact, Luke and I are talking about learning Japanese, so it seemed only natural to take a look at the beauty products. 
I noticed in other products that Ginseng featured in them all heavily. 
So I tried the mask, it is one that you apply to your face and then peel off 15 mins later. 
I've always had a love of 'peely' masks as I feel like your can feel all the ba…

BEAUTY :Blogger's Winter Brawl . Day Four, Five, Six and Seven

Hello Everyone, 
So due to Christmas and mental health commitments, I seem to have fallen behind on the Beauty Brawl. 
Sometimes, life just gets in the way doesn't it? 

So in this post, I will be reviewing Day Four, Five, Six and Seven. 
I'll try and make the post as streamline as possible. 
So Day four's Brief was to review a lip Treatment. 

I went for Arrow's Boost Lip Balm. 
I was excited to give it a go because it is meant to be different for everyone that uses it. It's a clear balm that changes colour in reaction to the PH of your skin.
My Lips go a light baby pink 

Its a nice little go to because as well as giving you a pop of colour, it helps against the cold weather. My lips are super sensitive and this is the only product that I have been using in the past month. 
I wanted to give it a proper test. 
My lips are smooth, calm (I.e none chapped) and well protected. 
I liked this product so much that I purchased a new one. 
On to to Day Five 
The brief for this da…

BEAUTY : Blogger's Winter Brawl. Day Three : Hair Mask

Hello Everyone, 
So its time for Day Three of the Beauty Brawl. 
You can see yesterday's review on this link here

So Today's brief was to pick a hair mask product. 
I decided to go for Percy and Reed's Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery. 

This is a product that I first got introduced to via on of my Birchboxes. 
However it was alot smaller than the one in the picture , so I guess you can say that it is a good indicator of my love for this product. 
The Larger bottle featured above retails for 18 pounds, which is knocked down if you are a Birchbox VIP. 

To use the product, you apply to dry hair in the evening before you go to sleep and shampoo it off in the morning. Simple.
Here is how I scored it: 

I'll be honest, both Luke and I love this product. 
It does the job effectively, and it leaves the hair silky smooth! I did dread looking at my pillow in the morning and luckily there was nothing there. My hair became a damp but not leaking mound. 
 Its easy to apply, take…