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Goodnight Beautiful

Hello Everyone, 
Its time for a sad post I'm afraid. 
Tonight, my Childhood companion and friend, Elizabeth Moo got put to sleep. 
We first got her when I was 13 and now I'm 26.

Lizzie saw me through my awkward teenage phase, she comforted me through my bullying phase. 
She watched me start my first day at University and waited for me on my last day. 
She protected me and chatted to me at the end of my long 15 hour shifts. 
She called out for me and cried when she moved to the coast without me. 
She used to be so excited to see me on FaceTime and would lick the screen. 
She would greet me when I came to visit as if no time had past. 

She died in pain, suspected  accidental poisoning, her organs giving up on her. 
No animal deserves that, not even the intended targets of Badgers and Foxes 
She went to sleep surrounded by love. 
She's at peace now and with Maddie and Little Sidney and I know that I'll see her again some day. 

She was amazing and I was lucky enough to know her from…

LIFESTYLE : Late Night Thoughts (Teenage Photos Drop! )

Hello Everyone, 
So I find myself unable to sleep. 
So I thought that I would share whats troubling me and give you all a quick update in the hope that I will bore my self to back to slumber.
This post was inspired by some thoughts that I posted on Tumblr, it one of the only forms of social media that I kept after my deleting spree at the end of 2017. 

I love Tumblr because it feels alot freer than Facebook and Twitter, you see people geeking out together rather than calling each other out. 
My user is HideawayBlogging on there so drop by and say hi! 
So my main concern at the moment is that awesome thing that Brains do to you, often at midnight. 
Those conversations that you never had, the path not travelled, all the people that you lost in contact with and all those awkward recalls from a decade ago. 
Tonight its all about school....
Thats right, I left secondary school TEN YEARS AGO. 

And yet, I find myself still comparing myself to people that I haven't spoken to in nine years a…

LIFSTYLE : An Vegan Diet update (Feat Overnight oats and Pancakes! )

Hello Everyone, 
So, I thought that I would do a couple of things in this post. 
I have two food ideas to share and a little Health update.
So firstly, as I mentioned yesterday...we had yet to have our pancake day.
But today that all changed!
I made some yummy Vegan pancakes using a recipe that I have already shared before. 

You can see it on this link here
I made a whole stack and shared them with Luke. 

I covered them in maple syrup and sugar. 
Here is a picture of all the ingredients I used. 


So the second food idea that I have to share is my latest overnight oats creation. 
Oats with chia seeds, honey and Strawberries. 

To make it I used two cup of overnight oats, two cups of Alpro Plant milk. 
I filled the rest of the jar with Strawberries and two teaspoons of Chia and Flak seeds. I then drizzled a far bit of honey on it. 
All ready for the next couple of mornings before work. 

LIFESTYLE : Valentines and Lent!

Hello Everyone, 
I hope that you are enjoying the weekend. 
I personally have been spending the day trying to relax and to catch up with the household chores. 
I didn't choose the thug life....
(but to be honest, its the weekend before payday so it always tends to be a quieter one.)

I've had a rather busy week this week, however we managed to squeeze in a valentines day celebration.....
Here is a cute picture of the cats cuddling 

We came home from work, watched some anime and eat some Vegan Pizza. 
It was a lovely night, especially as I was on the later shift at work. 
I have to admit that I feel as though I am very lucky with my romantic situation. Luke and I are entering our seventh year together and are newly engaged. 
I see alot of people struggling to find that someone and people that are splitting up. Its hard to maintain a relationship these days, especially with the influence of social media and the fake ideals that it promotes. We are worried about how we should act in the …

LIFESTYLE : A Comfy Weekend Part 2

Hello Everyone! 
So here I am, in my comfy cave, actually writing another blog post! 

I completely forgot about these Harry Potter Socks that I received from December's Loot Crate. 
They have the sorting hat at the top and all four houses in their colours. 
I've been tweaking the layout for the blog, however it keeps displaying a blog not available message so I am having to do it in stages, hopefully the end result will be worth it! 


I'm also spending the day, downloading and sorting my old phone into an iPod. It was such a good little phone that I didn't want to part with it when I upgraded. 
In going through my old library, I released that I've gone through alot of different phases and tasted in music. 
Some are a little cringy, but when it came to the decision to download high school musical again, I smashed the button haha. 
Its weird how one song can take you back to a place in time aka my 14 year old self! 
I might write a blog post about this, as this is somet…

LIFESTYLE : A Comfy Weekend

Hello Everyone! 
So I was lucky enough to have a day off of work yesterday. 

It was a great way to relax and recharge on my own, it also gave me alot of time to think about the blog and the Channels. 
So, hopefully I will be coming at you with some fresh ideas. 

But I thought that I would share some visuals from the weekend so far. 
So yesterday,  it was just the boys and me. 

They've been so attentive and playful recently. 
I decided that I was gonna tidy, reorganise and make the flat super comfy.
I seem to have at least one major clear out a month as we seem to accumulate alot of stuff. 
We will be moving later in the year, so I am trying to keep on top of all the stuff. When we moved two years ago, I had to throw away soon much stuff. Random stuff that I had been holding onto for way too long. 

I decided that I really wanted to bake and cook as it fast becoming one of my favourite hobbies. 
So I made Vegan Sausage and mash, with fried onions and freshly steamed vegetables! 

We recently …