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GAMING : Hideaway Gaming is Alive!

Hello Everyone! 
So just a little post to say that Hideaway Gaming is reactivated after a six month hiatus!
It feels rather nice to have both channels back up and running as I will admit that Gaming is my main passion in regards to Youtube. 
The main channel is mainly a vlogging channel at the moment. 
So this week's Gaming video is Pokemon Go in Rome! 

I went to Rome in November (you know when I got engaged) and while I was there I played Pokemon Go. 
Whenever we go somewhere new, we film a video and have a little collection from the past couple of years. 
But I forgot all about the footage until I was going through the camera this week. 
I'm loving playing it again at the moment as there have been alot of updates recently. 
We are trying to be a little bit more active so hunting for Pokemon makes it a little bit more enjoyable. 
So please enjoy the above video, we are currently trying to work out which game to start filming for next weeks videos! 
Thanks for reading 
Twitter : @B…

LIFESTYLE : A Walk In The Park

Hello Everyone, 
It certainly feels as though Spring is definitely in the air.
The clocks went forward last night and the sun has been shining brightly. 
Not only that but it was shining for longer. 

Luke bought a fancy top of the line camera and wanted to take it for a test drive. 
So around 4pm, we went for a little walk around the local park. 
I thought that I would share some of the pictures as it makes me so happy to see the weather like this. 

Also, I didn't wear a coat... like a rebel. 
So please enjoy the below, I am trying to convince Luke to do some guest posts on here as some of the photos he has taken are beautiful. 

But I think that he needs to build some confidence first. 

I call this one the chosen one, because of the light. Haha. 

LIFESTYLE, PERSONAL AND ANIME : Disappointment (?) and Monthly Favourites

Hello Everyone, 
So I really wasn't sure with how to start this post and how to title it. 
Basically, I didn't get the job that I wrote about. 
Honestly, I didn't think I would. 
For me, my current job isn't in the field that I wanna end up in. Its not my endgame, but I was disappointed to find out that I wasn't successful. 
I guess I had gotten my hopes up, but there will be another chance in the future I'm sure. 
I felt rather worthless for the day of the results, but I soon realised that I am good at my current job, the sun is still shining and the bird were still singing. 

It kinda sucked because people had been telling me all week that I was really good and I should get the role so to tell them I didn't was a bit shit.
 I know people have faith in me, but at that moment it felt a little misplaced. 
I went for a walk at lunchtime and I had a knee jerk reaction to the news. It was not one that I was expecting. 
I decided that I was gonna start filming again, the w…

LIFESTYLE AND FOOD : After An Important And Long Week!

Helllooo Everyone, 
So this week has been what can only be described as a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.
I had to be an adult and if you read the blog often enough you will know that I'm not the best at this....
Basically, I put myself out there and I went for an interview. 
I have never been so nervous in my life, I actually felt the sick bubbling in my stomach. 
BUT, I think it went well. 
I'll find out next week, even if I don't get it then its all good experience! 

So this weekend and the previous one was dedicated to self care. 

My Journal was invaluable as a relaxation tool. 
I must have filled half the thing in the past week 
I've made a new recipe: 

Pot Sticker Noodles! 

I will post the recipe in the week. They were not outwardly spicy but the sauce I made had a nice kick to it. 
Plus it was an easy way to get greens into Luke! 
Speaking of food, I had my first hotdog in two years. 

I had some cheeky Quorn Frankfurters with some red onion and Ketchup.... and hom…

PERSONAL : It's Time

Hello Everyone, 
So this post is going to be personal.... I wrote a Tumblr post this morning that took all of me to create. 
It was inspired by a film that I saw last night call Love Simon. 

I will Transcribe it below :

Love, Simon So I had the chance to see this film on an advanced preview last night and I honestly loved it. 
However, it brought to light some struggles that I personally relate to but have never had the courage to address. 
Those that have been in my life for a while and also for a little time know that I had a real struggle with my sexuality when I was a teenager. 
I had feelings for boys and girls and I felt like something was inherently wrong with me. All my other friends knew who they wanted and what they wanted.
Whenever the issue of bisexuality was discussed, the general consensus was that the person was ‘greedy’ . I honestly just fall in love with people’s personalities rather than gender. 
A couple of people found out and well I mentioned I was bullied right? Well now …


Hello Everyone, 
So I thought that I would do a quick follow up post. 
At the start of the weekend, I wrote a post in which I said that I was feeling a bit rubbish. 

I was feeling as though my head wasn't in the right place. 
Well over the weekend, I took some real me time and I decided that I was going to do whatever it took to chilli out and get back on track. 
And I did just that...
Firstly, I set up my environment up to be comfy, clean and cosy. 
It helped to me to organise my thoughts and have a tiny clear out. 
My happiest place is my bed and as you can tell its also Boots and Diegos too. 

Secondly, I talked and saw my family over the weekend. 

Its nice to catch up and make plans with each other. 
I had some good news also in regards to an ill family member so it was a good visit. 
Also - I'm loving lighting my candles and just watching the flames dance. 
Especially when I'm reading. 
Thirdly, I sat and completed a game.

My lovely living room 

I completed Game of Thrones, the …