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FOOD & PERSONAL : Thrifty Meal Prep and A Happy Birthday

Hello Everyone, 
So I had a different kind of post planned for today, however today is a special day in The Russell Bowers household. 
Our beloved Kitty Kats turn four years old today! 

We adopted them from someone that noted the date soooooo we can celebrate on the right day! 
They are having a cooked fish dinner and have been out exploring the nice weather so far today.
 We have exchanged happy birthdays and belly rubs so its been a good day for us all! 
So I thought that I would share this weeks meal prep. 
I have to admit that for the past couple of weeks I have been having sandwiches and pots of noodles. 
I really missed meal prepping, but I am trying to save costs, so I thought that I would use up the leftovers that were in the cupboards and in the fridge. 
I had some Baby carrots, green beans, potatoes and Broccoli left over so I steamed the greens and boiled the potatoes. 

I put half the above in a blender with 250mls of water mixed with stock cube
After it was blended, I did the sam…

LIFESTYLE and YOUTUBE - What's been going on....

Hello Everyone, 
So I have been a little quiet over the past week, but this is because I've been rather busy on the two Youtube channels. 

I find that filming, editing and uploading took me away from writing. 
But it was nice to pour my energy into the weekly vlog and to start and finish a new gaming series on Hideaway Gaming. 
I think that my passion for videos is well and truly back after not uploading for the first three months of 2018.
On Hideaway Blogging (the channel), I uploaded the newest weekly vlog. 
However, it was rather short as I completely forgot to film my day to day life. I instead decided to share my progress on my new years resolutions : 

What took the most time was completing the Mew Challenge on Pokemon Go. 
It required many,many.many laps of my local park. 

I started it in Hastings and finished it in Northampton and I managed to record each level. 

I will link the first and the last video below as there are quite a few now! 

So now this is all over, I have more ti…

LIFESTYLE : April Goals and Updates!

Hi everyone!
So its Sunday,  I had planned to jump on the blog last night, but we ended up going to the park three times yesterday ... 

I took this as the sun was setting.... 
I think that it is safe to say that I am addicted once more to Pokemon Go. 

My feet and legs are a little achy this morning. But I think that its only doing my body the world of good at the moment to be active. 
We on average are doing at least 10k a day. 
I am still filming each challenge and steps for the gaming channel. 
But its time to share my April Goals! 

So I decided to set the following : 

1 ) Catch up with the Jan - March Goals.

I wrote them all up again, I set them because I really want to complete them. 
I think this is the month to make them happen. 
I plan to update on the last four months later in the month! 

2) Film the Mew Challenge- the whole way through. 

As I said above, I am really enjoying this challenge and I think that its helping with my health and mental health. 
Its nice to work towards a goal and…

TRAVEL : Easter in Hastings!

Hi Everyone, 
So for the first couple of days of the Easter Holiday, Luke and I went down to Hastings to see my Mum. 
It was nice to get away for a night, it encouraged me to get the camera out and to escape work and its stresses. 
Before I left, I got my kit through from Anthony Nolan, so I got my mouth swabbed and sent off! 

It was important that I got it done as I want to join the donor register as soon as I can. 
A doner saved my mothers life, so if I can and I'm a match, I want to do the same. 
I also joined the Blood donor register for the NHS, this is something that I can do three times in a year, where as Anthony Nolan is once in a lifetime. 
I just need to work on my Iron levels as I'm on a vegan diet! 
So back to the weekend. 
On Friday, we left at 6 in the morning and were by the coast for around ten o clock. 

I was reunited with my childhood pet Sidney, he's not been well recently so it was important that he got all the cuddles. 
He recently also lost his sister, so I …

LIFESTYLE : Happy Easter Fools Day!

Hello Everyone, 
Happy Easter and April Fools day! 
We have been celebrating by eating dairy free eggs and going for a long walk. 
Basically there is a new challenge on Pokemon Go that has led me to walking a far distance over two days. 
But lets face it, anything that gets me out and about is a win. 
I thought that I was done with Pokemon Go, apparently not. 
Here is the first video that I have created about it....

We have spent the last two days in Hastings and by the sea. 
But I plan to write a post about it and share some lovely photos. Luke had his camera out again and got some amazing pictures! 
But I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a relaxing day and rest of the Bank Holiday weekend! 
I hope that you get to spend it with your family or doing whatever you want to! 
Oh, before I forgot I actually uploaded a video yesterday to the main channel. 
It was a vlog from the last week, which you can check out below :

Thanks for reading as always, it means the world to see that yo…