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LIFESTYLE & TRAVEL: Let the Holiday Begin!

Hello Everyone! 
So as of Friday, I am on holiday for nine days! 
Its well overdue and its nice to have some freedom. 
I think the stresses of my 9-5 job were spilling into my everyday life. 
So for day one, I went to the Races in Chichester. 
It was a work event so I didn't have to pay anything. 
We had a group picnic, so for my contribution, I baked some cakes. 

I made Lemon cupcakes and triple chocolate cakes. 

I forgot to take a picture of them when they were iced! dooohhhhhhhh. 
The Lemon Cakes were dairy free so I could eat those ones, I was told that the chocolate ones were to die for. 
However as I was doing a mass bake, The chocolate ones weren't done in a baking tin so the mixture escaped. oooops.  ---- So the day in chichester was really nice. 

The weather was very warm and the sun was out in full force. 

In fact, I tanned quite nicely (only burnt a tiny bit). 
It was nice to relax with people that I work with because we've all been under pressure lately. 
We managed to pick…

LIFESTYLE and PERSONAL : Mental Health Awareness Week

Hello Everyone, 

I hope today has been as blissful and sunny for you as it has been for me. 

We went out for breakfast, went for a walk in the park and then I've been napping and watching catch up tv! 
I'm happy to say that my skin is no longer red (like in the thumbnail below) , but its going a nice tanned colour. 
I also published a video this morning, which is a catch up of the last couple of weeks. 

---- A WARNING : The below is extremely personal and honest. I
t touches upon Self Harm and other unpleasant subjects so please consider this before reading. ---

I thought that I would write a post about something that I feel passionate about, Mental Health Awareness. 
Its the end of the awareness week today in the UK and its something that sadly I know all too well about. 
I'm going to take you back to exactly a year ago and recount my own story as well as I can remember it. 
Some of it is fuzzy and possibly repressed from my memory.... 


This time last year, I knew that something w…

PERSONAL: Three years of Hideaway Blogging & A Royal wedding!

Hello Everyone! 
I hope that you are all having a great weekend. 
Here in the UK, we have been celebrating a certain wedding.....

We had a morning feast to munch on during the pre wedding commentary as the wedding guests arrived.

What was lovely is that my Mum came to join us, she drove all the way up from the south coast of England (about a three hour drive).
We watched Wills and Kates wedding together so it was great to compare the two. 
It was a lovely service and one of those moments that made me proud to be a Brit. 
I have to admit that I love the royal family... I still fondly remember last year when we saw the Queen in the flesh albeit really quickly. 
Its in this video: 

This afternoon, we went to the town centre and joined in the festivities. 
Its lovely to see the country come together.
We also bumped into the royal couple....

My face looks really red. I have to admit that I have a nasty sun headache at the moment, I didn't wear any lotion and it was roasting today! 


So its time…

LIFESTYLE : Bank Holiday

Hello Everyone, 
So I thought that I would share my Bank Holiday weekend with you.

So the weather was beautiful and warm. Even though its only spring here, it felt like the middle of Summer. 
I love just relaxing at home, with the back door open, watching the cats chase flies and the world being at peace. 
I live in a small flat so I think that it helps to have extra light, air and space. 

On Saturday, I experimented with some supplements. 

I am trying to use various powders (Cacao and Maca) to replace vitamins that I miss due to my vegan diet. 
Before I bought them, I used a fitness and food tracker to work out the most commonly missed vitamins. I also for the most part cannot have tablets as they have a lactose covering. I sadly also found that this is true for hay fever tablet, which is one of the reasons that I have been so sick. 
To be honest, I'm not really a pill taker so to be able to drink powder is a good idea for someone like me. Especially as you can change the flavour. 
I …