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LIFESTYLE : The Finale of A Picture Everyday in June Goal

Hello Everyone, 
So its the last day of the month so its time to wind up this monthly goal. 
I've really enjoyed having a daily goal that I can measure. This time I measured it via instagram.
I think that I will extend it for the duration of the summer, I am a summer born child so I always find this time of the year is the busiest. 

So here is the final week..... 

Day 24 : 
So I decided to get my cook on for the world cup. 
I am loving cooking everything from Scratch at the moment, its an easy street relief for me as I had a real tough start to the week. 
Being on a vegan diet is not as restrictive as I first feared and I am finding loads of ways to reproduce some old favourites. 

I made a rather rustic brushetta as I love my veg on the chunky side. 
The main event was spaghetti and 'meatballs'. Its fast become one of Lukes favourites.

Day 25
I previously wrote a blog post about this day, but it was a rather bad one. 

Things at work didn't go my way and I felt rather down in myself…

LIFESTYLE: Disappointment and the Hideaway

Hello Everyone, 
So I have always kind of thought of this blog as a version of channeling my energy and thoughts.

Today, has been a very disappointing day. 
Basically, things once again didn't go my way and I once again didn't get the step up at work that I really wanted. 
I thought this time, I was alot stronger, I knew what to say and I brought it to the interview.
 I even had a great work review the day after the interview. 
However, it wasn't meant to be I guess.
I sat in the room getting feedback and I felt a massive lump in my throat and I just wanted to bolt. After it all happened, I immediately wanted to quit and was left with a feeling of inadequacy. 
I'd come so far but I still wasn't good enough. 
I'd reminded myself that if I had given into my emotions that our mortgage that has been agreed in principle would be gone also. 
Its weird because, when I thought about it, no one tells you how to deal with disappointment. 
Everyone tells you to reach for the sta…

LIFESTYLE : A Picture Everyday in June #2

Hello Everyone, 
Its time for the next instalment of this monthly goal to take a picture a day! 

Day 16

We celebrated Father's day a day early.
I went round my Dads and my Grandad also came round. 
It was really good to catch up and celebrate my Grandad's good health and Fathers Day. 
The weather was really bright until a little rain shower and this little guy came out. 
It was so clear that you could even see the purple in the rainbow! 

Day 17: 

A Day at home doing chores and chilling out. 
Went to make the bed and the kitty kat was taking a nap! 

Day 18: 

I wanted to show off my new Griffindor pocket watch from my Wizarding World of Harry Potter Loot crate. 
The theme was House Pride and I just fell in love with it. 
Its a fully working watch! 

Day 19: 

The sky looked so beautiful so I just wanted to document it. 

Day 20 : 

LIFESTYLE: A Picture every day in June #1

Hi Everyone, 
So if you recall, one of my monthly goals for June is to take a picture a day for the month. 
I thought that as we are at the half way point, I would do a little update! 
You can follow this goal on instagram (@beckydoodah) & also on the Facebook and Tumblr pages for the blog.
( They are linked at the end of the post)

Day one : 

Day one was actually the last day in Derbyshire. 
I decided to take a picture of the private bit of lake that was outside our cottage. There was a family of river voles that lived there as well as geese and their goslings. 
It was so peaceful and I truly miss it. 

Day two: 

I will talk more about this in the upcoming weekly vlog, but Diego went missing for a day and a half. It scared us alot. But thankfully he was ok. We have taken this picture ages in advance.
When I couldn't sleep, I was really worried that this would be the last picture of his face that we would take.

Day three: 

I bought the most beautiful bouquet from the market. 
I just wanted to…