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LIFESTYLE: Where have I been?

Hello everyone, 
Sorry for the absence. I think that it safe to say that the World Cup took over our lives. 

It was also everywhere at work, we had a world cup theme and all the desks were dressed up as the different countries. 
My team got England so it was easy for us to decorate and to present food in the world cup buffet. 
I made an afternoon tea and Lemon Drizzle cake. 

I have a video, hopefully coming tomorrow, in which I filmed us watching the Sweden vs England game in London. 
I'm kinda sad that the football is over as we watched every game from start to finish and it did almost come home. 
I was at my Dads when we lost to Croatia.
Sad times. 
I also got involved in the fantasy football league at work, so yeah I was pretty busy. 
Combine that with many cinema trips, reading, working and trips to London and I didn't have time for much writing and vlogging. 
But, it does mean that I have many stories to tell and lots that I can share on here! 
But for now, its time to sl…

A Special Announcement for Post 600!

Hello Everyone! 
So I realised that I reached post 600 a couple of posts back. 
I wasn't sure how to celebrate but then something wonderful happened. 

I received an email from University to say that I had my results confirmed for my Postgraduate course! 
Three, almost four, years of hard work, paying fees and also holding down a full time job had paid off.
The course finished in October, so I have been waiting a long time but now its done. 
I previously recorded a video that I made private but for the occasion I have made it public again: 

My degree was a big subject on the blog and its weird to see that door close. 
I have alot of feelings that I'm not sure how to process. 
I've been a student for so long, since the age of 4.... so thats 22 years. I want to go and become a teacher, but first its operation house and wedding! 
Thank you to everyone that has watched my videos, has left me lovely feedback over the years and also taken the time to motivate me. 
It honestly means the worl…

LIFESTYLE & ANIME: June/ July Favourites

Hello Everyone, 
So I thought that I would talk about some Monthly favourites. 
As I feel as though I have alot to share this month, I will do Beauty, Books, music and Gaming in a different post. 
Before I start with the main post, I will just share that I uploaded a video to the main channel. 
It was actually filmed a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to make sure that I used the footage and didn't waste it 

It features a couple of loot crates that didn't make it to the blog. 

So I will start with... 

Ok, so my favourite things to watch on the TV at the moment is the footie. I'm currently writing this as I'm watching England TRY to win against Colombia. 
But in terms of other shows, I am readdicted to Desparate Housewives. Its back on Now TV and for some reason I never watched the end of it.... 
I'm back in season one with Mary Alices story and its like being back among old friends. 
I love the comedy and the twists and turns of the show! 
I think its safe to say that …


Hello everyone! 
So its time to reveal this month's goals. 
They are all geared around the idea of trying to chill out. 
I've set timed goals so that I can structure each day into being more productive. 
(I also have some goals to carry over, and they are written in the journal on the left - they won't be mentioned below) 

1) To do five mins a day on my Japanese and German apps. 
The ones that I have on my phone are Duolingo , German Drops and Japanese Drops (I am leaving Rosetta stone alone for the time being). 
I plan to buy myself a Study book at the end of the month, but I need to get the basics down. 
2) Read 15 mins a day. 
It doesn't sound like a long time, but 15 mins is just a minimum. 
Its the average chapter length.
 I want to make sure that all the goals compliment each other and all fit into an hour space ;)
If you want to see what books I have picked up, look at yesterday's post! 
3) Game for 30 mins a day 
Again, its not the longest time slot but I want it to be a…