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A New Project

Hellloooo Everyone, 
I thought that I would drop you all a quick post to let you know that I am still here! 
I had planned if you remember to have my big return to Youtube and to the blog this month, however the Universe appeared to have other plans for me. 
I've come to the quick realisation that life is too short and you have to go after the things that you really wanna do. 
Talk to the people that you have meant to and also value those that are in your life because they can be taken away in the blink of an eye. 
I'm not really ready to talk about it, however if you go to the new page on the blog, you will at least get half the story. 

The main thing to say is... I've have a rough week, but I am ok. 
I am trying to throw myself into a new project to manage my grief and this has led to the creation of a new series called Diego The Wonder Cat - The Small cat With the Big imagination.  There is the whole backstory on their and also my plans for it going forward. 
When I am a litt…

Whats in a Name?

Hellloooo Everybody, 
Time for a bit of a reflective post and a little glimpse into my soul. 

That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.

As you may or may not have figured out, Becky isn't my given name. 
It's a nickname. 
In England its very common for someone to shorten the name Rebekah to Becky as a form of closeness.
However, it's gotten to the point that when people would call me Rebekah that I would look around for someone else. 
Its a real shame when you think about it, that my parents would pick a beautiful name of Rebekah Mary and I would literally never use it. 
The only time you see it is on ID, so when I was buying a house at the end of last year. 
 It's rather strange because I have spent the last five years at work trying to get my name updated on the company website from Rebekah to Rebekah Mary as it was only half my first name. 
On Friday it finally happened and I was really glad. 
So it must mean something to me. 

I thought that I would goo…

February Goal Results 2019

Hello Everyone, 

It's time to review the goals from last month. 

 I think that I am already seeing a massive improvement from last year. 

I don't know if that is because I have slightly tweaked the ones that I am now setting or if I am a little more productive. 

So they were: 

1) To Clear our last overdraft  - Postponed 

I had to be an adult with this goal.  
I could have easily have done this on payday however, if I had we would have been back in a very tricky situation. 
We had received a backdated council tax bill &  a double mortgage bill and the first bill for the carpets and they all needed to be paid in the same pay packet. 
So I have put this goal on hold until May - I set myself the news years resolution to be overdraft free by the end of June so I should still smash the deadline. 

2) To complete Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm - Completed 

I have decided that with the gaming goals that I am not going to try and 100 percent a game every month as its just not achievable. 

But I am…

March Goals and Lent.

Hello Everyone, 
I seem to always write that its been a while. 
I plan to change this and as of today, I am going to whip myself back into gear and stop getting distracted. 
 I want to try and get at least three posts going a week again, as I have so much to write about! 
I also took a break as there was some personal stuff going on and I thought posting might have been taken in the wrong way... 
The past couple of months have kind of been a mini rehab for me. I have been trying to get myself back into a healthy mindset and to recover from the stress of the move and the life that we have left behind us. 
Luke and I both needed a little TLC after what our old landlady put us through and also the stress of buying our house. 
However, we are out the other side and I have so many ideas of content that I want to write for the blog and film for the channel. 
I will as some point share what happened in a post so that I can write it down and hopefully leave it in the past. 
I find that my journal is…