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May Goals '19

Hello Everyone!
It's been a little while. 
I find that when the house is in a state of flux, that I struggle to sit and find a quiet corner. 
We are moving everything round at the moment and having workmen in and out. 
I'm hoping that by December, the living room will be all decorated with most of its forever furniture.
 I have a clear image in my mind and I just hope that we keep saving and with our determination to make it come to life. 
It all focuses around Christmas and having our fireplace in. 
The cats both sit on a cuddly rug in front of the fire, more than likely asleep as we watch Home Alone on the TV mounted to the wall.
 On the fireplace sits some stockings and the curtains are drawn as the fire dances. Luke and I are sitting together on our new sofa, eating some sort of snack and drinking a tassimo drink.
  A sense of calm and pride hangs over us as we both take a breath and realise that all of the struggles of last year and the grief of the start of the year was leading u…

My Fitness Journey

Hello Everyone, 
I hope that you are all having an amazing Easter Weekend. 
I am personally catching up on alot of TV and relaxing in the sun. 
I am trying to be good and making sure that I still go to the gym however. 
Which brings me on the subject of this post. 
As you know, I have always been honest and candid about my weight and the attempt to get myself into a good shape. 
My aim is to try and make myself stronger, I want to be able to pull myself up (unassisted).  
 I'm not training for anything in particular, I just think its time I took the reigns in my body journey. 
I came up with the idea of sharing my journey on my Instagram stories, so that I could use it as a source of inspiration. 
So here we go.
The first picture on the left is me at the end of 2017 and the right is the end of 2018. 

I had made a fair bit of progress without the gym - I cancelled my membership early as I thought my moving date was going to be October but dragged out til December.
I missed the physical and…

Dear Diego 7th April 2019

Hello Everyone, 
This is the second post to Diego 
So once again, it might be a little emotional, although I think that most of my tears are out and now I am just adjusting to the reality that this is the 'new normal'
Once again, thank you to everyone for your support, its meant so much and kept me strong when I thought I wanted to crumble. 

Dear Diego, 
It's now two weeks and two days since you were taken away. 
I still cannot think why you were anywhere near that road - it was so unlike you. 
I guess it might be true that you were being chased. I hope it wasn't that fox. I hate the thought that you were scared at the end. Especially as the final blow was instant. 
I try my best not to think about the end. 
Even though I can see the spot from my bedroom window. When we drive past it, I think of you and try to think of you playing and not the other thing.... 
I had a dream about you last night that you came home, and when I woke up it turned out that your Dad had the exact sam…

Diego The Wonder Cat Instagram,

Hellloooo Everyone, 
I thought that I would write a little post, to let you all know about my Second Instagram. 
My first one Beckydoodah is all centred around my life and Hideaway blogging. 
But the second Diego The Wonder Cat is all for the new project that I am undertaking. 

If you are unaware of what I am talking about - feel free to check out the about page (linked above the title of this post) 

I wanted to create a space that would show you all how it was coming along, behind the scenes. 
But it also has become a little collection of Diego's photos. 

Its been nice to have one space dedicated for him, but I am aware at some point these pictures will come to an end. 
In the future I plan to include Boots in the stories too. 
I am currently working on the different costumes / characters for Diego. 

At the moment I am working on Wizard Diego  -based on his love of sticks and bringing them in from the outside. 

I used to hate how many there were in the house, but that has now stopped and …

Back to Beauty and Fashion

Hello Everyone, 
So I have been finding myself looking back a couple of years on blog posts and on instagram pictures that I took for the blog.  
The main reason for this was to try and gather as many images as I could of Boots and Diego, so I could post them on the Diego the Wonder Cat insta. 

I was struck by how happy I looked and how much I took care of my appearance and now well... its just not been the case for the longest time. 

I used to take alot of pride in arranging my pictures and planning my look but over the past couple of years, this all changed.
 I realised a little while ago that I believe the place we were living was the cause of it. 
I was living in a place I hated, that was unpresentable, my clothes were crumpled, my makeup was being attacked by  mould and I was miserable. 
I felt like any pictures I took would be crap. 

All the self care routines that I had went out the window - I used to have a long bath every weekend in which I would treat my face, hair and nails. 
But as…