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New Year Goals - Four months in

I thought that as we are now through the first third of the year, it might be a good time to look through my New years Resolutions to see how they are going. 

I think by now, people have normally forgotten them. I was determined that I wouldn't do this so I set goals, some with time frames to motivate me. 

I thought it might be a good way for me to see how much I've done and what I need to refocus on:

I split them into different topics,
The first being Financial goals - They are: 

To be Overdraft free by June (without going into amounts) - Making progress 
I am happy to say that in February, I cleared my personal overdraft and we only have the joint one to go.

 Moving into our first owned home was a lot more expensive than I thought, even after we got the keys. There was alot of stuff to buy and install. 
But I am happy to say that I did the math yesterday and the second overdraft will be cleared by 31st June. So we are on target still! 

To Carpet the house completely by 31…

Meet Teddy!

Hello Everyone!
It's time to officially introduce our new Kitten to the blog.
So, meet Teddy!

Teddy is coming home tomorrow and is nine weeks old at the writing of this post. 
As you can see he is all white except for three black spots on his head.  I'm in love with his pink ears, pink beans and pink nose.
I was very lucky to meet him at just two weeks old, so I have watched him grow. 

He is from a litter of just two kittens, so he has had alot of attention from Mum, the other kitten is also a boy. 

It was important to me that we adopted a kitten 'in the right way'. 
So to us, this was the exact opposite of how we got Boots and Diego. 
As you know, we love our two fluff balls, but they didn't have the easiest start in life.
 Their Mum wasn't around and Diego was very underweight that led to alot of sleepless nights for us. 
They also came home way earlier than they should have.
 They didn't know how to do alot of basic things that we had to try and teach them and thank…

April '19 Goal Results

Hello Everyone, 
Another month has been and gone. 
April was a month of rebuilding and recovering after an awful event. 
It was also the time of Easter and relaxing. 
I even saw both sides of a rainbow.

The world carried on and so did we, even though at points we wanted to give up. 
The below goals really helped me as they gave me a focus outside of work. 
Here they were: 
 I want to finish Theme Hospital   - Ongoing 
Again, this game has beat me for another month. But as I need to be at home for Teddy for the next month, I will be able to put as much time in as needed. 
People just keep dying in the corridors! 

 I want to try and make my own pocket Pasta. - Ongoing 
I decided to move this goal to May as one of my new goals is focusing around cooking and I needed some ideas for dishes to make. 
As I hadn't yet done this one, I wanted to combine them together. 

 To go for a walk around Rushden Lakes - Complete
I must admit that when I set this goal, I wasn't even sure of how to access the l…