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January '20 Goal Results

Hello everyone! 

The six months of January are finally over, however it wasn't the longest one that I have ever been through. 

I think this one felt long as Luke got paid a week early and he had to wait six weeks to be paid again. So my pay went pretty quickly as it was Christmas. 

But we have our lovely house, we had food in the cupboards and presents under the tree. 

We just had to live within our means, which is something that we really used to struggle with. 

I found starting setting goals again, really helped me to focus and got me through when I thought I was getting bored. 

I filmed them so you can watch through here if you would prefer to reading : 


So here are a reminder of the goals and how we did:

1) Buy a Sofa for the living room - Completed

There was a slight drama with this goal as it wasn't straight forward.

 We had the money and had the plan to go to our local IKEA. However at first we worried as to how we were going to take it back to the house - in the end my Dad of…

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