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June 2021 Goals

       Hiya Everyone! I hope you are all doing ok today! I have been feeling an air of change surrounding me this week. A few events have happened in my personal life in quick succession and I could have gone about it in two ways. Hide and wait for everything to ‘blow over’ and just pray that everything is going to be alright… or try and adult and deal with my feelings. The thought that life is short and can tragically be taken from us any time has spurred me into action. I am also approaching an age milestone in the next month or so, so this has enhanced my period of reflection. I have decided that I need to walk my own path in life, that I need to focus more on my family and that I need to stop spending time and effort on things that are not benefiting me in the long run. I have made such changes in the past year due to the pandemic – diet, fitness, job and mindset and its time to use these new tools to build on how I am going to reach that next step. To be a better

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