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April Isolation Goals 2020

Hiya Everyone, 
It been a couple of months since I wrote or filmed any of my goals. 

With the current situation being what it is, the ones that I had set for March fell by the wayside. 
 I fell behind in February so planned to also complete them in March but couldn't.
Now I have had a couple of weeks to think about what I want to do - I thought that I would set some 'isolation' goals. 

Mainly so that I can focus on something and so that I have something to keep me sane. 
So here they are:

1) To still celebrate Easter. 
I think it's important to celebrate anything we can at the moment, Easter is vast approaching next week so I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity. 
The sub goals are;
To get Easter Eggs Have a Roast on Good Sunday To Watch Passion of the Christ 

2) To start the Harry Potter Books again. 
In these times, I want to go back to old faithful. These books have bought me so much joy and comfort over the years. 
3)To start the One Punch Man Exercise Plan.

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