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2019 - The Year of Taking Everything as it came

Hello Everyone, 
I wanted to have a little look back on last year, before we continue with all the new 2020 content. 

I want to put the year to bed as so to speak - I think in writing about the past, its a nice way of coming to terms with events and moving on.

I had originally regarded 2019 as a horrible year in which I saw myself taking steps back and having to deal with horrible stuff.
 But in editing the video that I uploaded on the lifestyle channel at the start of the week - I realised that in fact, we did have some nice times too. 
You can watch the video here: 

So I figured that I would take the year, season by season to review it. 

So this is how I started the year - I had moved into my new house a couple of weeks before. It was one of the most stressful things I've have ever done. 

We had bought a new build, so it kept getting delayed and the move in date got further and further away, until finally we moved on the 20th December 2018. 
The place we were living in was hostile …

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