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Hello Everyone, How you doing?

Hiya all, 
I hope that no matter what part of the world you are in, you are safe and you are well. 

It's taken alot of mental strength to get to where we are at the moment and sadly, it going to take a little more. 
The world is a very scary place at the moment, there's a pandemic that is stealing people away from their families in the most horrible way possible. 
People have been separated away from their loved ones for months. 
But I think that I am ready to come back to the blog to try and put into words how this time has been. 
I wanted to create a time capsule online, as I hope that this never happens again, on both here and the Youtube Lifestyle Channel that I run. 
I feel as though the situation has started to change me gradually as a person and I am grateful for that. 
For example 
a) I like running? 
Who knewwwww? I have competed in The Tough Mudder and the Race for life, however I didn't enjoy the actual running and I had to walk part of both of them. Since Lockdown, Luke …

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