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Operation AwayHide

 Helllloooo Everyone,  I hope that you are all ok. I wanted to write a post about a new project that I'm working on and that Project is called "Operation AwayHide" I know what you are thinking (that codename sounds awfully familiar) - well yes.  Its Hideaway reversed  *Pauses for dramatic effect*  AwayHide is the code name that I use in games usually.  Mainly in Multiplayer to give me a little bit of a confidence boost.  It is also the name of my "alter ego" - or the flip side of Hideaway.  In short - "My bad bitch" alter ego. -- Lately, life has been kicking me in the face.  Health-wise, mentally and relationship-wise and I need to channel a little bit of AwayHide energy to get me through.  So Operation AwayHide - is actually me, working on myself.  I was at a very low point Friday night - I was hate raided on Twitch with homophobic hatred thrown at me.  If you are a long-time reader of the blog, you'll know that I am Bisexual, and the things they

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