Candle recycling

I am a person that really believes in recycling objects around the house and turning them into something new. It's creative, it saves money and it helps the environment! 

So today my little tip is all about taking old worn out candles (with the wicks all worn out) and turning them into wax burners. 

Right so I have the following candles below, they are from IKEA.  I've actually had them for a couple of years, they served me well. They each have their own scent, but recently this as well has started to wear out.

The process itself is quite simple but if you aren't careful you can easily hurt yourself.

All you need to do is fill a medium sized saucepan with water and heat it on the hob.

Wait for the water to boil.

Then carefully place the candle container (Preferably glass) into the saucepan.

It takes about 45 mins to 60 mins for the wax to completely melt. You need to ensure that is all 100% melted.

Pour the melted wax into a jug (I use a glass one). Pour the melted wax into cases. For this step I find cake baking cases work the best.  You should have something that looks like this :

All you have to do is put the melts into the fridge and wait for them to set!

This part normally takes a couple of hours.

Once they are firm you can pop them out of the cases and they should look like this :

All you need to do now is pop your melt into a wax burner and enjoy (mine is one that is pictured below (from Yankee Candle) . I would recommend putting the melts into a air tight box. It smells epic when you open it after a while.

I use a roses chocolate box 

I love doing this - it doesn't take much effort and it means that you can keep your favourite candles with you.  simply because with a melt, the wax doesn't disappear, it simply melts and hardens. 

I  have made my favourite Christmas candles into melts - its preserved the smell and also it means that I can always keep a bit of christmas with me ;)

I'll be posting more little recycling tips through out the blog ;)


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