Cinema / Eurovision Mania

So, in the UK was are currently enjoying a three day weekend due to our May day Bank Holiday on Monday. 

So last night, I went to see the new remake of Poltergeist. 

Honestly, I loved the first - which was a little dated with the effects but was still scary , but this one was a great disappointment. 

The whole build up was rushed and the film just came off a little bit sloppy. 

The scariest thing honestly was the music and the poster - I would say one to avoid 

Today sees one of my favourite days of the year - the Eurovision song contest. 

If you are reading this out of Europe and have no idea what this is - basically the whole of Europe come together and enter a song into a contest. The whole of  Europe votes and the UK always does really badly!

Its great however to see everyone come together. 

Any ho, with two days left of the weekend, tomorrow will be a relaxed day finishing off my essay. 

Then its officially summer and I've only got my dissertation to write. 

I'm sure I'll blog a bit tomorrow so until then.....

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