Dieting in the office - please don't upset your Co-workers!

I have worked in an office environment for a round about a year now, I originally thought that it would be a lot more relaxed than my previous fast food employer.

For the most part this is correct – except for one factor – dieting.  Oh yes, when one of the team is dieting, everyone has to know about it. What they are eating and their struggle, now I’m all for supporting a brother/sister, but there’s a limit.

That limit was hit three weeks ago.

Let me tell you about this diet – It’s primarily based on eating egg and grapefruit. Endlessly. Oh and there is a salad thrown in there. You apparently lose 10 pounds in the first week. I’m not looking forward to when they go back on regular food and the weight goes back on.

But I suppose that this is a common fixture in all offices, that girl that will do anything quick and simple to lose weight, but isn’t prepared to put any time in.

I am someone that is quite focused on my health and exercise, I rarely limit what I’m eating – I’ll just try to make healthy choices.  This has lead to my own weight loss of a 13 lbs . However this has taken five months and according to others this is not quick enough.

Just a little disclaimer – yo yo dieting is not good for your long-term health.

Don’t think about getting into that dress with a week limit, think about it being a goal for your exercise after hard work and dedication.

We’ll see how long I can go without killing anyone at work

But for now

Thanks for reading

B Russ


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