Dissertation Station

As many other University students at the moment, I find myself at Dissertation station. 

The dissertation itself is a sign that the end of the degree is coming to an end but it also signals the start of a stressful year window.

This is the second time that I have been in this position, I am currently a Postgraduate.

I find that there are general stages that all students will go through - they are the following. 

Confusion - What am I going to pick as a subject? How do these other people already know what they are doing? Whats wrong with me?

Excitement - When one picks a subject they actually like, except it will need major tweaking and will probably change a hell of a lot 

Relief - when your tutor helps you and makes a plan - that you won't stick to 

Break - normally lasts a couple of months

Panic - when someone asks you how you are doing - or get called in by your tutor

Again another break 

Panic - when the deadline gets closer 

Acceptance - that its not going to get done 

Regret - for the previous mentioned steps 

Power rush - to finish for the dead line 

Relief - that its over. 

There are also a lot of naps in there that can be inserted in any place. 

I'm currently at a panic stage - yet through procrastination I find my new blog is taking my attention at the moment. 

But as every student, I will get through and somehow beat the deadline. 

If anyone is going through the same, then feel free to drop a comment :)


B Russ 


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