Following on from yesterday's personal post

So yesterday, I posted an extremely personal post about my battle with depression and anxiety. I felt that I should follow this up and reassure everyone that I am ok :)

Everybody has their daily battles and this is one of mine. 

Today has actually been ok, it started with a battle with my hair though. It decided that it wanted to 'do the Kate middleton" by itself. 

It was a tad awkward that I am wearing a blue top so it looks like I am trying to recreate that engagement look - I'm not

I ended up trying to tame it with bobby pins - however all of these are having a party that I'm not invited to!!

What I am loving is that my hair is so glossy and full of life. This only started after I switched to the Tresseme salon silk shampoo and conditioner. Well worth a purchase. 

Right I'm going to stop talking about my hair. 

The main thing is that..... I feel like I did a big thing yesterday, I'm proud of myself, but I think I worried a few people, including my Gran. Sorry Gran. 

Time for bed now !

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