From small acorns....

So I've been thinking about growth. 

Both in the literal and metaphorical sense . We watch people grow around us yet I feel like we don't take a moment to appreciate our own achievements. 

It can be the little things such as praise at work or a simple thank you. For me it being able to do things that I originally found difficult (for example the post inwrote earlier about depression (hard topic for me)). 

It can also be the big things - moving house, new car, new job, birth of a family member etc. 

I think that with life moving at such a fast pace - we need to take a moment to realise how far we've come. One of the ways I do this is via the app time hop. It's one that shows you past social media activity. For me it's a daily reminder of old friends, event and feelings I had. 

Facebook and Twitter are the main culprits for us admiring other people and feeling envy, when we should all be supporting each other, not showing off ;)

My final thought of the day is : you really do need to stop to smell the roses, they will be gone before you know it! 

Right, now all the deep blogs are out the way (I think),  I'm going to be going back to reviews - I have an article lined up which I am excited to show to you. It's all about fitness, which is something I need to get back into (via daily runs!).  I'l probably post this tomorrow, when I get a chance. 

But I suppose that it is the beauty of life (and a lifestyle blog), that it will feature some curve balls and twists and turns! 25 posts in and I' still not sure how to categorise this collection of writings. 

I'm also going to attempt to blog some more about fashion (I'm going shopping at the weekend (yay)) and maybe I'll attempt to make another smoothie! 

Feel free to drop me a comment - I'm starting to talk to some of you via twitter and Instagram and I'm secretly loving it :)

Until then 

Good night! 


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