Games I'm loving

Now that I am free in the evening after work, I have managed to spend some time on something I love - gaming. 

I thought that I would just reveal some of my favourites of the moment to you. 

1) Witcher III - this game is awesome, it has amazing graphics and a story that seems to go on forever. The only downside is not having any on line game play! But you can't have it all 

2) The Sims 4 - I've always loved the Sims and the addition is good - Its limited at the moment (as we are waiting for expansion packs) but its good so far - except the aliens are loving getting my male sims pregnant!!!!

3) Clash of Clans- I am always on this on my phone, I love it so much. I love a cheeky raid

4) Plants vs Zombies : Garden Warfare - all online game play. I love the silliness of the game!

5) Fifa - this game is everywhere - even at work. I love it

If anyone is on Xbox live & PSN - add me: username Beckydoodah



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